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TracMARKS - MeritTrac’s On-Screen Marking Solution for Digital Evaluation

Over the last few years, technology has been permeating into evaluation process of essay type examinations. The need to improve efficiency, accuracy, speed and security of evaluation is attracting more examination bodies to try out new methods with the use of technology. On-Screen Marking (OSM) is a concept that has been doing rounds in the global examination context for years.

Keeping in mind the large volumes of descriptive examinations administered in India, MeritTrac has aligned with RM Results, a leading provider of education technology in the UK for over 35 years, to contextualize a tried & tested On-Screen Marking solution for the Indian market.

TracMARKS – MeritTrac’s On Screen Marking solution has been helping Universities and Boards apply technology to the activity of evaluating/scoring descriptive answer scripts by an evaluator. The ease of use, the extensive evaluation functionality built over years of use by leading examination bodies and MeritTrac’s delivery capability has been widely appreciated by Universities who are migrating to this environment.

TracMARKS, MeritTrac’s On Screen Marking solution leverages the robustness of RM Results’ RM Assessor. RM Assessor, the world’s most widely used onscreen marking application and has been used in over 150 countries across the globe.

Solution – Exam Administration – Digital Evaluation

On-Screen Marking is the process of applying technology to the process of marking/evaluating descriptive answer scripts with a view of improving quality, flexibility, efficiency and transparency while making the scoring process easier for evaluators.

Ease of Migration

Special care is taken in designing TracMARKS to help a smooth transition from pen and paper evaluations to evaluation on screen. In order to achieve this, the solution is contextualized to Indian evaluation environment. Moreover, MeritTrac’s delivery team administers detailed training of resources and ensures that the evaluators are comfortable and complete evaluation to the satisfaction of the University / Board.

Annotation Features

The solution has been built in consultation with evaluators and has undergone evaluation of millions of scripts. The solution has all necessary features that replicate the pen and paper evaluation. Evaluators can leverage over 100′s of annotations and evaluation tools that make evaluation convenient. For example, an evaluator can use inbuilt tools to measure length, angles and other dimensions for evaluating a diagram drawn in the answer script.

Quality Assurance

  • TracMARKS is built on the concept of improving quality in the case of large scale evaluations and has a three-step quality assurance process.
  • Practice Script: Expert/Senior Evaluator panel is asked to evaluate a set of answer scripts. Each evaluator gets to see this paper along with the marks evaluated. The evaluator can mark this script for practice
  • Standardisation Script: The pre-marked scripts will be made available to the evaluator without displaying the marks awarded by the Senior Evaluator. A tolerance level for marks awarded can be set for each paper and if the evaluator awards marks within the tolerance level, he/she will be approved by the supervisor for evaluating Live Papers
  • Seeding Script: Board can decide the number & frequency of pre-marked answer scripts to be corrected by the evaluators while they are marking “live” scripts. The evaluator will not be able to distinguish between live scripts & seeded scripts. If the evaluator violates the tolerance level set by the expert panel, a message will be sent to the supervisor and corrective measures can be taken.

Supervision and Control

  • TracMARKS offers extensive supervision capabilities that increases control of the University / Board in the evaluation process. Supervisor can view the team member marking progress from his work list screen, open items which are waiting for or undergoing marking, or marked but un-submitted, closed items that have been marked and submitted.
  • Benefits of using TracMARKS – On-Screen Marking Solution
  • Improve Quality of Evaluation
  • Gain Higher Efficiencies in Evaluation
  • Support RTI Responses`
  • Faster time to results
  • Leverage Capabilities of Expert Evaluators
  • Management control