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Eliminate Hiring Biases with Technology-Led Assessments

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Eliminate Hiring Biases with Technology-Led Assessments

Date: 13/06/2024 | Category: General

Do you know 60% of interviewers make their decisions within the first 15 minutes which may result in inconsistent hiring? Interviewers make rapid decisions due to various biases and inefficient hiring processes. It leads to the selection of candidates based on initial impressions rather than a comprehensive evaluation.

In this competitive world of recruitment, biases can restrict you from hiring top talent and excelling in your business. These biases are often triggered unintentionally because of the surroundings, experiences, and upbringings. Technology-led and data driven assessments eliminate these biases efficiently from the hiring process.

Understanding Common Hiring Biases

Before diving into how technology-led assessments can remove hiring biases, it’s important to understand the types of biases that commonly affect the hiring process.

Confirmation Bias

This bias is about subconsciously seeking out information that confirms pre-existing beliefs about a candidate. Recruiters tend to ask questions that confirm their expectations or interpret dis-satisfying answers in a way that aligns with their initial impression of the candidate.

Halo Effect Bias

Halo effect bias is about getting influenced by one positive trait and making a perception about a candidate. This impacts the quality of hire, overshadows other qualities as well as incompetencies, and leads to wrong hiring decisions.

Similarity Attraction Bias

Sometimes recruiters favour candidates with similar backgrounds (same native place/caste/community) and interests. This is another kind of bias that diverts recruiters from hiring a diversified and skilled workforce. Recruiters unintentionally get impacted by these biases which lead to unfair hiring decisions.

The Role of Technology-Led Assessments

The new-age assessments can efficiently remove biases and fuel the hiring process. These assessments leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics to provide accurate assessments for the candidates.

Objective Data-Driven Assessments

Tech-led assessments can easily navigate the biases in modern-day hiring. These assessments are data and algorithms driven to evaluate candidates based on the requirements. It minimises any influence and stays focused on competencies. For instance, psychometric tests, cognitive ability tests, and skill-based assessments provide quantifiable data on a candidate's abilities and potential.

Standardised Evaluation Procedures

Automated and standardised evaluation can drastically remove biases. These assessments evaluate candidates in real time which removes the chances of influenced hiring.

Blind Screening Processes

Advanced assessments maintain the anonymity of candidates. With these assessments, the candidate’s personal details are not visible which reduces the chances of the recruiter getting influenced. The blind approach biases are related to gender, ethnicity, age, and other personal attributes.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Cutting-edge assessments leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to analyze data of past candidates to predict job performance. Recruiters can make informed decisions about candidates by assessing relevant competencies and traits for specific roles. These make it easy for recruiters to maintain fairness.

Advantages of Technology-Led Assessments

Enhancing Fairness and Diversity

Technology-led assessments are scientifically proven to mitigate impartial hiring. These are efficient for evaluating candidates based on their potential. Also, these help you broaden your hiring capabilities and recruit a diverse workforce. This diversity can drive innovation and performance, contributing to the organisation's success.

Improving Quality of Hire

The quality of your hiring determines your workforce quality. Assessments play a n important role in the entire hiring process. Objective assessment can change the way you can leverage your workforce. These advanced assessments help candidates unleash their potential so that recruiters can fairly hire the best-fit candidates.

Streamlining the Hiring Process

Technology-led assessments can eliminate the trials and tribulations typical to a lengthy hiring process. From automated workflows to evaluation in real-time, AI-backed assessments can significantly improve your recruitment process and reduce the overall time otherwise invested in hiring.

Enhancing Candidate Experience

Candidates appreciate a fair and transparent hiring process. Technology-driven assessments provide a clear and objective evaluation that strengthens the brand image and attracts top talent.

Looking for a way to remove hiring bias?

Arbitrary assumptions of recruiters can take a toll on a company’s image and success. In the era where fairness is the key to successfully hiring top talent, organizations can leverage technology-led assessments. Prevent mis-judgments and build a workforce that fits like a missing part of a puzzle in your organization. At MeritTrac, we provide intelligent and advanced assessments to ensure a fair, accurate evaluation of candidates.

Take a step forward to revolutionize talent acquisition with data-backed, scientific assessment and hire a more diverse, innovative, and high-performing workforce.

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