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Thanks to the internet, businesses are now able to collect, organise and evaluate data collected from customer touchpoints to make effective business decisions. An analysis of this data provides a deeper understanding of business functions, processes and systems as well as end-user needs, preferences, customer engagement and more. This is crucial for ideating and designing products that will contribute to the growth of the business. This is where the role of a business analyst comes into play. A business analyst helps to extract and analyse business-related data on specific verticals and on a larger scale to help business leaders to make better decisions. In short, a business analyst with his or her skills and efforts can help a company stay ahead of the competition.  

Recruiters in search of the right business analyst find great success by employing online business analyst aptitude test when compared with the traditional interview methods. These tests contain key skill-based and tool-based questions that provide a more in-depth insight into a job applicant’s work abilities and also their and weaknesses.Unlike traditional recruitment methods which mostly follow a trial and error method, online assessment solutions help proper evaluation by addressing domain-specific requirement needs and providing in-depth reports

Skills Assessed in Business Analyst Aptitude Tests

Online business analyst aptitude tests offer objective and unbiased results to address hiring issues. The role of a business analyst requires a few specific skills and knowledge of tools over other qualities. A business analyst aptitude test evaluates a number of skills a business analyst should possess and presents a comprehensive report of these skills, abilities, and inane behavioural traits that will make it easier for the candidates to function and excel as a BA.

Some of the skills that can be assessed with a business analyst aptitude test are as follows:

Analytical Reasoning: This is an important skill a business analyst should possess.  This skill will reflect their ability to assess various types of qualitative and quantitative information, identify patterns within the information and possibly provide solutions for problems. A business analyst should ideally have an analytical mind that is capable of breaking down complex problems into smaller, manageable components in a step-by-step method.

Critical Thinking: A business analyst should possess clear and critical thinking abilities to thoroughly analyse facts before creating reports.

Problem Solving: A BA’s problem-solving skills can be the by-product of their analytical and critical thinking skills. A business analyst can effectively provide solutions as they will be the ones to identify patterns and correlate the patterns with apparent or underlying issues.

Analytics Tools: A business analyst must preferably have knowledge of tools such as R and MS Excel to do statistical, quantitative and exploratory data analysis in prescribed and predictive methods.

Applications of Business Analyst Aptitude Tests

Business Analyst Aptitude test generally consists of well-designed questionnaires that provide reliable insights on the candidates’ traits and skills. Recruiters can use the test results to arrive at an accurate and unbiased hiring decision that is in the interest of the candidate and the hiring organisation.

Business Analyst Aptitude tests prove extremely useful during campus hiring, as it can help find candidates with inane analytical and critical thinking skills. Similarly, it also eases the process of selecting the right talent within an organisation for lateral hiring.

Organisations can also use Business Analyst Aptitude test to identify skill gaps and address the training and development needs of its existing business analysts.

MeritTrac Platforms for Business Analyst Aptitude Tests

MeritTrac offers talent assessment platforms that cater to fresher, on and off-campus and lateral hiring. We are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 Certified and have helped around 400 businesses strengthen their workforce. MeritTrac offers a plethora of 10,000 assessments and 350 plus test domains. Some of our top platforms preferred by recruiters for assessment needs are Pariksha and SmartTest. These platforms allow for scientific measurement of skills and provide valid and reliable test results.  

Pariksha is a hybrid scientific assessment platform that provides recruiters with the option to author, design and delivers tests online. Some of the key features of Pariksha are:

  • Online access and accelerated assessment delivery
  • Quick and easy integration with various tools
  • Enables device-agnostic test-taking experience
  • Offers seamless information exchange to improve QTI compliance
  • Easy Results tabulation and report generation

SmartTest is an online assessment platform that provides recruiters with assessment catalogues that can be customised based on domain-specific needs. The hallmarks of SmartTest are:

  • Over 10,000 assessments that cover behavioural, performance, cognitive, and domain skills.
  • Select and administer assessments in easy steps, catalogue selection, test delivery
  • Options to choose automated assessments




1. What is a Business Analyst Aptitude Test?

A. A business analyst aptitude test helps to assess the desirable skills a Business analyst candidate should possess to perform a job while collaborating with other members of the organisation.

2. What are some of the important Business Analyst Aptitude skills required at work?

A. Hiring organisations look for candidates with necessary aptitude skills like analytical reasoning, problem-solving and data interpretation skills. Companies also look for candidates with knowledge of Excel and R programming language.

3. Why choose MeritTrac for Business Analyst Aptitude Tests needs?

A. MeritTrac has successfully assisted over 400 clients. We offer end-to-end assessment solutions that are automated, convenient, and secure. We also provide the option for creating customised domain-specific tests that will help you narrow down your search highly business analyst candidates.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s assessment solutions?

A. MeritTrac’s platforms are known for their robust test design. The platforms have a unique and format that allows for scientific measurement of candidate competencies and delivers reliable reports. Recruiters can make informed hiring decisions using these reports and improve their workforce quality by selecting right-fit candidates only. MeritTrac’s assessment platforms support multiple devices and offer online tests and report delivery systems.