MobiTrac – MeritTrac’s Integrated recruitment platform

MeritTrac has been in the testing and assessments space for the last 16 years. As a pioneer in professional testing and assessment service in India, MeritTrac has been a part of its evolution. The industry has grown from administering paper based test to introducing computer based tests and now experimenting with simulations and games in order to differentiate candidates based on their fitment. MeritTrac has played its part in this evolution.

Over the past few years, mobility has influenced lives of people like very a few other inventions of mankind. Workplaces have not been insulated from the influence of devices. Life has moved from physical space to desktops to laptops and now on tablets and mobiles. There is no doubting the convenience extended by mobile devices to individuals in their personal life. Similarly, the value of devices in offering convenience to professionals is also not contested. Mobility has been opening up avenues that were previously not available. It has made information available at the fingertips and helped streamline the otherwise complex processes.

HR departments have to deal with complex recruitment processes. Disparate systems – internal and external do not help their cause. Streamlining recruitment process can have great impact on hiring with respect to speed, effort and experience. MeritTrac, with its deep understanding of the recruitment process has developed an integrated platform that includes tests administered on Computers (on desktops / laptops) and interviewers managing interview process using tablets that has pre-filled candidate information. All these are seamlessly integrated to avoid errors and delays. More importantly it provides the stakeholders experience and convenience that is not available in the current system.

Challenges of Conventional Recruitment Management

  • Disparate systems and large scale human intervention can be a cause of errors
  • Conventional recruitment process cutting across various stakeholders involving large scale documentation is time consuming
  • Additional time, effort and possibility of errors increases the total cost of owning talent
  • It results in inconvenience to stakeholders
  • Finally, all of these result in process inefficiencies