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Communication Skills Test

As organizations increasingly rely on cross-team collaboration, communication skills are rated among the "top four" job skills that predict both employee and employer satisfaction. Yet, communication is the number one skill gap across companies of all sizes. As the most widely spoken and understood language, strong English speaking, writing and comprehension skills are non-negotiable for job success.

MeritTrac’s communication assessment solutions work across three key language elements: written English, spoken English and active listening comprehension – to holistically assess a candidate’s English language proficiency. Our assessment solutions can help you measure the skills of candidates applying for job roles, including sales, marketing, customer service, business development, content writing, etc. It is crucial for professionals working in these fields to have strong communication skills that can help them understand and collect information, write business emails/proposals/reports, and communicate with various stakeholders.

MeritTrac’s communication test solutions can be used for:


English Communication Assessment Test
Enhance fresher level and
lateral hiring decisions
Communication Assessment Test
Assess employee communication skill gaps
English Assessment Test
Improve training outcomes

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Available in both voice and non-voice biometric mode, our communication assessment suite enables accurate automated spoken English evaluation and remote language screening.


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Communication assessment solution components

Written English test (WET)

Evaluates grammar, content, vocabulary, spellings and punctuation. Suitable for recruitment of freshers or lateral hires with up to four years of experience.

Listening comprehension test

Measures listening comprehension. Assesses accent and usage of idioms for British as well as American English and Neutral/Indian English. Suitable for recruitment of freshers or lateral hires with up to four years of experience.

Verbal ability – English

Evaluate candidates’ reading comprehension and usage of synonyms, prepositions and articles, using our platform SpeechTrac. Suitable for recruitment of freshers or lateral hires with up to four to six years of experience.

Advance verbal ability and assessment for BPO industry

Our industry-specific products in this domain include: Chat Proficiency Analyzer (CPA), Customer Service Orientation Questionnaire (CSOQ), Call Center Simulation and SpeechTrac.
e book

Spoken English Evaluation: The Challenges and Solutions

What does the Communication Assessment Test Measure?

Communication skills test measures not only a candidate’s ability to speak well in English but also assess various other crucial parameters that are important for working in a business setting. This includes grammar, vocabulary, sentence completeness, meaning, clarity, conciseness, courteousness, and more. An expert-curated communication skills test will help you assess a candidate’s ability to: 

  • Listen, comprehend and respond to verbal and written communication
  • Create reports, memos, e-mails, etc., using appropriate business language
  • Choose the right words when communicating with peers, superiors, and subordinates
  • Use the right words to solve a problem or resolve conflicts

You can customize the tests to measure the varying communication skill requirements for job roles involving entry-level or experienced candidates. The communication assessment test can also be used to identify skill gaps in employees and develop training programs to bridge any gaps.

Transform your

Our communication assessment solution delivers exceptional benefits to customers:


Improve contact center experience by identifying right-fit candidates


Scientifically identify candidates for specific roles, functions and responsibilities


Drive superior product/service adoption


Identify communication related gaps and develop targeted training to future-proof workforce

Key differentiators

Easy to comprehend reports
Job role and purpose specific assessment
Suitable for mass hiring
Free from bias

We are one of the
most trusted brands

We are one of the
most trusted brands


A large Indian conglomerate

“MeritTrac has supported us in identifying a large pool of managerial talent using assessments than relying on their longevity in the organisation.”



1. What is communication assessment?

The ability to communicate ideas, exchange opinions, and state facts in English, is vital for every employee as it is one of the most commonly used working languages in the world. The easiest and most accurate way to test a job applicant’s language proficiency is to conduct a communication assessment. The test results help you to analyse if the grammar, vocabulary, sentence completeness, clarity, conciseness, meaning etc., are at the expected proficiency level.

2. Why is communication assessment important for recruitment?

Selecting a candidate who has inadequate communication skills could have undesirable consequences for business operations as well as relations. To avoid such problems, organisations around the world have placed more emphasis on using robust methods for assessing candidates for their language skills and also for developing the skills throughout their career life-cycle.

3. Can communication assessment help with workforce development?

The quality of a workforce is heavily dependent upon the employees. Poor recruitment practices and sub-optimal assessment tools can lead to bad hires that will inevitably compromise the work output quality. Organisations with larger numbers of employees use communication assessments to improve the skills of employees, raise the efficiency of the workforce and reduces attrition rates.

4. What are the components of a communication assessment?

The core components of a communication assessment are written English test, listening comprehension test and verbal ability- English.

5. Why choose MeritTrac for Communication Assessment?

Easy to comprehend reports, job-role specific and bias-free assessments make MeritTrac different from others. MeritTrac also provides communication assessments suitable for mass hiring.