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The field of sales is dynamic and is undergoing a rapid change due to changes in the world economy, technical advancements, and higher expectations of the customers. Sales personnel, therefore, need to have specific personality traits and selling skills to be successful.

Sales personality tests measure such skills and present an analysis report. This report helps recruiters decide on the suitability of a candidate for a sales job. Personality test for sales reps scores over the traditional recruitment methods because it can accurately predict an individual’s performance in a sales role. Hit-and-miss results delivered by traditional interview processes causes organisations to suffer losses due to bad hires.

Reliability, convenience, and prompt results have driven the popularity of sales personality profile test. In addition, online personality test for sales are also automated and can be administered via the Internet up until the point of face-to-face interviews. Hence, recruiters can focus their complete attention on well-deserving candidates and make quick and correct hiring decisions.

What are the Personality Skills Expected in Sales Personnel?

Sales jobs require job applicants to possess a few characteristics that are listed below:

  • Self-motivated and confident
  • Competitive
  • Interpersonal and rapport building ability
  • Influencing customers’ opinions and activities
  • Social intelligence of being able to interpret social cues and use them to advantage
  • Diplomacy
  • Resilience
  • Patience and composure

Most of these personality traits are inherent. It can be quite a time-consuming process to train and help someone acquire these skills. Hence, it becomes all the more important to use a sales personality profile test to select a candidate who has the above-listed personality traits carefully.

Personality test for sales reps features various types of relevant questions that help measure behavioural styles, attitudes and personality traits that impact a sales personnel’s job performance. The typical traits assessed during the sales personality test are as follows:

  • Attitude towards work
  • Ability to work with stakeholders, co-workers, superiors and subordinates
  • Working style
  • Ability to cope with stress at work
  • Decision-making style
  • Creative thinking
  • Adaptability

An online personality test for sales measures these factors and presents a comprehensive report that can be used to make an unbiased and accurate hiring decision.

Applications of Sales Personality Tests

Personality tests for sales reps can be successfully used as a first-level screening to reject unsuitable candidates right at the onset. The kind of insights provided by a sales personality profile test is hard to achieve from the traditional recruitment methods. 

From campus recruitment to lateral hiring, wherever there is a need to select the right fit for a sales job, a sales personality test can be conducted for a convenient and reliable selection outcome. The sales personality profile test can also be used to identify skill gaps in the sales team. A suitable training program can then be designed based on the test results to arm them with the necessary skills for improved sales outcomes.

MeritTrac Platforms for Sales Personality Tests 

MeritTrac’s assessment solutions are designed for precision, reliability and convenience, and benefits all the stakeholders involved in the process. We design tailor-made tests for an organisation’s unique and specific hiring requirements. MeritTrac’s assessment platforms come with advanced features for seamless assessment administration. The highly adaptive platforms are designed for easy setup and use. Pariksha and SmartTest are two of our popular assessment platforms that can be used to deliver online personality test for sales.

Pariksha is an innovative assessment platform designed for recruiters and L&D teams and allows recruiters to create, design, schedule, test, and deliver results. It is adaptive and ready for cloud, mobile and multiplatform setup. It comes with a convenient plug and play option.

SmartTest helps screen and filter candidates who meet the skill requirements for the job. A user-friendly interface makes test-taking a seamless experience for the candidates. This contributes to employer branding and results in improved chances of getting high-quality future referrals. In-built analytics, plug-and-play feature and adaptable test catalogues are some of the unique features of the SmartTest platform.


1. What is a sales personality test?

A. Recruiters and employers make use of a sales personality test to identify and assess the necessary skills a candidate or an employee needs to function and excel in any sales role.

2. Why are personality tests for sales reps used in recruitment and training?

A. These tests are highly preferred as they allow an unbiased and objective analysis of the candidates applying for a sales job. This is also important while assessing the performance and skills of existing sales executives. The results delivered by these tests are fair and accurate. The prompt results and comprehensive reports generated by the tests make it easier for recruiters to take the right decision.

3. What are the advantages of an online personality test for sales?

A. The online tests are automated and can be administered with minimum human intervention, thus saving time and effort. These tests are mostly used at the first-level screening, so only candidates who are more likely to succeed in sales job roles are shortlisted for the next round of interview. This way, recruiters and hiring managers can focus on the limited, but talented pool of candidates and improve hiring efficiency and time.

4. What are the factors assessed and measured during the sales personality profile test?

A. The tests help measure specific skills and traits such as communication and listening skills, attention to details, teamwork, resilience, adaptability, interpersonal and rapport building skills, and so on. You can also customise these tests and add specific factors you are looking for in a candidate.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s online personality test for sales?

A. Our assessment tests are designed by experienced psychometricians, statisticians and subject-matter experts. They are backed by scientific research and based on advanced technology to deliver reliable results and analytics.