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Why is an Employability Aptitude Test for Hiring the Most Critical Factor for any Organization?

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Why is an Employability Aptitude Test for Hiring the Most Critical Factor for any Organization?

Date: 23/11/2021 | Category: General


Aptitude testing to determine a candidate’s suitability for a role is critical. A bad fitment can result in not only loss of performance, but a dent in the organizational culture, and negative returns on investment in human capital.

Why aptitude tests? 

Aptitude tests check a candidate’s behavioral, reasoning, communication, logical, numerical, and technical skills. Based on the data collected, a candidate’s fitment for a job is assessed. The prediction is based on data – so it is considered unbiased and accurate. 

What makes aptitude testing the best way to find great employees?

  • A standardized platform for mass or class hiring

Human resources departments can focus on creating the right criteria. Then feed this data into an employability aptitude test system. This system can then assess candidates in an automated fashion, making it a scalable solution for bulk hiring. 

  • Setting the foundation for an employee-driven organization

Without an automated and data-driven aptitude system, bad hires can accumulate inside an organization. There are multiple consequences to this. Attrition, decline in organizational culture, ethical decline, collaboration decline, performance decline are some of them. 

  • Assess all-round cognitive ability

A person’s ability is based on the way they apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems. An organization needing a highly inventive person will have a different requirement than an organization needing a person who will just do the job. Aptitude tests get such candidates easily. 

What are main benefits of aptitude testing?

  • Objective and accurate comparisons

Interviews could be biased and based on subjective interpretation. An online automated AI-driven employability aptitude test makes use of data. The data can be from the individual being tested along with several other data such as the employment history, social profile, credit card history etc. 

  • Standardized

Every candidate gets the same type of tests. So it helps create a standardized way to estimate employability. It is much more effective than leaving the questioning and assessing of a candidate based on an interviewer’s subjective questions. 

  • Cost-effective

Imagine the cost incurred setting up interviewers’ time, coordinating personal interactions, and then seeking approval from a variety of stakeholders. Instead of this circuitous path, an online aptitude test is all that is required. It saves time, cost, energy, and unnecessary resource usage. 

What are some of the fundamental types of aptitude tests used in employability assessments?

  • Logical Reasoning and rationality

Estimates a candidate’s level of rationality, inference skills, and how much they rely on facts than fiction.

  • Spatial Reasoning and pattern hypothesizing

Assesses spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, visual communication, and imagination. Helps in determining a person’s creative quotient. 

  • Verbal ability and effective articulation

Based on a candidate’s level of articulation, conciseness, use of language, and presentation skills. 

  • Numerical reasoning and data cognizance

Understanding numerical data, applying statistical knowledge, knowledge of math fundamentals, and problem solving ability. 

  • General ability test

Checks versatility, adaptability, presence of mind, willingness for challenges, innate cognitive traits, and several other abilities. 

How will MeritTrac help in your hiring process?

MeritTrac has helped organizations find the best candidates based on data-driven, AI-enabled, and scientifically designed employability aptitude tests. The assessment technologies of MeritTrac are customizable as per industry, job-criteria, demographic, and recruitment urgency. The evaluations can be integrated into any of the diverse range of solutions of MeritTrac for organization’s seeking a 360 degrees transformation of their workforce through the use of data. 


Employability assessment is a major factor that dictates the fortunes of an organization. Without good employees, the prospects of innovation, change, and progress may never materialize. Organizations that invested in getting the right tools for their human resources have not only attracted the right talent, but stayed innovative and sustainably so.