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Code Test Online

Recruit High-Performing Programming Talent with Online Coding Test

At a time when organisations plan to pay 20% above the market for quality engineering talent, benchmarking candidates’ coding capabilities and testing their domain knowledge is critical to identifying job-fit developers.

MeritTrac’s CodeTrac, a performance-based online coding test platform, provides real-time feedback to help companies assess candidates’ coding skills for performance benchmarking and effective recruitment.

The platform is integrated with domain-based online programming tests to assess candidates’ software development capability and benchmark it with industry standards. With CodeTrac, you can make use of the comprehensive programming library to administer Java test, C programming test, SQL online test, PHP developer online test, HTML online test, and other coding tests for hiring programmers.

With our online coding test platform, you can assess a candidate’s programming skills in a few easy steps. The test results are auto evaluated, and the detailed test reports provide valuable insights on code simplicity, readability, and other crucial assessment parameters. This not only helps organizations make efficient hiring decisions in less time but also makes it easy for recruiters from IT and non-IT backgrounds to administer coding tests online.

By leveraging CodeTrac’s online programming skills tests, organizations can design an efficient developer recruitment cycle, bridge skill gaps for employee career progression, build customized coding scenarios based on business needs, and tailor pre- as well as post-training requirements.

Why CodeTrac

Assessments delivered
Information Technology
Management Studies

Unified Assessment Platform

Integrated programming environment including build, compile, and test stages

All- Inclusive Software Development

Full stack software development assessment


Intelligent assessment platform with auto evaluation

Extensive Programming Language Library

Assessment encompasses a wide-ranging library of programming languages

Uniform Coding Structure

Consistent standardized submission and coding structure

Project-based testing

Candidates assessed on projects rather than standalone programs

Why MeritTrac

More than 270 employees
Assisted over 400 clients
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI L3 Certified.

How it works

Initialize CodeTrac platform and view test instructions
Choose the type of assessment - MCQ-based or test case based
Access the source file to start live coding in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Examine the programming instructions and save the project
Organize and run the programs
View assessment results and submit the assessment

We are one of the
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We are one of the
most trusted brands


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