AceTrac – The Employability Program



AceTrac - The Employability Program

AceTrac from MeritTrac is aimed at helping educational institutions enhance the job-readiness of students, thereby improving its chances of attracting leading companies.

This assessment based employability enhancement program will provide developmental inputs and employability reports to enhance the employability skills of graduates over a period of time. It is designed to address the needs of all students aiming at their holistic growth in order to support the institutions and help find suitable jobs for graduates.

The AceTrac Assessment involves three assessment interventions

Diagnostic Assessment

This intervention would identify specific areas of strengths, weaknesses and improvements for each student. This assessment is administered at the beginning of the academic program and the output at this stage would be the Diagnostic Report. This report will highlight the areas of strength and weakness of candidates. This report will also compare their current abilities compared to the one that is required for them to be employable, according to the industry standards. Along with this, the candidates would also undergo an Interest Map test which highlights their areas of interests along with future career recommendations. An Interest Map Report will be generated for each candidate.

Review Assessment

This intervention involves administering a Review Assessment, 12 months – 18 months after the Diagnostic Assessment. During this stage, the candidates’ progress from the Diagnostic stage would be measured and highlighted. Also, the current-state of employability will be compared against the industry norms and recommendations for improvement if any, would be provided

Employability Assessment

A final employability assessment would be administered on candidates, 2 months – 4 months before the commencement of the campus recruitment season. This intervention will highlight the candidates’ areas of strengths and areas of improvement. Along with this, the candidate would also undergo a Personality Assessment and these final year reports act as a certification of the candidates’ job-readiness.