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With technology making it easier to apply for a job position online, employers are being inundated with numerous applications for every vacant position in the company. In order to manage the overwhelming rise of applicants and to streamline the recruitment and interview process, recruiters have started using workplace behaviour test and work personality test. These tests, when included in the employment pre-screening process, helps to screen out unsuitable candidates right at the start.     

Workplace behaviour tests are designed to identify and assess trustworthiness, rules compliance, reliability, aptitude and attitude etc. and compare the score against the requirement of the open job position. When the personality of an employee matches the traits required for a particular job role, it leads to higher employee engagement. This, in turn, has a domino effect on productivity, growth, and success. On the contrary, a mismatch pulls everything downhill and replacing an employee is no easy task. Therefore work personality tests are becoming quite popular with recruiters.

What are the Typical Workplace Behaviours?

Listed below are a few of the typical behaviours which can be easily identified and quantified by a workplace behaviour test:

  • Commander: People with this type of personality are natural leaders and have the charisma and confidence to gather a crowd to achieve a common goal. However, they may also display overt determination and dominance to achieve whatever they have set their mind upon without any regard for the other stakeholders.
  • Performer: Performers are often flamboyant, alert, charming, and entertaining. They are usually willing to volunteer, but may also be reluctant to accept responsibility while displaying a false picture of productivity. 
  • Drifter: These people have limited attention spans that prevent them from paying attention to detail. They thrive under flexible work conditions with brief work assignments. They have serious problems sticking to deadlines, work hours, and organisational rules.
  • Achiever: Achievers are focussed on accomplishments and success, so much so that their basic sense of self-worth is attached to these two factors. They thrive under external validation, which sets up a cyclic process. They are confident, hard-working, goal-oriented, team worker and takes in criticisms for improvement.
  • Complainer: People with this type of personality never seem to be satisfied and tend to ruminate on problems and focus on the negatives rather than positives. They show their emotional dissatisfaction via venting and solicit attention and sympathy to feel validated. 
  • Avoider: People with this personality type prefer to work alone. They are fearful of taking initiatives and shy away from additional responsibility because of their issues with accountability and responsibility. They are quiet and insecure, especially in the face of criticism. 
  • Pleaser: Pleasers display thoughtful, helpful, and pleasant characteristics, making them the perfect types to get along with in most situations. They find it hard to say ‘No’ and avoid conflicts to the extent of not doing the right thing in order to prevent relations from souring.

A scientifically designed work personality test can quickly identify the personality type and measure the traits to compare against the requirements of the job role. It helps recruiters to promptly take the right hiring decision, which is in the best interests of the company and the employee.

Applications of Workplace Behaviour Tests

Workplace behaviour tests have important applications during recruitment. Armed with a detailed list of traits and skills required for the job role, recruiters can weed out unsuitable candidates right away and focus on the right personality types using the test results. Be it a campus interview or lateral hiring, a work personality test is useful in picking out the right talent. For instance, by using an online personality test for sales, hiring managers can easily and quickly identify the applicants who will thrive in a sales position and drive the growth.

These tests can also prove useful in order to support training and development initiatives within the organisations to help employees reach their full potential. It has a positive impact on the employee and the organisation by improving the chances for success and growth.

MeritTrac Platforms for Workplace Behaviour Tests

MeritTrac provides tailor-made tests as well as platforms to deliver them seamlessly. We offer complete end-to-end assessment solutions for the recruitment as well as workforce development needs of organisations. With quick, reliable, and valid test results, it becomes easier for recruiters and L&D teams to decide on the next course of action.

From designing and delivering tests to analysing and reporting, MeritTrac takes care of the entire administration of the workplace behaviour test. Our adaptive platforms allow easy setup and smooth delivery of the tests. Pariksha and SmartTest are best suited for the use of corporate recruitment and training scenarios.

Pariksha is a hybrid scientific assessment platform that helps create, design, schedule, deliver, analyse, and report the results of work personality tests. Remote assessment delivery and invigilation, easy integration with external tools, adaptive testing features and customisable test catalogues, cloud readiness, multi-platform support, mobile readiness and plug and play feature are some of the highlights.  

SmartTest allows screening and shortlisting candidates from a crowd right away. It lets recruiters and businesses become self-sufficient in the field of assessment administration. The platform comes with a vast range of test catalogues and delivers superior candidate assessment analytics for performance benchmarking. SmartTest is the preferred choice for assessment administrators for seamless test delivery of online personality test for sales and other jobs and workplace behaviour tests.



1. What is a workplace behaviour test?

A. This type of tests helps analyse and predict the behaviour and personality traits of the candidates in the workplace.

2. How does a work personality test prove useful?

A. A scientifically designed work personality test can provide useful insights for recruiters and managers to make the right selection for a job vacancy or a new position within the organisation.

3. What are the advantages of using a work personality test?

A. By identifying the right-fit candidate for an open position, recruiters and hiring managers have a higher chance of ensuring enhanced productivity, employee engagement, and reduced chances of attrition.

4. What are the reasons for the growing popularity of workplace behaviour tests?

A. When compared to traditional methods, a workplace behaviour test can accurately judge the behavioural traits and characteristics of the candidates. A work personality test also delivers quick, accurate and precise results, thereby bringing down the waiting period.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac work personality tests?

A. With more than 3 million successful assessments delivered to 400 clients across the world, our results speak for themselves. Quick, informed, and unbiased selection are the hallmark of our assessment solutions that are automated and self-sufficient.