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Online Abstract Reasoning Assessment Test:

If you have ever been asked to take an abstract reasoning test but don't know what to expect, you should understand what an abstract reasoning test means. It is like a diagrammatic reasoning test or inductive reasoning. With the help of this, the examiner attempts to measure fluid intelligence and lateral thinking to find speed and accuracy while you interpret and identify the relationship between patterns of shapes.

Besides, the abstract reasoning assessment exams are non-verbal exams. Hence, it does not require analyzing numerical and verbal information in questions and answers.

Building Skilled Workforce With Abstract Thinking Test:

The only thing that can help you pass an abstract reasoning test is a lot of practice. But while you practice, you need to remember some of the important factors.

  • You must use similar conditions to that of the actual test.
  • Take the help of various practice tests from the MeritTrac platform.
  • Give yourself time and put in a lot of effort.

Moreover, our online abstract reasoning test offers the flexibility to sit for the exam remotely while receiving the result instantly. Through the abstract reasoning test for beginners platforms, you can easily choose various aptitude tests and abstract reasoning tests.

How To Solve Abstract Reasoning Tests

  • Start Counting

    Ask yourself questions about the objects, shapes, and figures.

  • Size, Rotation, Colors, And Shadings Matter

    Try to intervene in between the dots or connect the two dots.

  • Develop A (Mental) Checklist Of Strategies To Solve The Questions

    Remember the rules and regulations only to work methodically.

  • Tests Usually Have Tight Time Constraints

    Plan the test and stick to it. Do not waste time on hard questions.

  • Try To Focus On One Rule At A Time

    Keep your focus on one rule at one point in time

How To Improve Your Abstract Reasoning Skills

You will find a variety of methods to improve your abstract reasoning skills. Some will prove to be more effective than the other methods.

  • Exposure

    The best way to improve abstract reasoning skills is with the help of exposure. If you can practice as many tests with the help of MeritTrac's Pariksha or Smart Test, you will be able to train your brain in this particular skill.

  • Lots Of Puzzles

    It is the easiest and most cost-effective method to improve your reasoning skills. Once you go through the tests, it will help to increase your reasoning skills.

  • Practise Online Abstract Reasoning Tests

    With our company, you can finally improve your abstract reasoning skills. The diverse question bank provides you with lateral thinking skills to help you become exam ready. You can also receive that one pack, which includes a diagrammatic test, logical reasoning test, and inductive test, that can better develop your abstract reasoning skills.

Merittrac Platform For Abstract Reasoning Test

MeritTrac happens to be the best platform for taking the abstract reasoning test. Candidates are constantly provided with advice on how to get through the test. If you want to sit for various abstract reasoning tests, you must choose our online abstract reasoning test. We offer more than 10000 assessments to help you develop your cognitive, behavioral, and performance domains.

MeritTrac Advantage

The user can receive various advantages while using the MeritTrac platform. Some of these are:

  • Defining and designing assessments
  • Organizing and creating content
  • Creating an exam schedule while delivering question papers
  • Supports both Linux and Windows platform



1. What Is An Abstract Reasoning Test?

A. Abstract reasoning tests help to measure the fluid intelligence of an individual. Along with that, it measures the ability of an individual to make out the meaning of ambiguity while managing new information and solving novel problems.

2. How Is The Abstract Reasoning Test Useful For Hiring?

A. Abstract reasoning is useful for workplaces where you need to think on your feet. It also helps the candidate learn rapidly while acquiring new skills or forming various strategies. It involves solving new problems regularly.

3. What Is The Scope Of Merittrac Abstract Reasoning MCQ Tests?

A. Once you choose our abstract reasoning MCQ test, you acquire job-specific skills along with behavioral traits and general awareness. All these help you to make yourself employable.