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Why use Cognitive Speed Test to hire candidates? How can MeritTrac Cognitive Assessment Help?

A cognitive speed test assesses how fast a candidate is able to grasp and implement concepts. It is also the overall time taken by a candidate to understand and accomplish any given task.

How does cognitive speed test help in building an effective workforce?

Using cognitive speed tests helps employers find candidates that are suited for high-pressure and high-throughput environments. Candidates who are slower to learn can still be effective in other roles.

What are some of the aspects checked in cognitive speed tests?

  • Problem solving

    In organizations, problems need to be solved as soon as possible. Problem identification and resolution has to happen fast. A candidate’s ability to isolate, identify, rectify, and classify a problem is highly desirable.

  • Critical thinking

    Critical thinking is the ability to organize one’s thoughts effectively. It is a valuable skill. By using critical thinking, it is easier to have a better perspective of things. The way a candidate organizes their thoughts determines their effectiveness in a given situation.

  • Reading comprehension

    Unlike speed reading, a reading exercise in a cognitive assessment test or comprehension skill test assesses the candidate’s ability to read, remember, and apply the material. The candidate’s ability to analyze the information, read it completely without taking too much time, and comprehending it in its true essence is checked.

  • Numerical reasoning

    Numerical ability is more than just the ability to count fast. It is the ability to remember numbers, numerical facts, and have an ability to perform fast numerical analysis. This skill is highly desirable in top executive roles.

  • Spatial reasoning

    Visualization and creativity require spatial reasoning ability. This skill is required in tech and non-tech roles where creation of products, services, ideas, and concepts is required. The ability to spatial reasoning tasks fast is highly desirable by organizations.

How to hire using cognitive ability tests?

  • Check for learning and agility

    A cognitive ability test can be given to candidates at the hiring stage or even employees who are currently working. Either way, it is a way to check for the learning mechanisms applied by the person. Their agility and adaptability to new types of information, situations, and contexts can be assessed as well.

  • Use a scientific cognitive assessment test

    A scientific assessment for cognitive speed tests checks for the overall mental development of the candidate. It uses data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to identify the candidate profile. Using sophisticated techniques, the strengths and areas of improvement of the candidates are arrived at.

  • Create a benchmark

    An organization can have a cognitive speed test benchmark. This benchmark is dependent on the type of candidates being interviewed. The benchmarks differ by organization, because not all organizations hire the same type of candidates and same type of skill and cognitive abilities.

  • Evaluate the results and interview the qualified candidates

    The process of evaluating the results should be automated. It should check the candidate’s fit for a role. The assessment should identify the areas where the candidate might need training.

MeritTrac platform for Cognitive Speed Test

MeritTrac is the world’s most comprehensive assessment platform. The cognitive speed test assessment platform is part of the suite of solutions. All solutions are backed by data science and artificial intelligence algorithms, making them sophisticated, interoperable, and comprehensive.

Advantage of using MeritTrac

The solutions for cognitive speed tests exist amongst several other solutions. So data can be cross-pollinated across these solutions. All MeritTrac’s products and solutions are continuously evolving to meet the demands of a rapidly changing technology and business landscape.



1. What is a Cognitive Speed Test?

A. It is a test to check the grasping capability of a candidate.

2. How is the Cognitive Speed Test useful for hiring?

A. It is useful for job roles that demand high throughput in less time such as SEO analyst, programmer, Doctor.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac Cognitive Speed Test MCQ tests?

A. MCQ cognitive speed test questions and answers are easy to take, put less stress on the candidates, and allow them to be their best.

4. Why do employers use Cognitive Speed Test?

A. Employers use online aptitude tests for cognitive speed tests to assess the general cognitive ability and intelligence of a candidate.