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Why use Case Analysis and Decision making tests? How is MeritTrac’s Assessment System Unique?

Case analysis and decision making assessment test a candidate’s ability to apply critical thinking ability to analyze a case and apply a decision. It tests the general rationality and practicality of the solution. The problem solving ability, the mental process used, the concepts pursued, the inferences derived – all of these are checked.

How can Case Analysis and Decision Making tests help build skilled workforce?

Organizations can use a case analysis assessment test to not only hire personnel for specific job roles but also identify training and development needs. A case analysis and decision making test can test a candidate’s ability to organize their hypothesis, label their thoughts and opinions, use category and classification, use levels of judgment, and several other related techniques.

What are the skills required to clear a Decision Making Skills assessment?

  • Problem Solving

    Problem solving is the ability to identify and define the problem, and come up with solutions that will resolve the problem. This skill is highly critical for several job roles in organizations.

  • Logical & Analytical Thinking

    Logical thinking is the ability to interpret logical patterns. Analytical thinking is the ability to organize, analyze, and correlate information. Both these abilities are required for becoming effective at case analysis and decision making.

  • Interpersonal Skills

    Without discussing the pros and cons of a decision, using interview data, discussing with people about their viewpoints, arriving at a decision is difficult. In large organizations, decision making involves collaborating and coordinating with lots of people. So it requires interpersonal skills.

  • Time Management

    Any analysis and decision making exercise or decision making personality test is a race against time. The faster the analysis and decision, the faster is the resolution. All associated activities start rolling into action once the decision is arrived at. So time management is critical in decision making.

Tips to clear a case study analysis test

  • Take your time

    Rushing to find a decision, and hurrying up a case analysis exercise via the exam software, could produce errors. So it is important to take time initially to apply proper techniques in analyzing the case. There are various principles and practices of case analysis and decision making that can be applied.

  • Apply a structured approach

    An example of a structured approach is using an excel sheet or any other spreadsheet program. Using rows and columns to jot down data, using pivots, and several other functions to interpret data – all of these are examples of using structured approach.

  • Don’t panic and try to relax

    Case analysis tests can be complex. So when at a case analysis assessment, ensure to have a relaxed mind. When the mind is without distractions, one can analyze and visualize situations. Solutions will become clearer and potential causes and their effects will become clearer.

MeritTrac platform for Case Analysis and Decision Making Skills Test

MeritTrac platform is suitable for organizations to conduct case analysis and decision making assessments as part of an online employability test. The platform has several modules that test a candidate’s cognitive, decision making, and comprehension abilities to name a few. All of these solutions can be mixed, matched, and customized to create a case-by-case assessment depending on job role, sector etc.

Advantages of using MeritTrac

MeritTrac is an AI-backed, and data science fortified cognitive assessment platform. Organizations, research institutions, and government entities use the platform to hire and train their personnel. It is also used by educational institutions to offer scientific assessments and online proctored examinations.



1. What is Case Analysis and Decision Making Skills Test?

A. Case analysis is the ability to understand a situation. Decision making is the ability to use discretion to arrive at a proper course of action.

2. How is the Decision Making Skills Test useful for hiring?

A. Decision making skills assessment can be used for hiring personnel whose key responsibilities are making high quality organization impacting decisions.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac Case Analysis and Decision Making Skills Test MCQ tests?

A. MeritTrac MCQ tests for case analysis and decision making are easy to take and require no paraphernalia.

4. Why do employers use Decision Making Skills Test?

A. Employers use decision making skills assessment tests to hire and train employees.