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6 Aspects to Look for in your Coding Assessment Tool

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6 Aspects to Look for in your Coding Assessment Tool

Date: 29/08/2022 | Category: General

During the pandemic, tech-driven enterprises adopted the online culture, which offers different virtual transitions instead of physical interactions. So, IT firms have adopted essential intelligent technologies to execute highly streamlined but authenticated hiring processes.

Behind the successful & agile business deals in IT enterprises, the efforts and dedication of the technical team matter a lot. Therefore, today corporate owners consider online coding test platforms for hiring efficient employees in an IT firm.


Why Is Coding Assessment Test A Major Part of the Screening Process?

A coding assessment test is such a criterion, which scopes the recruiters to analyze the accuracy level of programming skill of the applicants with the naked eye in a real-time manner. This test's significance lies in the top-notch filtration of the right and efficient candidates for their company.


The following discussion explains 6 aspects of selecting the authentic coding assessment tool:


6 Considerable Aspects Of An Dedicated Coding Assessment Tool

  • Overall Integration Flexibility

Manual management of a large volume of data on the excel sheet seems like a disaster to the recruiters. The latest coding assessment platform with smart ATS (applicant tracking system) turns the recruitment process into an effortless and convenient methodology.

Smart ATS offers perfect integration, ensuring the synchronization of applicant data on a single board in real-time through centralized data management. This intelligent feature effectively helps to separate the data of successful applicants through the settings of filters. ATS is an innovative technology-driven feature which ensures real-time updates according to the progress of the interview levels.

  • Extensive Library of Questions

A top-notch coding assessment platform should have an extensive library, which offers a wide array of the latest frameworks, and programming languages to evaluate the applicant's coding skill based on the legacy of recent coding. In the recruitment process of data scientists, web developers, and iOS developer recruiters arrange online coding tests. Thus a contemporary coding assessment platform should have all resources to support the questionnaire for the exact screening process.

  • Automated Settings For Strict Invigilation

In the virtual hiring process, transparent monitoring matters a lot. The coding assessment platform should have automated technology such as proctor settings to serve the need for strict invigilation. Proctoring features monitor the quality of coding assessment through video sessions while applicants prove their skillset online. Besides, automated settings of the coding assessment platform support the features like reporting tab switching, copy-pasting coding, applicant elimination etc.

  • Individual Assessment According To Job Profile

According to the job profile, the assessment pattern should be relevant. So, an authenticated coding assessment platform should have custom standards to arrange the individual MCQs and project-relevant and subjective questionnaires.

  • Standard Parameters For Evaluation

The overall screening process for recruitment should be transparent for the honest representation of scoring reports. A top-notch coding assessment platform should have essential features to generate scores and reports according to end-to-end assessment. The simplified technology of the real-time report-generating features eases the virtual hiring process. 

  • Automated Features For Performance-driven Reports

With top-notch analytics, a coding assessment platform allows recruiters to evaluate the efficiency level of programming based on auto-generated performance-driven reports. With an authentic coding assessment platform, recruiters can decide whether there would be employees based on the reports of the instant screening process.


How does MeritTrac Online Coding Assessment Test work?

Having a top-notch assessment solution, MeritTrac offers customized options for authentic screening of applicants' coding efficiency. The recruiters get customized questionnaires such as java interview questions and C # programming interview questions to evaluate the candidate's efficiency. MeritTrac offers such an automated technology-driven assessment solution, which eases the roles of recruiters.

Above all, their online assessment platform with a remote proctoring feature provides top-level transparency in the screening process.