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Online Aptitude Test for Pre-Employment Screening

Corporate employers are using pre-employment aptitude tests to screen and hire high-caliber candidates. Though employers insist on a resume to figure out a job seeker’s work experience, qualifications, talent, etc., it is used only at the beginning of the in-depth hiring process. Recruiters rely heavily on Aptitude tests to pick out candidates who can make valuable contributions to their business.

Aptitude tests feature questions that mirror everyday business activities, and a candidate’s responses help evaluate his or her job readiness and working skills. Most of these questions apply to both entry-level recruits and mid-level executives. These aptitude tests for employment also reveal how an applicant interprets verbal or written information and how he or she communicates it to colleagues and clients.

Aptitude tests gauge the candidate’s spelling, grammar, instructions, reasoning, and other abilities. Experts create the content of the employment aptitude test as per standard industry specifications. Most of these tests have been automated and are available as online aptitude assessment tests.

Aptitude Tests

An aptitude test is a standardized examination that assesses an individual's natural ability or potential to succeed in a particular field. The test assumes that individuals possess inherent strengths and weaknesses that may influence their success in various areas, based on their innate characteristics. Aptitude tests are used to evaluate a person's skills and abilities, often by employers and schools during the hiring or admission process.

Online Aptitude Tests

Online aptitude tests are standardized assessments that measure a person's ability to perform tasks and solve problems, administered online. They are often used by employers and schools to evaluate skills and abilities.

Online aptitude tests are often used by employers during the hiring process to assess candidates' potential to succeed in the role they are applying for. They may also be used by schools or universities to evaluate students' academic abilities or to help students determine which fields they may be best suited for.

Online aptitude tests typically consist of multiple-choice questions and are timed to ensure that the test taker is working under pressure. They are designed to provide a standardized measure of a person's cognitive abilities and are often used in conjunction with other assessments to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a person's skills and abilities.

Types of Aptitude Tests

The biggest advantage of pre-hire online aptitude tests is that it invalidates any conscious or subconscious biases and helps a recruiter focus only on the applicant’s job-specific traits. Popular aptitude tests can be mainly divided into six categories, but their application and difficulty levels may vary from organisation to organisation. The top categories are:


Numerical reasoning tests are mostly conducted by organisations to measure a candidate’s ability to analyse, interpret, and execute tasks that involve numerical data. The test questions are built on logical mathematics and assess a candidate’s knowledge of data and analysis, currency conversion, ratios, and percentages, etc.


A spatial aptitude test is a must when interviewing candidates for jobs in scientific and technical fields. It measures a candidate’s spatial visualisation ability which includes mentally generating, transforming and manipulating shapes or figures. Candidates who display strong spatial abilities excel in roles involving engineering, computer science, math, and physical sciences.


A logical reasoning test is mostly used while recruiting for positions that require significant use of non-verbal skills. This test aims to evaluate competencies, such as mental ability, logic, and problem-solving abilities.

Error Checking

An error checking test assesses the candidate’s ability to identify errors in strings of data sets such as codes, or combinations of alphanumeric characters. Most of the error checking are set against a 20 to 30 seconds clock for every question.


Verbal tests are conducted to assess candidates who apply for both administrative and management roles. These tests can measure the candidate’s ability to think and correctly interpret written or spoken information in a given language, use correct grammar, use job-specific vocabulary and more.


Quantitative aptitude tests are used in most of the job interviews irrespective of the field. The test features questions to assess numerical ability and problem-solving skills and is created and assessed by subject matter experts. The test helps to ascertain a candidate’s proficiency in quantitative analysis as per industry standards.

Merittrac’s Aptitude Test Library

The most significant advantage of our pre-hire online aptitude tests is that it invalidates any conscious or subconscious biases and helps a recruiter focus only on the applicant’s job-specific traits. The application and difficulty levels can be customized to suit your hiring requirements. The most popular aptitude tests offered by MeritTrac are listed here:

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Leveraging MeritTrac to Manage Talent Development

Applications of MeritTrac Aptitude Test

Hiring or Recruitment:

Compared to traditional hiring processes, our online recruitment tests give you the flexibility to conduct assessments remotely and receive results instantly. You can easily shortlist candidates who meet the work-specific requirements. MeritTrac offers a wide range of aptitude tests that can be administered through our recruitment testing platforms.  

