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IT companies are gradually shifting from traditional methods to automated assessments to evaluate the cognitive and technical skills of employees for recruitment. Traditionally, resume and telephonic conversations were used to filter out candidates. The challenge with these methods is that they are time consuming and biased. Domain-based online tests are objective, relevant, customisable and scalable.

MeritTrac offers domain-based tests such as online C programming tests that can help evaluate the coding skills and expertise of candidates. You can customise the online C programming coding tests based on the job profile or project.

Building Skilled Workforce with Domain Assessment Tests

Survey results have shown that automated domain assessment tests such as online c programming coding tests, Java tests or other tests have been effective in identifying and recruiting skilled candidates. From the operations front, having skilled employees improves efficiency, performance and billable time. On the recruiter’s front, domain assessment tests help reduce interview time and improve cost-effectiveness. Also, as chosen candidates have the required skill sets for the project, they are happy working on the project, leading to lower attrition rates. Unlike traditional interview methods, automated tests reduce bias and personal preferences in candidate selection. As the entire recruitment process is built on the candidate’s technical skills and expertise, you will have a better chance of building a skilled workforce.

Applications of C Programming Domain Assessment Tests

MeritTrac’s C programming MCQ online tests will be very useful for the first-level screening test, especially during campus drives and walk-ins when you expect hundreds of fresh graduates for the interview. The online test format allows you to administer the test to all the candidates at the same time. The platform automatically evaluates the answers and gives you the results with short turnaround time. So, in just a few hours, you can filter out candidates based on their expertise in C programming. You can then invite the candidates who cleared the first level online c programming test to take up the next level of coding test, which can also be administered using our intelligent platform. MeritTrac’s domain assessment tests will drastically cut down your recruitment time and at the same time, help you identify the best talent for your company.

You can also create a passive talent pool by recording the results and analytics derived from our C programming tests. The hiring team can hold them for future positions or use the talent for other profiles based on their competencies. The reports generated by the automated tests can help recruiters rationalise the selection process and also use it for future reference.

MeritTrac Platforms for C Programming Assessment Tests


Merittrac’s CodeTrac is a performance-based coding platform that has full stack software development assessment tests to assess a candidate’s knowledge and expertise in coding. Employers can choose to assess candidates by using C programming MCQ tests or project-based domain assessment tests. This platform features an integrated development environment with build, complete and test stages. After the candidate completes the test, the platform assesses the answers and gives you the results. The assessment platform has a uniform coding structure that ensures consistent standardised submission and coding structure during the test. Recruiters can use the reports and analytics to filter out candidates who are best suitable for the job profiles or projects.

MeritTrac Advantage

MeritTrac, an industry leader in assessment tests, has a rich experience in delivering domain-based assessment tests for hiring. We are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001 and CMMI Level 5 certified company and all our assessment platforms meet and exceed the industry’s quality standards.

Our tests are designed and created by expert programmers and are based on the job requirements of most IT companies. The user-friendly interface makes it comfortable for the candidates to work on it. Recruiters can also easily build customised coding scenarios based on the specific requirements of the domain-based test. You can also customise the pre-employment tests based on your business requirements. The advantages of using our assessment platform are:

  • Online or Computer-based tests
  • Questions regularly updated based on the latest developments in the domain
  • Customisable coding scenarios
  • Analysis of results
  • Quick Turnaround



1. What are C Programming Assessment Tests?

A. C programming domain assessment tests help assess the candidate’s coding skills using this programming language. The tests will also assess the ability of the candidate to apply the coding skills in various scenarios.

2. What are the different types of C programming tests?

A. Pre-employment C programming tests can be computer-based or online. C programming MCQ online tests can be used to filter out candidates during campus hire or walk-ins. Online C programming coding tests will also be useful while recruiting experienced candidates.

3. Do the C programming online tests consist only of multiple-choice questions?

A. Most domain assessment tests are of MCQ format. If required, you can have other question formats or even have questions where the candidate needs to write a program using the C language.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac online Communication and Verbal Ability Tests?

Our domain assessment tests are designed under the guidance of subject matter experts and educators with experience in assessment. We have 18 years of experience in this field and have created assessment tests in nearly 350 domains.

5. What is the scope of MeritTrac C Programming MCQ tests?

Our domain assessments can be used to evaluate the programming skills and knowledge of existing and potential employees. The domain tests help identify gaps in knowledge and areas of improvement.

6. What topics do C Programming assessment tests cover?

Recruiters can customise our pre-designed assessment tests based on their recruitment needs and job profile. Our tests cover most programming topics including expressions, arrays, structures, functions, pointers, library functions, strings, command line arguments and lots more.

7. What are the job profiles you can hire for using our C programming MCQ tests?

You can hire candidates for profiles such as software developers, application developers, C programmers, Software Engineer and more.