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In this era of digital transformation, It is imperative for businesses to have a remarkable online presence to be successful. Digital marketing is the offshoot of this new scenario and it helps businesses reach a much larger and wider audience. Strong Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a prerequisite for a website to be successful and popular.   

SEO is defined as the process of optimising a website and its contents so that it gets easily indexed by the search engines. The indexed information helps the search engines provide users with the most relevant results based on their search terms or keywords. These listings are called organic search results. SEO professionals use their skills, techniques and experience to make web pages rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) lending them more visibility and thereby making them popular.

Considering the importance of SEO skills, it becomes rather important to make the right choice of candidates during recruitment. We have a series of SEO tests to help recruiters assess the desirable skills and choose the right talent from the applicants for any SEO role at the organisation.

Must-Have Skills of an SEO Professional

Let us check out the most important skills an SEO professional should possess in order to succeed in the job role. 

  • Strong technical knowledge is almost indispensable for any SEO professional. A major part of SEO is HTML coding, so knowledge and experience of working with HTML tags and codes is vital.
  • Knowledge about various SEO tools such as Google Analytics and SEM rush help experts gauge the performance of the website from time to time.
  • Content is the king and is the main factor which helps any website to climb up the SERP ladder. Content knowledge helps to know and detect the new trends making the rounds in the field of online content.  
  • Since keywords, links and other research items are stored in Excel, the highly capable tool for long term SEO strategy, MS Excel is another important technical knowledge to possess.
  • Web hosting experience helps the SEO analyst keep track of the uptime and downtime of the website.
  • Updating skills regularly and adapting to newer techniques and trends will help the SEO professionals maintain their edge in the highly competitive field. 

As for the other skills, the SEO person should have critical thinking capabilities and strong research skills. He or she should be able to analyse the website, prioritise their actions effectively and make decisions instantaneously to suit the situation. The person should be patient enough to wait for results to organically show up and at the same time be adaptable and flexible enough to abandon failing strategies and adopt an entirely new perspective. An SEO professional needs both strong writing as well as web coding skills while being able to explain all this process in a simple manner to whomsoever it may concern.

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions

Recruiters can use MeritTrac’s end-to-end assessment solutions to measure the SEO skills and knowledge of candidates and select the right ones for a face-to-face interview. Our SEO online tests can be tailor-made to suit the unique skill requirement of any organisation.

MeritTrac Platform for SEO Online Test

MeritTrac’s adaptive platforms allow easy setup and smooth delivery of any SEO test. The following MeritTrac platforms will make recruitment and training a breeze:


Pariksha is a hybrid scientific assessment platform from MeritTrac that makes the entire process easy, quick and secure. Right from creating, designing, scheduling and delivering the SEO tests to analyzing and reporting the results, MeritTrac’s Pariksha makes the assessment process absolutely painless for the test administrators. Remote delivery and invigilation with or without Internet, easy integration with external tools, cloud and mobile-ready, multi-platform and plug and play are some of the salient features of Pariksha.


SmartTest allows screening and shortlisting candidates from a pool of candidates quickly. Plug and play, a wide range of test catalog and superior candidate assessment analytics for performance benchmarking make SmartTest useful for recruiters.


Authess has engaging and authentic case studies and role plays. Based on the data provided, constraints mentioned and other criteria, candidates need to come up with solutions. This assessment platform helps evaluate a candidate’s performance and attitude in diverse situations of the ever-changing business environment.


1. What are some of the important on-page SEO techniques to make the web page more visible to search engines?

A. On-page SEO, internal linking, anchor text, headlines, titles and title tags, XML sitemap and natural navigation are a few of the on-page SEO techniques that help the webpage climb up the organic search results.

2. What are some of the technical knowledge and skills assessed by an SEO online test?

A. HTML coding, MS Excel, web hosting experience and knowledge about SEO tools are a few of the technical skills and knowledge any SEO applicant is expected to possess.

3. What is the role of content in SEO?

A. Content is the king as far as digital marketing is concerned. It plays an important role in improving site ranking. The latest trends and popular techniques in content presentation coupled with high-quality writing will help the website rank high in search engine results.

4. What are the salient features of MeritTrac’s SEO online tests?

A. The scientific nature of MeritTrac assessments helps assess the relevant skills to make a quick, informed and unbiased selection of right candidates.

5. What is the scope of MeritTrac’s SEO tests?

A. MeritTrac’s SEO assessments help recruiters select candidates with the right knowledge and skills. These candidates can further be called for face-to-face interviews where the recruiters can assess and select them based on the job roles.