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We hire candidates for various roles in our organisation. Do you have relevant assessments for all the roles?

MeritTrac has assessments for all functional roles from entry-level to managerial levels. Our suite of assessments includes domain-based tests, cognitive tests, psychometric tests and communication skills tests. The difficulty level of each test can be customised based on the job role and profile.

Can you map our organisation’s competency requirement to your assessments? Will you provide assistance in mapping assessments to competencies to be assessed?

Yes. We can help you in mapping assessments based on the competencies to be assessed. You can request a demo and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our assessment solutions and how they can be customised as per your hiring or training needs.

On what basis do you evaluate a candidate’s skills?

Our assessment solutions have objective, subjective, problem-solving, case studies and project-based questions to help evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and expertise in the domain. While hiring programmers, you can use our CodeTrac platform where candidates can code programs or identify errors. Our psychometric tests will evaluate a candidate’s aptitude and skills. The tests are based on scientific studies such as Holland Codes Theory, 16 personality factor theory, Big 5 personality theory, Managerial Grid Model and more. If you want to know the basis on which a particular assessment has been created, you can send us a query regarding the same.

Who creates the assessment tests you offer on your platform? And how relevant are they to the job competency skills evaluated?

We have a team of experienced educators, statisticians, psychometricians, subject matter experts and trainers who work together to create the tests. The tests are very relevant to the job competency skills as we help configure each test based on the hiring needs.

On what basis do you determine the proficiency thresholds?

We use the normal probability distribution of scores method to determine proficiency threshold.

What if a candidate tries to browse the internet to find answers for the questions?

We offer remote proctoring as a part of our exam management services. We can also disable web browsing or tab change options when a candidate is taking up the test. It will ensure that candidates cannot browse the Internet to find the answers.

On what basis are the candidates assessed?

The basis for assessment depends on the job profile and the functional role of the candidate. Candidate’s personality, behaviour, domain expertise and leadership skills are assessed based on various predetermined criteria.

How will a typical test report look like?

The contents of a typical report are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Guidelines to interpret the report
  • Random response index
  • Result table
  • Detailed description of each dimension with improvement insights

Can I customise the report? If yes, how can it be done?

We offer customisation of the results to our clients. Get in touch with us so we can help work out a solution for your specific requirements.

On what basis do you create the benchmark scores?

The basic criteria will be the essential skills required for the job profile. We can also help you set the benchmark criteria based on your requirements and specifications.

What are the exam management solutions you offer for academic institutions?

We offer a suite of exam management solutions such as Digital University Stack and JIT-QP (Just In Time Question Paper) for academic institutions. Apart from exam management, we also offer digital solutions for evaluating exam papers.

How will MeritTrac help improve my hiring accuracy?

MeritTrac assessments help you get details of the candidate’s skills, abilities and personality, which can help you make informed hiring decisions. These tests are based on scientific methods and remove guesswork and personal bias from recruitment.

How will your assessment solutions help me find evaluate a team’s training needs?

Our assessment platforms can be used to deploy domain-based tests or project-based tests. Based on the results of the tests, your L&D team can identify the learning gaps and accordingly plan the training programs.

Do we need any special software or programmes to run your assessment platforms?

No. Our assessment platforms are designed to work on both Linux and Windows platforms. They feature plug and play option and are cloud and mobile-ready. So, you can start using the platform without having to download any software or programme.

Will I be able to access the results of an assessment test at a later date, say a month later?

Yes, the results will be available even a month after the assessment has been conducted. You can login to your account and access the results of the tests anytime.