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Overhaul Your Company’s Hiring Process

A company is only as good as its employees. Attracting, identifying and retaining top talent requires a well-thought out and strategic approach backed by assessment-based recruitment.

MeriTrac’s technology-driven end-to-end assessment solutions for recruitment are scientifically designed to help businesses assess large volumes of candidates, optimize hiring, reduce costs and enhance quality of hire. Our job-specific scientific assessment platforms help organizations fast-track exam administration, enhance the corporate assessment process, improve candidate evaluation and boost candidate fit.

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Development Assessments
MeritTrac’s holistic assessments measure domain knowledge, skills and cognitive and behavioral abilities, helping businesses map candidate competencies to evolving organizational needs. They also enable organizations to design relevant upskilling programs to match employees with emerging opportunities. The result: a pool of stellar employees with great morale and high productivity.

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Using MeritTrac’s proven assessments, organizations can seamlessly recruit and retain right-fit candidates to optimize productivity and job outcomes. Our integrated talent assessment and management solutions enable clients to identify candidates who have the right cognitive and behavioral abilities, communication skills, and domain knowledge for each position.

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We are one of the
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How trainable are managers for leadership

"MeritTrac has supported us in identifying a large pool of managerial talent using assessments than relying on their longevity in the organisation."

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