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There was once a time when students used to look into various criteria while applying for admission. However, now, campus placement is the top factor that both parents and students look at while choosing a college for higher education. Colleges are, therefore, vying with each other to have tie-ups with companies and organisations for placement. The catch here is that just having a tie-up will not guarantee 100% placement of all the final year students. There has to be an effective training program to equip students with the right skill sets and aptitudes that will make them employable and help them get placed in the leading companies in the industry. Educational institutes will greatly benefit from investing in a system that will help them create a talent pool of skilled candidates.

MeritTrac offers a suite of assessment platforms and solutions that can help educational institutes train students for placement. Rigorous training with the right technological solutions offered by MeritTrac can help you prepare your students for online screening tests, personal interviews and group discussions.

Build a Pre-Assessed Talent Pool to Improve Your Institute’s Placement

HR and Recruitment teams that come to your institute for hiring evaluate a student’s employability and industry-relevant skills. Apart from domain-specific skills, they will also look at a candidate’s cognitive, behavioural and personality skills. The aptitude skills will also be evaluated in relation to the job profile for which the hiring is being done. So, if you want your college students to be placed in the top companies, you need to train them to become employable. MeritTrac’s assessment solutions help bridge the gap between talent availability in the educational institutes and the talent requirement in the organisations.

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is the lack of skilled talent for the job profiles. Academic institutes need to identify the gap here and use the right training methods to equip students with skills that will make them employable. Our assessment solutions are backed by scientific methods and help evaluate a student’s knowledge and expertise in the domain.

Your placement team can use MeritTrac’s assessment tests for personality, behavioural, and cognitive skills to evaluate a students’ skills and capabilities. The placement team can then analyse the results obtained from the tests and use the analytics to build a talent pool based on the skill sets and aptitudes. So, when you have placement drives from companies, you can recommend students with skill sets matching the requirement for the job profile. This way, you can ensure that the placement drive is successful.

Apart from helping the placement team build talent pools, MeritTrac assessment solutions also help assess learning gaps. The areas of improvement can be identified based on the results of the assessment tests, and students can be given the right training to bridge the gap.

Create Job-Ready Talent Pool with MeritTrac

MeritTrac offers user-friendly assessment platforms that can be used to design and deliver the skill, performance and domain tests. Two of our assessment platforms that can help you build your talent pool are CodeTrac and AceTrac.


CodeTrac platform is a performance-based assessment platform with in-built coding tests that can be used to assess a student’s programming knowledge and expertise. One of the biggest challenges that organisations face while recruiting programmers in identifying candidates with functional programming knowledge. While college education equips students with programming knowledge, CodeTrac assessment tests will give them hands-on experience in working with different programming languages. Also, the platform has an auto-evaluation option. So, students can learn from the feedback and results analysis after they take up the tests. The domain-based tests updated in CodeTrac are based on the tests that companies use for the first-level screening. So, using this platform for training your students will help you build a talent pool of skilled coders who have the functional knowledge and expertise in programming. 


This proprietary assessment platform from MeritTrac will help you assess the employability of your students. The platform has a suite of skill tests that are generally used by companies while evaluating candidates for employability. Based on the results of the assessment tests, your placement team can create different talent pools of skilled students. The platform has a user-friendly interface and can be used by anyone, even those without any technical background.


1. What is a talent pool?

A. Talent pool is defined as a database of potential candidates. This database will have details of a candidate’s skills, abilities, capabilities, aptitudes and more. These details can be used to evaluate the employability or job fit of a particular candidate based on the job profile.

2. Why should I create a talent pool of students?

A. Though talent pools were originally created in companies and organisations, the concept has been picked up by educational institutes also. Institutes that have placement and recruitment drives can create a database of students’ skills and abilities. Creating a talent pool will streamline your placement drives and derive better results.

3. How will building talent pools help improve my institute’s placement record?

A. When a company visits your college for recruitment, you can recommend students who best match the skill sets required for the job profile the company is looking for. This way, you can improve your placement record and also help the company find the right talent in your institute. It will also encourage the company to keep coming back to your institute for campus recruitment.

4. How will MeritTrac assessments help in making students employable?

A. MeritTrac assessment solutions can be used to identify a student’s skill sets and domain expertise. Based on the results obtained from the assessment tests, institutes can first create a talent pool that will come handy during campus hiring. Analysing the results will also help your placement team identify skill or knowledge gaps in students. An intensive training program can be designed to help fill the learning gaps and enhance the employability of the students. It will help your students get placed in top companies that come to your college for recruitment drives.