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Domain Knowledge Assessment

Domain Knowledge Assessment for Testing Skills for Wide-Ranging Job Roles

As job roles become increasingly specialized in the modern business environment, assessing potential and existing workforce on their functional skills and capabilities is emerging as a critical enabler of success. NASSCOM and BCG estimate that by 2025, 60-70 percent of the country’s IT professionals will require re-skilling in disruptive technologies to match the pace of disruption. Re-skilling the workforce is the way forward for India’s USD 150 billion-worth IT industry.

MeritTrac’s domain-based assessments help organizations measure a wide variety of industry skills and can be combined with other types of assessments – such as communication and cognitive skills assessment – to deliver a holistic candidate profile for specific job roles. Our domain knowledge tests are suitable for evaluating the job-specific skills of software engineers and programmers. We also provide domain knowledge assessment of SEO professionals, sales professionals, and general MS Word assessment as per job requirements. Recruiters can evaluate the expertise of job seekers with the expert-curated questions provided in these domain-based assessments. The questions are presented in the form of multiple-choice, multiple answers, and project-based coding scenarios that are customizable.

Domain tests can also be used in workforce development to facilitate the re-skilling of employees. The test results provide clarity on the areas that need improvement, which helps to create personalized training programs for workforce development as per industry standards. 


Efficiently test skills for wide-ranging job roles
Rapidly recruit best-fit tech talent
Utilize customizable coding scenarios for hiring technical talent

Backed by Science

MeritTrac’s domain knowledge assessments are underpinned by its cutting-edge technology platform CodeTrac – an intelligent assessment platform with an auto evaluation feature - designed specifically for recruiting and evaluating industry-specific talent.


domain tests available

Domain-based Assessment Solution Components


Measure candidates' fundamentals across various streams of engineering, including computer science, electrical, civil, instrumental, electronics and mechanical

Commerce and Law

Assess candidates’ knowledge and fundamentals of auditing, basic accounting, business law, corporate law, and banking

Medical and Allied Studies

Evaluate candidates’ knowledge and skills in nutrition, pharmacy, radiology, nursing and other medical domains

Software Technologies

Measure candidates’ knowledge in RDMS, computer networking, data structure and algorithms, Unix administration, C++, and other software technologies

Management Studies

Assess candidates’ capability across sales and marketing, financial management, human resource, operations and supply chain management
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What do Domain Knowledge Test Measure?

MeritTrac’s domain tests can be used to evaluate the skills of job seekers applying for various technical roles:

  • Java Test: Find talented Java programmers and improve the skills of existing Java professionals in your workforce. 
  • C Programming Test and Online C++ Test: MCQ online domain tests for first-level screening of entry-level candidates and advanced coding skill assessment with CodeTrac. The knowledge-based approach facilitates pre-employment, pre-training, and post-training testing, as well as workforce development.
  • Sales Assessment Test / Sales Personality Test/ Sales Competency Test/ Sales Attitude Test: Examine in detail various sales skills such as cross-selling, client engagement, critical thinking, as well as other sales personalities and competencies.
  • Domain Test for Software Engineer: Analyze technical skills, database knowledge, computer architecture, knowledge of computing languages, and soft skills. 
  • SEO Test: Assess HTML coding, Google Analytics, and SEM skills.

You can also explore our Microsoft Word TestHTML online testSQL Online Test, and PHP Developer Online Test


Our comprehensive domain assessments deliver measurable benefits to organizations:


Design successful product roadmaps


Improve product adoption and customer experience


Create a robust technical talent pipeline internally


Develop a robust training calendar


Enables on-demand mass hiring
Helps scale the business rapidly
Drives job role and purpose specific assessment
Speeds up the hiring process

We are one of the
most trusted brands

We are one of the
most trusted brands


A large Indian conglomerate

“MeritTrac has supported us in identifying a large pool of managerial talent using assessments than relying on their longevity in the organisation.”



1. What is domain knowledge assessment?

Domain assessment tests are vital tools used in recruitment for hiring skilled professionals with expertise in select domains. Domain tests are also used as part of training and development programs that aim to re-skill the workforce.

2. What does the domain knowledge assessment measure?

Different parameters required to become a domain expert are measured using a domain test. Engineering, software technologies, commerce and law, medicine, etc. are some of the top industries that benefit from domain knowledge assessment test. The tests are customised to be domain-specific and the parameters that are evaluated differ from one industry to another.

3. How is domain knowledge test important in campus recruitment?

Domain tests help to narrow down qualified graduates with the right technical skills that are required for a job. Using domain tests to identify suitable candidates during campus recruitments can further lead to better training results on the job and fewer attrition rates.

4. Why choose MeritTrac for Domain-based Assessment?

Capability for mass hiring, job-role specific assessments and ability to speed up the hiring process are what makes MeritTrac domain-based assessments unique.