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Workforce’s communication and verbal ability skills go hand in hand with their ability to cross-collaborate with different teams, to produce quality work, and to grow in their respective roles.

Simply put, a workforce that communicates better, functions better. Creating such an efficient workforce is the goal of any company, and there are multiple ways to achieve this goal. As one example, a business can improve the communication skills of its employees by adopting updated training and assessment techniques. By giving them a test and training session to work toward, companies can make their employees feel more motivated to perform better, thus improving workforce quality. Another critical factor is to start from scratch and hire qualified employees with excellent communication skills. But is there an easy and efficient way to achieve this? Yes, with the use of online assessment tests during recruitment.

Importance of Communication Skills and Verbal Ability in a Work Environment

Communication and interpersonal skills are needed not only for reading and interpreting written information but also for effectively conversing with team members, talking over the phone, drafting an email, discussing the content of a report or planning a work schedule. Each person has a unique way to communicate their ideas and thoughts, and it is shaped by individual and sociocultural factors. It is essential for candidates to reorganise their communication habits and streamline it to meet the expectation of the organisation they work in. An individual with excellent communication skills has the potential to be a leader irrespective of the role, be it sales, marketing, content writing. It also applies to any technical role that comparatively doesn’t involve the extensive use of verbal or written communication.

Application of Verbal Ability Assessments

Communication is not just about the ability to converse correctly in a given language. Interviewers also look at how a candidate communicates in social contexts. Some of the social communication skills that interviewers look for are, body language, ability to converse in brief, crisp, and accurate sentences, the tendency to interrupt a person leading a conversation, the ability to effectively communicate a point without getting into an argument and more. A recruitment strategy to find talented entry-level and expert hires without testing for communication and verbal ability can be a mistake. Moreover, hiring candidates with poor communication skills can end up being a waste of time and resources for both parties. This is where Communication assessments and verbal ability tests can save time and effort. These tests are often centred upon identifying a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and can reveal the best among many candidates who can:

  • Read and interpret text passages, emails, internal memos, business reports, or a specific vocabulary
  • Arrive at logical conclusions based on verbal or written information
  • Articulate his or her ideas or thoughts well with colleagues and clients

MeritTrac Platforms for Verbal Ability Assessments

Assessments and tests aim to expedite the process of finding potential employees with good communication skills. The performance score on these tests helps filter candidates who do not struggle with communication. There are many online test platforms used by recruitment agencies to automate this search and find process. MeritTrac is a scientifically designed assessment platform that has been used to asses over 40 million candidates worldwide. It employs over 360 validated tests for assessment and generates fast, accurate and equated test results.

SpeechTrac is an automated spoken English assessment platform that offers a verbal ability test to measure a candidates’ pronunciation, grammar, speech fluency, and vocabulary skills.

Top features of SpeechTrac:

  • Test candidates' communication skills against 40 phonemes
  • Identify errors in reading and impromptu speech with patented Carnegie Speech engine and pinpointing technology
  • Analyse skill gaps and administer training programs
  • Conduct tests remotely
  • Reduce time and effort and improve cost efficiency

Written English communication assessment suite supports accurate automated English evaluation and remote language screening in voice and non-voice methods.

Top features of Written English Test:

  • Test grammar, content, vocabulary, spellings and punctuation

MeritTrac Advantage       

MeritTrac assessment platforms have been designed based on intensive research and have top-notch features to build, design and deploy assessment tests. The platforms are secure and ensure that your recruitment details remain confidential. The other features are:  

  • Bias-free test results
  • Plug and play feature and Mobile ready
  • Customisable test catalogues
  • Detailed analytics
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 Certified



1. What are Communication and Verbal Ability Tests?

A. Communication and Verbal Ability Assessment tests help measure a job seeker’s ability to understand and work on concepts and problems expressed in words. These tests are also used to analyse and improve the skills of existing employees.

2. Why are Communication and Verbal Ability Tests Used for Recruiting and Training?

A. These tests can help find candidates with excellent articulation skills. The assessment results provide the employer insight into a candidate’s language skills, including grammar, pronunciation, sentence formation, use of industry-specific vocabulary and more.

3. What are the Communication and Verbal Ability Tests used in recruitment?

A. These time-limited communication tests ascertain how a job seeker deals with grammar, word groups, detailed written instructions, critical reasoning, verbal analogies and more. The results make it easy to filter applicants who excel in all the above criteria.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac online Communication and Verbal Ability Tests?

MeritTrac provides its users with the following features and flexibilities:

  • Supports multiple devices
  • Online tests and report delivery systems
  • Create or customise unique test catalogues
  • Saves time and effort during mass hiring