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Problems are a part and parcel of life. People with the right attitude have a tendency to look at problems as stepping stones to success. Considering problems as practical lessons to learn and grow helps us face them with confidence and conviction. This positivity will surely take us a long way ahead in life.

Employees with these positive personality traits are real assets for their organisation. They are able to handle difficult and/or unexpected situations with a calm tenor. It gives them space and ability to assess the situation and come up with an effective solution to the problem. Employers actively seek candidates with problem-solving skills to fill up important roles in the organisation. A scientifically designed problem-solving assessment can help identify potential candidates with the desirable skills

Importance of Problem-Solving Skills at the Workplace

Strong problem-solving skills can be a huge advantage at every level of the career and in every sphere of the business irrespective of the domain. It is easy to see why. Plans take an unexpected turn and unforeseen situations crop up at work. Complex business challenges tend to come up when least expected. These things are quite natural and businesses face them all the time.

A cool-headed person at the helm can calmly assess the situation or problem to understand its source. Once the problem has been clearly identified and defined, the solution is usually not far away. Rather than panicking and worsening the situation further, a problem solver knows how to salvage the situation and turn it around into a favourable one for his/her company.

Some of the important advantages of problem-solving skills in any workplace are as follows:

  • Making the impossible possible: Knowledge is an important asset but it alone can’t help solve problems. A calm mind and a systematic problem-solving approach can handle the toughest of situations that come in the way of any business plan.
  • Recognition and appreciation: Untoward situations present opportunities for learning and discovering something new. They can open up a whole new world of possibilities. Problems need to be analysed thoroughly and understood properly to be fixed or even turned into a rewarding prospect which will naturally get recognised and be a source of appreciation.
  • Confidence: The ability to handle any situation and tackle any problem can be a source of supreme confidence for any business. It allows them to concentrate their time and effort on making future plans.
  • Positive work culture and environment: Problem solvers refrain from blaming, complaining and whining, rather, they put in efforts to analyse the problem and look for solutions. It can dramatically improve the working environment. It will also gain the cooperation of the entire team to overcome the problem and reach the goal.

A problem-solving test can help identify the relevant skills that can help choose a candidate with strong problem solving skills. It tremendously hurts the business to have employees who tend to be a part of the problem rather than those who aim to be a part of the solution. These problem-solving skills test can help recruiters choose the right ones and avoid the wrong ones.

Applications of Problem-Solving Tests

Recruiters are looking for value addition to the organisation. Having employees with problem-solving skills on board adds to the strength and success of any team. Having a problem-solving aptitude test as a part of the recruitment assessment process can help gauge the level and quality of problem-solving skills of a candidate. Problem solving skills are necessary and vital for entry level job positions to the top level management management. So, it makes sense to administer a separate problem-solving ability test for recruitment.

These tests also can prove useful for workforce development to identify the skill gap and come up with a suitable training program for employees. It can be extremely useful and rewarding for the entire business.

MeritTrac Platforms for Problem Solving Tests

MeritTrac assessments are backed by scientific research and help select the right kind of talent with desirable skills. MeritTrac’s aim is to make the entire process seamless, quick and error-free. We design the test modules and also provide the platform for administering the assessment test from start to finish.


An innovative platform for recruiting teams to create, design and schedule the assessments, test the candidates and deliver the results. The platform is highly adaptive and cloud-ready for easy deployment, suitable for multi-platform OS, mobile ready and comes with plug and play option for easy setup and use.


The ideal platform to screen and filter candidates meeting the skill set requirement. With a user-friendly interface and built-in analytics, the platform is easy for the candidates as well as the recruiters. Its versatile test catalogues allow the creation of tailored assessments to suit the hiring needs and requirements. The plug-and-play feature allows for deployment anywhere, anytime on any device irrespective of geographic considerations.



1. What are problem solving skills tests?

A. These tests allow recruiters to evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving abilities. The tests will have various scenarios for which the candidate needs to identify the problem and come up with a feasible solution.

2. Why are they used for recruitment and training?

A. Employees with these skills are real assets for the organisation. Problem solving assessment tests can also be used to identify talent within the organisation for internal hiring or to set up training programs.

3. What are the advantages of using these assessment tests?

A. Problem-solving abilities are quite useful at every level of career and in every business domain. Problem-solving ability test results ensure reliable, efficient and successful identification of skills and hence they form an important part of the recruitment and training process.

4. What are the different types skills required for problem solving?

A. Strong communication, active listening, analytical, creative and team building are some of the important skills that help a person come up with effective solutions to problems they encounter.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac problem solving assessments?

A. MeritTrac’s assessment tests are designed by subject-matter experts with many years of research and experience in the field. In addition, the tests are based on advanced scientific research and technology to deliver reliable results and analytics. They help the recruiters take an unbiased, informed decision for better outcomes.