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Workforce Development:

MeritTrac’s Aptitude tests can be used for training needs assessment of an organization. We offer a plethora of aptitude tests that can help conduct workforce assessment for job fit. The test reveals the strengths and weaknesses of employees, and the feedback can be used by L&D teams to provide any required training.

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Campus Hiring:

Aptitude tests are crucial for determining if an entry-level candidate has the right job-specific skills, general awareness, and behavioral traits that make them employable. Get better results in your campus recruitment efforts with MeritTrac’s aptitude tests.

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MeritTrac Platforms for Aptitude Test


Pariksha is MeritTrac’s online examination software that delivers a range of aptitude test delivery. The main highlights of this unified assessment platform are:

  • Author, design, schedule, and deliver aptitude tests
  • Online access and smart features for accelerated assessment delivery
  • Screen more than one candidate at the same time
  • Seamless information exchange to improve QTI compliance
  • Analytics and reporting feature for quick results tabulation and report generation


SmartTest is an online talent assessment software that offers more than 10,000 assessments. The main highlights of SmartTest are:

  • Select and administer competency-based assessments
  • Assess cognitive, behavioral, performance, and domain skills
  • Screen a limited number of candidates at the same time 
  • Shortlist qualified candidates through automated aptitude tests


1. What are Aptitude Tests?

Aptitude tests are structured assessments featuring questions used to identify and hire potential prospects by evaluating their job skills and readiness. These tests act as performance indicators that help measure the ability of a job seeker to provide objectively correct answers to questions and complete specific tasks.

2. Why are Aptitude Tests Used for Recruiting and Training?

It can be a challenging and time-consuming thing for recruiters to assess a candidate’s skills from just a paper test or a face to face interview alone. This is especially true during mass hiring. An aptitude test provides the employer insight into a candidate’s specific capabilities that cannot be gauged with a few rounds of personal interview.

3. What is the use of Aptitude Tests?

Aptitude tests are designed to assess a candidate’s logical reasoning or thinking abilities. They validate a candidate’s knowledge of specificities highlighted in their CV or resumes. The questions featured in the test help narrow down the specific capabilities of potential employees who can transform ideas into reality.

4. What are the Aptitude Tests used in recruitment?

The most popular aptitude test types are Numerical Reasoning, Spatial visualisation, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. These tests contain application questions that are presented in the form of fill in the blanks, true or false questions, multiple choice questions, descriptive questions, etc.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s online Aptitude Tests?

MeritTrac provides its users with the following features and flexibilities:

  • Create and organise content 
  • Design and define assessments 
  • Create an exam schedule and deliver question papers 
  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms 

6. What does an aptitude test measure?

Aptitude tests measure an individual's potential to learn and perform certain tasks or skills. These tests can provide insights into a person's cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and capacity for learning and growth.

7. How do I prepare for an aptitude test?

Preparing for an aptitude test involves practicing the specific skills and abilities that will be assessed. This may include brushing up on math or language skills, working on critical thinking and problem-solving strategies, and taking practice tests to become familiar with the format and types of questions.

8. What types of questions are included in an aptitude test?

The types of questions included in an aptitude test can vary depending on the specific test and the skills being assessed. Common question types include multiple choice, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning.

9. How are aptitude tests scored?

Aptitude tests are typically scored based on a set of predetermined criteria, which can include correct answers, completion time, and accuracy. Different tests may have different scoring methods, so it's important to understand the specific scoring system before taking the test.

10. How do users access their online aptitude test?

Accessing an online aptitude test typically depends on the organization administering the test. Users may receive a link or access code via email or through a secure portal. However, here are some general steps user can expect to take to access their online aptitude test:

  • Check your email: User may receive an email from the organization administering the test with instructions on how to access your test.
  • Login to a secure portal: Some organizations may provide a secure portal where user can access their online aptitude test. User will need to login using their username and password.
  • Follow the link provided: The organization may provide a link that user can click on to access their test directly. Make sure to check any instructions provided to ensure users are accessing the correct test.
  • Complete any required setup: Before starting the test, user may be asked to complete some setup steps, such as installing a secure browser or verifying your identity.
  • Begin the test: Once user have accessed their test, user can begin working through the questions according to the instructions provided.