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SmartTest for Employability Skills

Ensure higher placement for your college by assessing each student's employability

Next-Gen Employability Skills Assessment Platform

Bridging the Employability skills Gap for Students, Institutions and Corporates

The mismatch between the demand and supply of employable, job-ready candidates is resulting in a continually widening employability skills gap. According to data from NASSCOM, over 3 million graduates and postgraduates are added to the Indian workforce each year, out of which only 25% of technical and 10-20% of non-technical graduates are considered ‘employable’ by the IT and ITES segments in the country.

AceTrac by MeritTrac is a next-generation corporate employability assessment platform that addresses specific pain points during the campus recruitment process. The platform offers an online employability test to tackle comprehensive skill assessment needs holistically. It helps students prepare for jobs while they study, be prepared much before the campus placement season and makes it easy for hiring organizations to connect with the job-ready candidates.

Improve Employability Quotient of Students

AceTrac’s corporate employability assessment tests help educational institutions prepare their students to be job-ready.

  • Diagnostic assessment of a student’s communication skills, cognitive abilities, and behavioural traits during the graduation course
  • Feedback provided on strengths and the areas that need improvement
  • Educational institutions can review the feedback and provide training to help students become employable 
  • Periodic review and final employability skills test to analyze progress
  • Students gain employable skills on course completion

Hire Job-Ready Entry-Level Candidates

AceTrac facilitates talent pool management for corporates by providing access to highly employable entry-level candidates.

  • Recruiters can view the employability reports of entry-level candidates on AceTrac platform
  • Analyze the candidate’s educational qualifications, skills, and employability quotient
  • Hire job-ready candidates who can adapt to your company culture, be a great team player, and contribute individually to your company’s growth.

Why AceTrac
Assessments delivered
Information Technology
Management Studies


Develops and enhances employable skills through scientifically designed formative employability skills tests


Reduces hiring cycle time for candidates by screening and matching best-fit candidates for job roles while cutting training time and costs

organizational productivity

Boosts productivity by identifying job-ready candidates who can quickly turn into valuable assets

Robust talent pipeline

Enables strong networking that connects employable candidates to recruiters and helps create a continuous talent pipeline

Pre-assessed Talent Pools

Corporate employability assessment simplifies fresher hiring through pre-assessed talent pools

Job Ready Communities

Creates job-ready communities and measures student performance with in-depth analytics

How AceTrac works

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We are one of the
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We are one of the
most trusted brands

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