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Looking for ways to capture a customer’s attention when they search for a product or service you sell online? Google AdWords certified marketers could do the job for you. AdWords is Google’s PPC advertising platform that is considered to be highly effective in improving sales. A marketer with Google’s certification is considered to be proficient in AdWords. A Google AdWords expert can use their knowledge and experience to increase sales and brand visibility. They make use of different methods to create interesting ads across Google’s search and display networks. A skilled AdWords marketer can give you many advantages over competitors in the online space and take your business to the next level. Recruiters can make use of the Google AdWords Test to find the right talent for their organisation.

Reasons to Have Google AdWords Certified Marketers on Your Team

  • Advertise in multiple platforms: Google AdWords certified marketers would be able to work on search, display, app, video remarketing, and shopping campaigns.
  • Grow your business: Google AdWords certified marketers could help you leverage pay per click and improve your business visibility.
  • High CTR: With ad content that will receive clicks, you can be assured of improved webpage activity and increased sales.
  • Save time: A Google AdWords expert can work on highly technical Pay per click advertising processes in a short time, and they can focus their attention on monitoring the campaigns.
  • Save money: An expert will be able to set up and better manage the campaigns. They will be able to make the right financial adjustments as required, which will help to curb any unwanted expenses.

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions

MeritTrac’s assessment platforms can be used to assess a marketer’s understanding of various Google products. Recruiters can administer the Google AdWords exam during the pre-hire stage. The candidates who score well in this test can be further evaluated in a face to face interview. This way, you can focus your attention on qualified candidates who meet all the requirements of the job. With MeritTrac’s platforms, you can also identify any skill gaps in Google AdWords experts working in your organisation. MeritTrac’s robust report mechanism provides exhaustive data on employee performance. These reports can also help you find marketers who can be trained to become Google AdWords experts. The learning and development teams can use the data in these reports to create highly effective training programs.

MeritTrac Platforms for Google AdWords Assessments

Pariksha, SmartTest, and Authess are three popular MeritTrac platforms that are used for filtering skilled Google AdWords certified marketers

Pariksha is an online examination platform that can help you measure the skills of more than one job applicant at the same time. The top highlights of this platform are:

  • Unified assessment platform 
  • Integrates with on-screen marking solutions like TracMarks and other MeritTrac products 
  • Create, schedule, and deliver Google AdWords Test
  • Administer tests on web-enabled devices and Windows/ Linux platforms 
  • Remote invigilation with or without internet
  • Instant report generation and result-tabulation
  • Remote monitoring of online tests
  • Adaptive testing features
  • Deploy using the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid models
  • Plug and play options
  • Deliver exams through web-enabled smartphones


SmartTest is a talent assessment software that gives you the option to administer Google AdWords Test in three simple steps.

The top highlights of SmartTest are: 

  • Over 10,000 assessments
  • Administer tests through catalogue selection, candidate mapping, and test delivery
  • Seamless Google AdWords administration and in-depth reporting 
  • Device Agnostic and secure test delivery channels
  • Plug and play feature enables use on different platforms and devices
  • Performance benchmarking with assessment analytics to find right-fit candidates
  • Remote proctoring technology facilitates secure assessment delivery
  • Efficient time management with the help of digital tools

Authess is a case-study based assessment platform. It is widely used for assessing a marketer’s response to diverse real-world and role-based situations. The top highlights of Authess are:

  • Evaluate a marketer’s emotional intelligence 
  • Customise and deliver case-study based assessments 
  • Use evaluation schemes and match results against benchmarked skills


1. What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service offered to businesses by Google. This service is used for displaying ads on Google and its networks, and it primarily functions with the right use of keywords. An organisation can set a budget for their advertising needs, and they have to pay only when an online user clicks on any of the ads.

2. What is the Google AdWords Exam?

The Google AdWords Exam consists of two tests. One of these tests is conducted online and features questions on Google AdWords Fundamentals. The second test can be administered in search, display, mobile, video, or shopping advertising. On successful completion of the exam, Google will award the candidates with a highly-valued AdWords Certification.

3. How can MeritTrac’s assessment platforms be used for the Google AdWords Test?

Certain technical skills cannot be identified or evaluated with simple written tests or during face to face interviews. Administering Google AdWords Test through Parkisha or SmartTest platforms can help you accurately analyse various technical skills or abilities in a short time. MeritTrac’s assessment platforms feature auto evaluation and report generation features that help to streamline the recruitment process and the employee testing and training process.

4. What are the types of questions featured in MeritTrac’s c Google AdWords Test?

MeritTrac’s Google AdWords Test mainly features around 100 plus multiple-choice questions, and it may also feature multiple answer questions.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s assessment solutions?

MeritTrac’s assessment solutions help in identifying the job-related skills of candidates, employees, and freshers. The top highlights of our assessment solutions are:

  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2008, and CMMI Level 5 certified
  • 45 million candidates assessed 
  • Create, design, and deliver unique test catalogues
  • Assess analytical, logical, numerical, verbal, behavioural, cognitive, quantitative and other skills
  • Digital evaluation of descriptive answers
  • On-screen marking solutions for online, computer-based, and paper-based tests
  • Remote and real-time monitoring of tests for enhanced security
  • Auto evaluation and quick result tabulation for informed decision-making 
  • Supports multiple web-enabled devices