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Many companies prefer to hire candidates with the right potential and talent. To succeed in this endeavour, they make use of a variety of pre-employment tests, including the CCAT. The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test or CCAT is a popular cognitive assessment test that is used to measure a range of skills and qualities. The test is conducted for just 15 minutes, during which the candidates have to answer 50 questions. There are numerous online assessment platforms that can be used to administer the CCAT test.  Recruiters can easily find a platform that:

  • Suits their specific hiring needs
  • Cuts down the hiring cost, time and effort
  • Makes it easy to designate the right candidate to the right team

Cognitive Skills Evaluated in a CCAT Test

Most of the cognitive tests are expert-curated and are used to test multiple candidates at the same time. Tests like CCAT help to evaluate a range of skills, including:

  • Logic and Math: Distance word problems, finding pairs, find the next in series, etc. are a few math and logic questions featured in this test. The candidates’ response to these questions helps to analyse their numerical abilities, analytical thinking skills, and their ability to understand patterns.
  • Spatial/Abstract Reasoning: A few geometric shapes or images are shown, and the candidate is asked to find the next shape in the sequence or identify the odd one out. They are given multiple image options to choose from. These questions help to analyse how a respondent use their visual pattern recognition skills to solve problems.  
  • Verbal Reasoning: Questions under this segment include sentence completion and verbal analogies. You can measure a candidate’s comprehension of words, constructive thinking, attention to details, and reasoning skills with verbal reasoning questions. 

Most of the questions in a CCAT test may look complex, but they are designed to be solved with simple logic. It is because a candidate has to answer all 50 questions within the given time.

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions

A common challenge while assessing job applicants is missing out on the minor details that can determine job suitability. Recruiters are able to filter out unsuitable candidates, but this happens at different stages of the hiring cycle and takes time. Since there are many such stages and processes, recruiters tend to overlook seemingly small but must-have qualities. For example, a candidate’s abilities to sell a product or address a customer query can be assessed with the right questions. But the challenge lies in analysing how they may offer logical solutions to a difficult customer who is throwing a fit. These nuances can be measured by using questions that are designed to reveal such skills. 

Most of the CCAT tests administered through online platforms not only cater to your hiring needs but also help develop training and development programs for your existing employees. CCAT, when conducted from time to time, can help you identify skills gaps and provide adequate training to strengthen your workforce. It gives the employees an opportunity to grow in their respective roles and acquire new skills. It also promotes your organisation as a great place for career growth and development.

MeritTrac Platforms for Administering CCAT

MeritTrac’s scientifically-backed, research-based assessment platforms have helped over 400 businesses find right-fit candidates. Over 20 million cognitive tests were delivered using MeritTrac‘s platforms, and more than 45 million candidates were assessed. With MeritTrac’s CCAT and other cognitive assessment tests, you can find potential employees with the right knowledge and cognitive competence. 

Pariksha and SmartTest are two MeritTrac platforms that are widely used for their customisable test administration options. 

Pariksha is a unified assessment platform that helps you measure the skills of numerous job applicants simultaneously. It provides you with options to conveniently create, schedule, and deliver tests. The top benefits of Pariksha are:

  • Administer CCAT on web-enabled devices and  Windows/ Linux platforms 
  • Instant report generation and result-tabulation
  • Remote monitoring of online tests

SmartTest gives you the option to administer a CCAT test in three simple steps, which includes catalogue section, candidate mapping, and test delivery.

The top benefits of SmartTest assessment platform are: 

  • Smooth and secure CCAT assessment delivery 
  • Plug and play feature for use on various platforms and devices
  • Performance benchmarking with assessment analytics to find the ideal candidate


1. What is the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)?

CCAT is a pre-employment aptitude test that is used to measure learning skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills of job applicants. The test is scheduled only for 15 minutes, and the candidates have to answer 50 questions against the ticking clock. It is a massive challenge for the test takers to answer all the questions within the given time, so they have to be well prepared while appearing for this test.

2. How can MeritTrac’s cognitive assessment platforms be used for CCAT?

Certain innate skills cannot be identified or tested during face to face interviews or written test. Administering CCAT through Pariksha or SmartTest platforms can help you analyse skills or abilities in a streamlined manner. The auto evaluation and the report generation feature helps you to find candidates with the right skills. You can also streamline the internal testing and training process with MeritTrac’s test solutions. The auto evaluation feature eliminates the chance of bias and encourages employees to take the necessary learning measures on their own.

3. What are the types of questions featured in MeritTrac’s cognitive assessment tests?

MeritTrac’s cognitive assessment tests mainly features multiple-choice questions, and may also feature multiple answer questions, fill in the blanks, etc.

4. What are the salient features of MeritTrac cognitive ability tests?

Government, corporate and educational sectors use MeritTrac’s assessment solutions to identify the skills of job seekers, employees/students. MeritTrac’s cognitive ability test offers the following features:

  • Author, design and deliver one-of-a-kind test catalogues
  • Evaluate analytical, logical, verbal, numerical, quantitative and other skills
  • On-screen marking solutions
  • Remote and real-time monitoring of tests
  • Auto evaluation and quick result tabulation for intelligent decision-making 
  • Supports multiple web-enabled devices