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Behavioural Assessment Test

Traditional assessment practices such as phone screening or in-person interviews make it difficult to gain accurate insights into an applicant’s ability to solve problems, fit into the company’s culture, and ultimately succeed in the position. Failure to assess behavioural traits lead to costly mis-hires and demoralizing attrition rates Factoring behavioural assessment tests into the hiring process can help organisations better understand the temperament of a candidate through a series of scientifically designed questions and scenarios.

MeritTrac’s suite of personality and behavioural assessment tests help organisations evaluate employees on various factors such as workplace thinking style, willingness to learn, leadership capabilities, generic personality, sales situational personality, and customer service orientation.

We leverage validated and reliable psychometric frameworks such as Big Five Personality, Holland’s Career Interest, Blake Mouton’s Managerial Grid and Herzberg's Motivation Model, to help organisations gain an unbiased understanding of individual’s behaviour and social skills. Our assessment platforms such as Pariksha and SmartTest enable companies to deploy personality tests, critical thinking tests, creativity test, leadership assessments, and workplace behaviour tests. Our online examination and talent assessment software can help you administer a wide range of behavioural tests. The high validity and reliability scores help to identify the right-fit candidates with high emotional quotient (EQ), the right work ethics, and the right attitude.


Behavioural Assessment Test
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Behavioural Test Online
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Behavioural Test
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Behavioural Test
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Evidence-based methodology

Our personality and behavioural assessments suite comprise solutions to assess candidates' generic personality, motivation and emotional intelligence in order to evaluate their suitability for specific functions, industries and roles.


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MeritTrac’s Behavioural Assessment Tests

Customer Service Orientation Questionnaire

Assesses customer service skills and qualities essential for managing customers and providing exceptional service

Generic Personality Questionnaire

Measures Big 5 personality traits including emotional stability, openness to experience, extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness

Sales Situational Personality Questionnaire for Pharma and Retail

Measures candidates on six personality dimensions to identify high probability of sales success in pharma and retail environment

Leadership Style Questionnaire

Evaluates five potential leadership styles based on parameters such as concern for task and concern for people

Individual Dimension Scale

Measures workplace behavioral traits mapped to the personality tests of Holland’s Career Interest framework

Workplace Thinking Style

Assesses candidates’ creative and critical thinking

Willingness to Learn

Measures candidates’ learning potential based on specific learning parameters

Chat Proficiency Analyzer

Evaluates candidates’ alertness and adaptability by analysing responses to certain customer chat situations
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10 Workplace Problems Psychometric Tests Solve in Your Company

What does Behavioural
Assessment Test Measure?

A wide range of behavioural tests is used in the recruitment process to determine a job applicant’s work culture fit and team fit and predict performance fit. Recruiters are extremely cautious about hiring candidates with the right set of traits. Selecting a candidate with negative behavioural characteristics can affect the morale of everybody they work with, including peers, the people who will report to them, and other employees in the organization.

The type of behavioural traits that need to be assessed and the type of behavioural Tests used may vary from job to job. Some of the commonly measured factors include openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. A candidate’s response to these the big five factors can help assess behaviour that stems from thought patterns and internalized life experiences. The test is also widely used to create coaching and training programs for employees who wish to improve their right behavioural traits.

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Our comprehensive behavioral assessments deliver multi-pronged benefits to organizations:


Assess an individual’s likelihood of unexcused absence and turnover through online personality assessment and retention profile


Generate information on the candidate’s personality, values, ethics and behavioral traits


Scientifically identify candidates for specific roles, functions and responsibilities


Structure interviews for screening and assessing candidates


Evaluate candidates on job role-based fitment


Free from foreign bias
Easy-to-comprehend reports
Job role- and purpose-specific assessments
Suitable for mass hiring

We are one of the
most trusted brands

We are one of the
most trusted brands


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“MeritTrac has supported us in identifying a large pool of managerial talent using assessments than relying on their longevity in the organisation.”