Examinations are an essential part of education and student lifecycle. They are tools used to measure the success and effectiveness of the teaching processes and methodologies. Examinations are as stressful for the teachers and administrators as for the student community, for different reasons.

Students only need to worry about preparation and performance, whereas teachers and administrators have a lot on their side. Registration, test creation, security, evaluations, candidate verification and result tabulation are some of the important aspects of effective exam administration. Managing exams at a larger scale can be more taxing.

Traditional examinations involve huge volumes of answer-paper scripts that become difficult to manage and are vulnerable to risks - damaged and misplaced answer scripts. They also require manual sorting, evaluation and safeguarding, which contributes to the risk of errors and bias, security concerns and may cause delays in announcing the results.

The solution lies in switching over to a digital student result processing system from the current manual one. Automated digital evaluations are a real boon to educational institutions and testing bodies. Planning, preparing and evaluating the student examination result processing system through digitization effectively frees up administrators and teachers to focus their attention on important tasks. 

Benefits of Using Student Result Processing System

The main benefit of using the student result processing system is, of course, the automated processes that are handled via the Internet and overcomes the downsides of human interventions. It also brings down the chances of errors, thereby improving accuracy. The whole process gets speeded up, helping to deliver results quickly. The student examination result processing system thus streamlines the entire process benefitting all the stakeholders. Some of the other benefits have been listed below:

  • Quicker delivery of results: Answer sheet evaluation and scoring happen instantly through online evaluation allowing for quicker rank list generation.
  • Accurate results: Reduced human intervention brings down chances of errors, and hence, the results tend to be accurate.
  • Analytics: Clear and thorough analysis of results leads to a comprehensive report generation which is useful for all the stakeholders involved, including teachers, administrators and students.
  • Bias-free checking: Reduced or nil human intervention in the student examination result processing system also makes it free from personal biases and prejudices, thereby delivering reliable, accurate and valid results.
  • Transparency: Digitisation of the whole process makes the student result processing system transparent and objective.  

MeritTrac’s Effective Exam Administration System

MeritTrac aims to make conducting exams a simple, quick and a transparent process for educational institutions and testing bodies. We offer end-to-end examination management services right from application processing, pre-exam services and exam administration, marking and result processing.

Following are some of the salient features of our student examination result processing system:

  • Simplified processing allowing for anywhere, anytime application filing and submission both via online route and the OMR application form.
  • Our student examination result processing system is designed to allow the flexibility of online, computer based tests, paper-based and OMR exam administration.
  • Enhanced security irrespective of the exam channel.
  • Biometrics-based authentication for candidate verification, exam invigilation, and proctoring helps to avoid impersonation and cheating.  
  • The student result processing system allows answer script scanning, marking system configuration, and report compilation for faster result generation.
  • Result processing involves score calculation, rank-list generation and e-score card upload.
  • Marked scripts are archived for future reference making the system RTI compliant.
  • MeritTrac’s student examination result processing system is entirely transparent and is audit ready at all times. 

TracMarks is MeritTrac’s on-screen marking solution that allows administrators to scan and digitise pen-and-paper answer scripts and electronically distribute them to evaluators for on-screen marking. The system makes it easier to tap into a geographically distributed pool of evaluators and allows for collaboration and coordination via the system’s messaging system. Enhanced accuracy, security and transparency and reduced costs are the hallmarks of TracMarks. 

Some of the key functions of this system are:

  • Preparing scanned answer scripts ready for digital evaluation.
  • Enabling on-screen marking with options to include annotations, comments, and suggestions.
  • User-friendly dashboard to monitor evaluation progress

Digital University Stack is MeritTrac’s student management system that drives effective learning through a user-friendly and interactive learning management system. The system combines computer and paper-based exam administration with digital evaluation for quicker result processing. Digital University Stack improves student interaction through features such as notifications, alerts and student feedback system. It allows for seamless monitoring and management of every aspect of a university system digitally.


1. What is a student result processing system?

A. A student result processing system is an automated digital solution for planning, preparing and evaluating examinations.

2. Who can benefit from a student result processing system?

A. Student examination result processing systems can prove useful for educational institutions and other examination testing bodies.

3. What are the advantages of student examination result processing systems?

A. Student result processing systems can effectively take care of every aspect of exam administration. Application processing, candidate authentication, the flexibility of online, OMR and paper-based testing with enhanced security, transparency and of course faster and accurate result processing are some of the key features of the system.

4. What is TracMARKS?

A. TracMarks is one of MeritTrac’s on-screen marking solution that allows the digitisation of pen-and-paper answer scripts. The scanned copies of answer scripts can be electronically distributed to a geographically distributed pool of expert evaluators. Accuracy, security, transparency and reduced costs are some of the unique features of TracMARKS.

5. What is Digital University Stack?

A. Digital University Stack is MeritTrac’s unified student management platform designed for enrolment, effective learning delivery, exam administration with quicker result processing, improved student interaction, and seamless monitoring and management. Digital University Stack has been used by over 300 test centres in India to deliver over 20 million tests.