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Employees today are required to be multifaceted with a range of skills in addition to their educational and technical qualifications. Considering the time and effort that goes into a hiring process, it is crucial to select the right candidates who will fit into the company’s culture, are willing to learn, will deliver their best performance and most importantly score high on the scale of employee retention. All these factors make the situation difficult for recruiters using the traditional assessment practices that include phone screening and/or in-person interviews.    

This is where behavioural and personality assessments come in real handy. They help recruiters understand the character traits of the candidates which are useful in gauging their suitability on all aspects for the company and the job role they will be hired for.

Personality assessment tests consist of a series of scientifically designed questions and scenarios that allow the evaluation of a candidate on attributes such as thinking style, motivation level, leadership qualities and capabilities, social skills and generic personality traits. The performance analysis of candidates on personality assessments can actually help recruiters predict the success of the potential employee in the position.   

Application of Personality Assessment

Given the insights that personality assessment tests are able to provide, they can play a major role in helping recruiters select the right candidates for the job role. By employing the right talent, hiring becomes an efficient process that gives better returns for the company.

The scope of personality assessments is not limited only to the hiring process. In fact, it can play a significant role in workforce development as well. The growth and overall success of any business are dependent on employee development. Company culture and growth in employees’ potential can positively influence business success.

MeritTrac Platforms for Personality Assessments

MeritTrac does not stop at providing the assessments alone. We offer end-to-end assessment solutions for recruitment as well as workforce development processes. MeritTrac’s platforms help in designing and delivering tests as per the talent requirement and taking care of the entire administration of the personality assessment. We have several adaptive platforms that allow easy setup and smooth delivery of personality assessment tests. The following MeritTrac platforms will make recruitment and training processes a breeze:


A hybrid scientific assessment platform from MeritTrac, Pariksha makes the entire process easy, quick and secure. Right from creating, designing, scheduling and delivering the personality assessments to analysing and reporting the results, MeritTrac’s Pariksha makes life absolutely painless for the test administrators. Some of the key features of this platform are:

  • Remote assessment delivery and invigilation with or without the Internet enables enhanced geographical reach.
  • Easy integration with external tools such as test marking software allows for a superior and convenient experience for all stakeholders right from the administrators, candidates and recruiters.
  • It comes with highly adaptive testing features and customisable test catalogues.
  • The platform is cloud-ready which allows for versatile deployment options.
  • Pariksha is a multi-platform that supports both Windows as well as Linux Operating Systems.
  • Being mobile ready, the assessment platform can even be delivered on any web-enabled smartphone.
  • Thanks to its software as a service (SaaS) licensing and delivery model, Pariksha comes with the plug and play feature to function independently on any system.


The ability to screen and shortlist candidates from a crowd with ease is a boon for businesses and MeriTrac’s SmartTest lets recruiters do just that. Scores of assessments that span a range of domains make SmartTest the choice of personality assessment test platform for businesses willing to become self-sufficient in the field of assessment administration. Check out the salient features of SmartTest:

  • Plug and play feature allows for personality assessment delivery anywhere, anytime across platforms and devices
  • With a range of test catalogues, customising personality assessment tests to suit the needs and requirements of the company is possible.
  • Superior candidate assessment analytics allows for performance benchmarking.
  • Last but not least, the whole assessment administration is smooth, quick and secure.

MeritTrac Advantage

MeritTrac makes use of a series of validated and reliable scientific psychometric frameworks that include the Big Five Personality, Holland’s Career Interest, Blake Mouton’s Managerial Grid, and Herzberg’s Motivation Model to design the questions and scenarios in its personality assessments. They allow for an unbiased and clear understanding of a candidate’s behaviour and social skills. In addition, our assessment platforms make it easy, quick and secure to conduct the assessments and deliver comprehensive test results to identify the right talent. Following are some of the MeritTrac advantages:

  • From the candidate’s generic personality to his/her motivation levels and emotional intelligence, MeritTrac’s personality assessment allows evaluating the suitability of the person for specific functions, industries, and roles to a higher level of accuracy.
  • Plug and play feature of MeritTrac platforms allow for the smooth and quick delivery of the personality assessment tests irrespective of geographical specifications.
  • Customisable test catalogues ensure tailor-made tests for every situation.
  • Detailed analytics after the test administration allows recruiters to take an informed and unbiased recruitment decision.



1. What are behavioural and personality assessment tests?

A. These tests help analyse and predict the behaviour and personality traits of the candidates.

2. How do these tests prove useful?

A. A scientifically designed behavioural and personality assessment can provide useful insights for recruiters and managers to make the right selection for a role and/or position.

3. What are the skills that can be assessed using these assessment tests?

A. Behavioural and personality assessment solutions can help assess generic personality traits, thinking style, motivational levels, workplace behaviour, leadership style, customer service skills and prediction of sales success to name a few.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac behavioural and personality assessment tests?

A. The scientific nature of MeritTrac assessments help in making a quick, informed and unbiased selection. They are also designed to make the recruitment process a self-sufficient one right from test administration, evaluation, and analysis. With more than 3 million successful assessments delivered to 400 clients across the world, our assessment solutions speak for themselves.

5. What is the scope of MeritTrac behavioural and personality assessments?

A. MeritTrac behavioural and personality assessments can be used to make the right choice of candidates who can add value to the business and make the workplace healthier and happier. In the case of existing employees, they can help identify training and development needs so they can contribute to the business growth to the best of their abilities.