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MeritTrac organized a webinar on October 27, 2015. Rajeev Menon, head of corporate Assessments, MeritTrac discusses the basics of assessments, components of job description – demystifying talent measurements. Test of organizations success comes from the right hires. The components of a job is classified into knowledge, skills, cognitive ability, behavior and personality (KSAP). He also describes the measurements of KSAPs. In this webinar, Rajeev Menon discusses all of these and harps on why it is important to hire the right resources and maintaining them to ensure that they are productive.

Hiring and developing a winning sales team is critical to maximizing profits. Hiring candidates with natural sales abilities is the first and the most important step towards this. It is also important to measure the fitment and effectiveness of the existing sales team to maintain performing sales champions. It is no secret that Personality Traits, Motivations and Sales Knowledge contribute to the effectiveness of a candidate in sales role. It is important to evaluate candidate’s natural fitment for sales role, know their knowledge gaps and understand what motivates them. Measuring these attributes is crucial for organizations for developing learning plans that are customized to each seller needs and achieve their potential

The last decade and half has witnessed the HR function undergo a tumultuous journey with massive shifts in priorities and approaches. The new generation that has emerged is resulting in new dynamics. A large number of HR policies that we see today are FOR THE MILLENNIALS, BY THE MILLENNIALS. Technology has and will continue to transform various aspects of HR Management and recruitment & assessments are not insulated from this. Numerous experiments have been undertaken in the space of recruitment and assessments with technology at the core of most of it. While these changes have been happening, the basics of HR and hiring have not changed. HR continues to be about the key resource of organizations – the Human Resource. Similarly, experts understand that it is the quality of assessments and not its delivery that have always differentiated best fit candidates from the rest. In this webinar organized by People Matters in association with MeritTrac (Somdev Chaudhuri, Assessment Products Specialist) highlights some of the emerging trends in assessments and how the quality of assessments play a critical role on differentiating the quality of candidates.

“Building High Performing Enterprise: Assessing Personality for Greater Predictability of Employee Performance” which was facilitated by Rajeen Menon, the Head of Corporate Assessments for MeritTrac. Jobs today are becoming more dynamic and the market place and the job environment demand more than skills. From getting things done in the right way to interacting with team members and customers, an employee has to do it all. For these, the personality of an employee is of considerable importance.