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The recruitment of programmers with knowledge of C programming is a challenging and time-consuming process as they have to be assessed on many different parameters. Online domain assessment platforms make this task easy. A carefully selected C aptitude assessment can help recruiters analyse a wide variety of programming and technical skills. There are a few scientifically designed online domain assessment solutions that come with auto evaluation and other features to accurately measure knowledge of programming language and other specific skills. C aptitude tests feature a range of question types that can even be customised to assess candidates with various proficiency levels.

Question Types in C Programming Aptitude Tests

C aptitude tests are formulated to test a candidate’s knowledge of the programming language as well as practical expertise such as coding skills, problem-solving abilities, innovative thinking, testing and debugging skills. A candidate’s skills may be measured by asking them to write new codes or find bugs and fix errors in existing codes.

  • A range of basic multiple-choice questions to assess knowledge of programming concepts
  • Hands-on problem-solving questions based on real-time projects
  • Identifying, debugging and fixing errors in codes
  • Finding the output of codes in different scenarios

MeritTrac’s C programming aptitude test is unique as it offers a range of tools for quick and easy result and reports tabulation. It helps cut down the time, money, and effort involved in hiring the candidates. MeritTrac’s dedicated assessment test research, development, and innovations teams work to build scientifically designed products that are a perfect fit for the modern recruitment needs. Testing experts with decades of experience head the research team, and they are assisted by acclaimed psychometricians, statisticians, and technologists.

Applications of C Programming Aptitude Tests

Online domain assessment solutions help make hiring decisions that are less dependent on the skills and experiences listed on a resume. MeritTrac’s domain assessment platform uses performance and knowledge-based approach to quickly find a candidate’s technical competencies and cut the recruitment time in half. It helps to narrow down candidates with expert coding skills and extensive knowledge of C programming. The application of C aptitude test ranges from recruitment to workforce development. The assessment platforms can be used for pre-hire testing to measure the proficiency of entry-level IT aspirants and professionals. Our C programming aptitude test also helps you to identify skill gaps and create tailor-made training programs for existing employees. It is widely used in workforce planning, pre-training testing, post-training testing, and certification programs. MeritTrac’s domain assessment platform offers a robust reporting mechanism that facilitates test result analysis to improve workforce quality.

MeritTrac Platforms for C Programming Aptitude Tests

MeritTrac’s CodeTrac is an intelligent assessment platform that is perfect for conducting C programming aptitude tests. The platform comes with a range of features for quick and easy recruitment of freshers and professionals with knowledge of the C programming language.

The salient features of CodeTrac are:

  • Coding platform for administering C aptitude test
  • Real-time feedback mechanism to assess candidates’ coding skills
  • Performance benchmarking for comparing talents
  • Equipped with an all-inclusive software development feature
  • Auto evaluation function for quick results
  • Conduct assessments in different coding languages

The C programming aptitude test can also be combined with communication and cognitive skill assessments to find candidates who fit a job profile.

The MeritTrac Advantage

MeritTrac offers over 350 plus test domains to help measure the domain-specific skills of Candidates. MeritTrac’s C aptitude test can help filter out unsuitable candidates in the first level of screening itself so that only the right candidates need to be interviewed. The top advantages of MeritTrac’s domain assessment solutions are:

  • Test a large number of candidates at one time
  • Conduct online or Computer-based tests
  • Regularly updated questions
  • Plug and play model for use on multiple devices
  • Auto analysis of results and quick turnaround time
  • Identify areas where the employees need training


1. Why is CodeTrac platform the best choice for C programming aptitude test?

A. CodeTrac is a performance-based platform that has been used to deliver more than 3 lakh IT assessments. It offers an integrated programming environment (IDE) for assessing coding skills. Thanks to its intelligent auto-evaluation feature, even recruiters from a non-IT background can administer a C aptitude test. Recruiters can assess candidates’ full-stack C programming skills using CodeTrac. This platform also enables you to benchmark the results of the assessments with industry standards. By using CodeTrac for C programming assessment, recruiters can improve their talent recruitment strategies, bridge skill gaps in the existing workforce, and facilitate career progression by providing training based on test results.

2. How does CodeTrac work for domain assessment of a candidate?

A. CodeTrac can be used in the following simple ways

  • Initialise CodeTrac assessment platform and read the test instructions
  • Choose either multiple-choice questions or test case-based questions
  • Access the source file to start live coding in an IDE
  • Read the programming instructions and save the project
  • Organise and run the programs
  • View assessment results of the candidates and submit the assessment

3. What type of questions are featured in MeritTrac’s online domain assessment tests?

A. MeritTrac’s domain assessment tests feature a range of hands-on project-based coding questions, true or false questions, fill in the blanks, multiple answer questions, and multiple-choice questions

4. Why choose MeritTrac’s recruitment assessment solution?

A. MeritTrac assists recruiters in creating a talented workforce of highly skilled employees. The salient features of MeritTrac are:

  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 certified for testing and assessment
  • Industry leaders providing unique testing and assessment solutions for all kinds of hiring needs
  • End-to-end assessment services to analyse a candidate’s domain knowledge, specialised skill sets, cognitive competence and behavioural traits
  • Talented in-house test content research and development team that designs proven assessment and test methodologies
  • Intelligent assessment automation platforms for large scale assessment delivery