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What is the Electrical Engineering Assessment Test?

Electrical engineers work with developing and installing electrical systems that are cost effective as well as efficient. Electrical systems are needed for the smallest devices as well as the complex industrial machinery. So electrical engineers are needed in a variety of different industries.

Electrical engineers generally have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and maybe even higher qualifications. But just formal education is not enough for electrical engineers to perform well in an organizational structure.

The electrical engineering assessment test is a skill test for electrical engineers which checks their technical knowledge as well as their ability to practically apply that knowledge.

Using Electrical Engineering Assessment Test to build a skilled workforce

Electrical Engineering aptitude test questions and answers are a good way for recruiters to choose the best candidates for their vacancies. This test is generally used by companies as a pre-hire screening system.

The test process helps to shortlist candidates who can perform well within the particular organizational structure and have the necessary application skills to solve day to day operational problems.

Pre-employment tests are becoming increasingly important for recruiters all over the world. It helps improve productivity of the hiring process and also provides a general understanding of the new hires for better employee satisfaction. After pre-employment screening tests the new recruits can be delegated duties which fit into their individual skill sets.

These screening tests also increase the transparency of the hiring process and remove chances of any internal biases.

Benefits of taking the Online Electrical Engineering Assessment Test

  • Effective Time Management

    preparing and answering these pre-hire aptitude tests improves the time management skills of employees which they may need for their future job positions

  • Improve your test scores

    candidates applying for multiple corporations can take the opportunity of giving these screening tests to improve their test scores and increase their chances of getting hired

  • Retention of Concepts

    preparing for and answering various pre-hire tests helps candidates revise and retain many fundamental concepts of their discipline

Skills tested in the Electrical Engineering Assessment Test

  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Numerical Reasoning

All these skills fall under the general repertoire of electrical engineers, but experience and practical problem solving skills give some candidates an edge over others.

Using MeritTrac for Electrical Engineering Assessment Test

MeritTrac provides online examination software so that companies do not have to conduct these pre-hire tests themselves. MeritTrac software tests electrical engineers on all relevant skills needed for industry performance. The tests are delivered instantly and there is complete transparency to the process.

Using a platform like MeritTrac removes the legal liability of corporations and candidates cannot raise any complaints about partiality in the future.

Advantages of using MeritTrac

The hiring process gets fast-tracked as candidate shortlists can be produced immediately after the test scores are calculated. On-boarding the new hires also becomes easier since the company is already aware of their skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Added to this is the removal of the company’s responsibility and no additional manpower requirement from the company for the hiring process.

MeritTrac has various kinds of pre-hire aptitude tests like English listening test, engineering aptitude, etc.



1. What do you mean by Electrical Engineering Assessment Test?

A. It is a pre-hire screening test offered by MeritTrac to short-list electrical engineers fit for particular job vacancies.

2. How is the Electrical Engineering Assessment Test useful for hiring?

A. This test ensures that a company does not only look at formal education, but actually finds employees who will be able to fill in their operational gaps with practical application of their technical education.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac Electrical Engineering Assessment Test MCQ questions?

A. The questions test electrical engineers on their theoretical knowledge as well as their application of that knowledge to solve real world technical problems.

4. What are the exams covered in the Electrical Engineering Test Series?

A. The Electrical Engineering Test Series of MeritTrac tests various areas of skills for electrical engineers like mechanical and diagrammatic reasoning as well as numerical and spatial reasoning.