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Cognitive Ability Test

Cognitive assessment test helps organisations to evaluate candidates’ ability to quickly learn, solve problems, and comprehend new ideas and achieve performance targets. Cognitive assessment skills are a critical indicator of employee success in knowledge based as well as vocational roles across industries.Cognitive tests can accurately predict more about candidate capabilities than face to face interviews. The test scores can tell how well a job applicant will perform in the new job role and how well an employee will learn new skills through training programs.

MeritTrac’s cognitive ability tests are widely used in both the education and employment sectors to measure students’ and applicants’ analytical, numerical, verbal, abstract thinking, quantitative, and spatial reasoning abilities. The cognitive aptitude tests provide deep insights into student/candidate ability to adapt to changing situations, participate proactively, and meet or exceed performance benchmarks.

Recruiters can administer a range of cognitive tests through Pariksha, SmartTest, and other MeritTrac’s aptitude assessment platforms. The top cognitive ability tests we deliver are reading comprehension test, quantitative aptitude test, problem-solving assessment, reasoning ability test, attention to detail test, situational judgement test, and emotional intelligence test. You can analyze the abilities of a large number of people at the same time and quickly identify candidates with ideal cognitive abilities.


Cognitive Ability Test service
Fresher/lateral hiring for candidates with up to 4 - 6 years of work experience
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Intelligent hiring decisions across banking, IT/BPO, captive BPO banking, eCommerce and IT

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Our on-screen marking solution enables automated digital evaluation and real-time monitoring for reliable results and superior control over the marking process.


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Cognitive Assessment Test Solution Components


Understand candidates’ ability to synthesize information, analyze problems, understand complex relationships, and use systems perspectives while handling a situation


Measure English language proficiency (using grammar, vocabulary and comprehension as parameters) of non-native speakers of English


Assess basic mathematics and elementary operations, including percentages and averages, profit and loss, discount, and ratio and proportion


Test candidates' ability to use and reason with numbers or mathematical concepts

Attention to detail

Evaluate applicants' ability to accurately identify and isolate similar/minute details

Reading comprehension

Measure reading, comprehension and writing abilities
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10 Workplace Problems Psychometric Tests Solve in Your Company

What do Cognitive Ability Tests Measure?

Recruiters can measure a candidate's IQ and specific mental abilities throughcognitive tests. The questions in these tests are presented in multiple-choice, multiple answers, sentence completion, true-false, or short answer formats. They are designed to measure an applicants' potential to use their mental processes and solve work-related problems and acquire new job-related skills.

MeritTrac's cognitive ability test measure:

  • Reading comprehension: Assess the language skills of job applicants and employees
  • Quantitative aptitude: Math, analytics, and statistics based questions to evaluate problem-solving skills and numerical ability
  • Reasoning ability: Analyze inductive reasoning, abductive reasoning, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and intuition
  • Problem-solving skills: Measure the problem-solving abilities of entry-level and experienced candidates
  • Attention to detail: Analyze candidates applying for jobs in financial institutions, data analytics, quality analysis, and more.
  • Situational judgment: Use hypothetical situations to evaluate reasoning skills, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities
  • Emotional Intelligence: Evaluate a candidate’s social-awareness, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, and empathy

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Our cognitive assessment solution delivers multi-pronged benefits to customers:


Enables high quality talent decision-making


Improves job success ratio


Blends with multiple assessments to offer a holistic solution


Measures candidates' ability to interpret data, facts and figures


Determines candidates' role fitment


Predicts candidates’ complex problem and pattern solving skills


Scientifically validated assessments
Serving over 400 organizations
In-house reliable test development capability
Stringent compliance with international standards

We are one of the
most trusted brands

We are one of the
most trusted brands


A large Indian conglomerate

“MeritTrac has supported us in identifying a large pool of managerial talent using assessments than relying on their longevity in the organisation.”



1. What are cognitive aptitude tests?

The ability to learn, think, communicate, remember, or make decisions are a must-have for individuals who are applying for employment. A Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is used by employers to measure these aspects in candidates who have applied for a job. The duration of the pre-employment test is 15 minutes, and it features 50 questions in Math, Logical reasoning and spatial (abstract) reasoning.

2. What is the role of cognitive assessment during recruitment?

The test provides employers with knowledge about a potential employee’s reasoning skills, verbal skills, mathematical abilities, problem-solving skills, etc. The test provides a near accurate measurement of these parameters that help recruiters make informed recruitment decisions.

3. Why should companies use cognitive ability test for recruitment?

Compared to a 1-hour interview, the duration of the cognitive assessment test is short, which saves time for both candidates and hiring managers. Employers can avoid bad hires and quickly identify high potential candidates who will be successful in the job.

4. What are the components of a cognitive test?

The broad components of cognitive tests are analytical, numerical, verbal, quantitative etc.

5. What makes MeritTrac different?

MeritTrac’s In-house test development capability and stringent compliance with international standards are what makes it different from others. MeritTrac has server over 400 organisations with its scientifically validated assessments.