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Recruiters prefer to hire candidates with reasonable employability skills. They make use of employability aptitude test to identify candidates who have the right balance of job-related skills and personality traits. Employability skill assessment is often used as an elimination process, before a candidate is selected for further rounds of tests or interviews. The common type of skills assessed using an employability aptitude test are - communication skills, interpersonal skills, job-related skills and also the candidate’s general awareness on social and global affairs. Assessing the candidates for the below listed skills will help increase the quality of recruits and also saves time and effort that goes into a recruitment cycle.

Communication skills

Assessing a candidate for communication skills goes way beyond analysing their ability to speak well in a particular language. Various other parameters are also evaluated to check a candidate’s ability to function well in a business setting. Good communication skills would also include the ability to listen and respond correctly, write effective e-mails or business reports, create interactive and interesting presentations and more. Communication skills also come in handy for diffusing a difficult or aggressive situation at work. And most importantly, it would include the right knowledge of words for smooth interaction between peers, superiors, and subordinates.

Interpersonal skills

Good interpersonal skills are necessary to work with a large group of people in an office environment. But it is not limited to just communicating well with peers, superiors or subordinates. Maintaining a good interpersonal relationship might be a challenge, especially for individuals who meet each working day and spend about one third of a day, together. This is why having the right interpersonal skills is important to work in a collaborative work environment. Employability aptitude tests are often used to check the ability of an employee to work in a team and also their ability to know how their actions can impact others. It can help filter out candidates who have the tendency to be self-centred, make biased decisions and may exhibit irrational behaviour. Some of the key interpersonal skill parameters are EQ, negotiation skills and decision making.

Job-related skills

An employability aptitude test can also be used to analyse job-specific technical skills and hard skills required to perform on the job. These tests are used to validate the proficiency level of a candidate against the job they have applied for. An accurate match of job-related skills is crucial for selecting the right candidate for the job. Employees with the right skills can understand and contribute to any job-related tasks or tackle any new challenge. They must be able to understand the job requirement and use their knowledge of tools and techniques in a wide range of practical situations. This way, employees with the right job-related skills drive business success by contributing to the growth of a company. Job-related skills may be harder to assess but, a research-backed employability aptitude test can facilitate the assessment of various skills specific to various sectors/industries.

General awareness

General awareness is assessed to understand a candidate’s view on how changes in global, social and political affairs can lead to changes in an organisation or an industry. It can be used to know their thoughts on how environmental issues can affect the job they do and how they can contribute to change it for the better. An employability aptitude test can also be used to assess their moral and ethical values and where they stand when it comes to certain crucial situations. 

Applications of Employability Aptitude Tests

Employability aptitude tests are backed by scientific research, case studies, and analysis of employee data. This gives credibility to the effectiveness of these tests and their use in mass hiring, campus recruitment, and other situations. Employability aptitude tests help filter non-suitable candidates and select the right talent at the start of the hiring process.  As important as it is to measure employability skill assessment, it is also extremely important to use the right tools to administer these tests. Using an advanced online assessment platform can improve the recruitment quality to a great extent.

MeritTrac Platforms for Employability Aptitude Test

Using an online assessment tool to administer employability aptitude test can save money, effort and time and also ensure the success of the hiring process. MeritTrac’s suite of assessment services can help manage recruitment processes in a quick, secure and convenient way.  MeritTrac assessment services have been used to evaluate over 40 million candidates worldwide. The top MeritTrac assessment platforms for employability aptitude test are listed below.

CodeTrac can be used to assess the coding, testing and debugging skills of candidates. Some of the top features of CodeTrac are:

  • Unified assessment platform
  • Offers over 350 domain tests
  • Extensive programming language library
  • Auto-evaluation features
  • Customise coding according to hiring needs
  • Project-based test structure
  • Uniform coding structure
  • Assess end-to-end full-stack software development skills

SpeechTrac can be used to measure a candidates’ verbal ability, including speech fluency, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Some of the top features of SpeechTrac are:

  • Automated spoken English assessment platform
  • Conduct tests remotely
  • Test communication skills against 40 phonemes
  • Patented technology to identify issues with reading and impromptu speech

Learning Branch is used to assess speaking, listening and writing proficiencies of candidates. Some of the top features of Learning Branch are:

  • Automated web-based assessment and training platform
  • Evaluate vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, and writing skills.
  • Willow™ Intelligent Voice Analysis for auto evaluation of key metrics during a live performance.
  • Get accurate and bias-free results for quick decision making



1. What is the benefit of using MeritTrac for employability aptitude test?

A. The aptitude test can be used to quickly and easily measure the employability skills of the candidates. These aptitude tests can be used to decide if a candidate has the right blend of cognitive skills, proficiency levels and industry/ domain-specific skills required for the job.

2. What types of questions are used in employability aptitude test?

A. The test may feature multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, true or false questions, hands-on project-based questions, fill in the blanks, role-play scenarios, job simulations and more.

3. How does employability aptitude test make the recruitment faster?

A. Employability aptitude test helps filter out unsuitable candidates at the first stage of the recruitment process. It helps recruiters focus more on candidates who possess the right skills and attitude. So the time and effort required on the next stages of recruitment like the personal interview are reduced drastically.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s employability aptitude test?

  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 certified
  • Provides auto evaluation and quick result tabulation
  • 350 plus domain tests and other assessment platforms
  • Enables quick and on-demand mass hiring