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When launching a campus recruitment drive, it is important for companies to understand their goals and establish a list of colleges to recruit from. The list should include factors such as geography and industry. It is also important to track university partnerships and their recruitment process. Campus hiring software is an ideal tool to make sure the company is making quality hires.

MeritTrac streamlines campus recruiting by identifying the best candidates in the least time. It automatically tests job-ready skills as candidates apply for positions. This feature can cut down on time from the offer-to-hire process by 90 per cent. Its artificial intelligence (AI) grades candidates in real-time and provides feedback on their performance across all skills. It allows hiring managers to review the best candidates without visiting campuses. The software can also automate time-sensitive parts of the screening process and increase candidate visibility.

Benefits of Campus Recruitment Software Solutions

  • For campus recruiting success, using a software solution can be extremely helpful. It can help streamline the process while giving your candidates a more meaningful experience. Listed below are some benefits of using campus recruitment software. 

    • Fastens the Process

    As the pace of business has accelerated, businesses are adapting to the New Normal by adopting campus recruitment software solutions. These solutions combine recruitment marketing, event management, and recruiting techniques into one solution. 

    • Enables you to give a rich candidate experience

    A candidate's experience is a result of an applicant's interactions with an organization. This begins at the point of awareness of the brand, continues through the interview process, and ends with onboarding. For an exceptional candidate experience, the whole recruitment process must be designed and improved, and a good Candidate Experience Solution will enable you to improve the candidate experience.

    • Can handle bulk information easily

    Using campus recruiting software solutions can help streamline the workflow of campus recruiters. The process of virtual campus hiring is becoming more competitive, especially with younger talent who are more tech-savvy than their predecessors. These solutions will make the hiring process as smooth as possible for employers and employees alike. 

    • Easy to Measure and Optimize Performance

    Campus hiring software solutions help colleges and universities capture the right kind of data from virtual campus recruitment activities to improve their ROI. Campus hiring software solutions provide companies with structured data from such activities. These insights help companies make smart decisions about how best to invest their budget. 

    The Process For Campus Hiring Is largely Followed By Corporate Practices

    Campus hiring exercise is a tedious task, but it doesn't have to be? MeritTrac brings you the most comprehensive Campus Hiring Assessment Suite. Check it out!

    • Job Profiling

    Companies have started integrating job profiling into their hiring processes. This practice involves creating a specific resume for applicants and sending them to entry-level jobs. Hiring managers often base their final decisions on these factors, as well as a candidate's fit with the organization.

    • Sourcing

    Sourcing for campus hiring has become a popular practice for corporations. Unlike advertising a job, campus recruiting is more flexible and responsive to hiring managers' needs. 

    • Screening

    Screening is a fundamental process in the hiring process, and it is widely followed by corporate and campus employers alike. Essentially, screening candidates for a position helps companies assess their qualifications and identify applicants who will be unfit for the job. A thorough screening process not only ensures the best fit for the position it also reduces the turnover rate of employees.

    • GD’s & Interviews

    Panel interviews improve the accuracy of the assessment of candidates by including multiple perspectives. They also require a thorough discussion of the candidates' work experience and past references. And as the corporate world is increasingly global, interviews for campus hiring tend to be less formal than corporate interviews.

    • Data-led Hiring Decisions

    The process of campus hiring begins long before the company sets foot on the campus, involving careful planning and brainstorming. Once the needs for a new hire are clearly laid out, a comprehensive plan is put into place, ensuring the right candidate is enticed into the company, screened, and ultimately hired. 

Types of Tests Conducted by MeritTrac for Campus Hiring:

Campus Recruitment Strategy by MeritTrac for Corporations

A Campus Recruitment Strategy by MeritTrac for Corporations is a proven way to hire top talent at an affordable cost. Traditional hiring methods aren't effective for campus recruitment, but online assessment tools can speed up the testing and result processing process without sacrificing the quality of the assessment. The assessment suites by MeritTrac include various cognitive ability and behavioural traits tests, aptitude tests, and employability quotient (EQ) tests.

MeritTrac can help companies with campus intelligence across regions. They use Mobile friendly, easy-to-navigate/short assessments, communication, cognitive and technical assessment capability, remote proctoring, reports and dashboards and ask for analytics to gain insights across campus/region performance, benchmarking scores etc. 

If you're looking to hire top talent for entry-level positions, campus recruitment is an excellent solution. Digital technologies have made campus recruiting much easier. Campus recruitment events can be conducted in person or virtually. Virtual campus recruitment events leverage the power of digital solutions to reach out to students and engage them in a meaningful way. You can send email blasts, schedule interviews using AI-enabled software, and even request pre-recorded video interviews.

Campus recruitment by MeritTrac for Corporates has a variety of benefits. The Placement Cell contacts various organizations and matches their student profiles with the job requirements. The shortlisted profiles are sent to the organization for further shortlisting. During the placement process, an on-campus or off-campus corporate visit is organized for students. After completing the interview, the corporate sends the student a letter with their joining date.



1. How does campus recruitment work?

When it comes to recruiting on campus, you can use recruitment events software to attract young talent. Then, you can conduct interview sessions and video profiles to attract the best talent. By using such tools, you'll get a better idea of which college students are interested in your company and what type of career opportunities it offers.

2. What is the process of campus recruitment?

  • Job profiling
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • GD’s & Interviews
  • Data-led Hiring Decisions