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Companies focus on hiring skilled employees right from the beginning to maintain a competitive advantage. Hiring high performing employees is a priority for companies, but it isn’t easy to find candidates with excellent IT skills. Because of the complicated nature of assessing the candidate’s capabilities, recruiters often depend on aptitude tests to measure the ability of a job seeker. With this objective in mind, the job selection processes now include unique and challenging IT aptitude tests administered and delivered through online platforms.

Today businesses cannot function without using software and technology. Without IT professionals who possess the programming knowledge for creating or working with critical software programs, it will be difficult to carry out many everyday job activities. Some of the key qualities of high performers in the IT industry are excellent programming skills, presence of mind, and problem-solving abilities. Recruiters look at these qualities as benchmarks while hiring candidates for IT jobs. But it is challenging to evaluate and measure all these qualities as there are many complex technicalities involved. This is where online aptitude tests with customisable question options and auto-evaluation facilities can help.

Build a Skilled Workforce Using IT Aptitude Assessments

Many companies are spending time and money for hiring the right candidate but are often unable to find the desired results with existing strategies. Hiring the wrong talent can be directly related to disinterested employees who are often absent from work, deliver poor quality work, and also affect the morale of co-workers. In other words, poor resource hiring strategies can directly affect work culture and business outcomes.

There are numerous online platforms that can be used to administer IT aptitude tests. MeritTrac’s platforms are expert-curated, can be used multiple times to test numerous candidates, allows for easy evaluation, assists in filtering candidates with desired qualities and helps to fast track team building with skilled resources.

Applications of IT Aptitude Tests

A typical challenge when assessing candidates is overlooking minute details that may be crucial for job suitability. Although different stages of the hiring funnel can help filter out undesired qualities, most often such seemingly small but essential qualities are missed out. For example, a candidate’s coding abilities may be easy to evaluate through a standalone programming test, but how he/she may respond to a crisis or other work-related scenarios cannot be easily measured. Many recruiters are using online Aptitude tests to closely monitor such essential qualities that are crucial for optimal work output. Most of these tests include well-structured programming problems, a user-friendly coding environment, and also allows evaluating reasoning abilities.

IT aptitude test not only caters to hiring new employees but also helps to measure the true potential of existing employees whose skills may need to be updated from time to time. Existing employees may get stagnated in a role if they do not get the opportunity to acquire new skills. Creating an employee skill training programme based on IT aptitude test results can help the employees grow and thrive in the ever-changing IT landscape. And such a nurturing workplace will be sought out by aspiring job seekers.

MeritTrac Platforms for IT Aptitude Tests

Corporate organisations are adopting aptitude test platforms for recruiting skilled candidates. MeritTrac’s automated, scientifically backed, and research-based assessment platforms have helped around 400 businesses transform their workforce. The three platforms listed below provide customisable IT aptitude test options that can be set at various types and difficulty levels.

CodeTrac is an intelligent performance-based coding platform that provides real-time feedback to help employers thoroughly analyse candidates’ coding skills.

Key features of CodeTrac are:

  • Domain-based tests to assess candidates’ software development capability
  • Create customised coding scenarios based on business needs
  • Assess candidates on projects and not only on standalone programs
  • Auto-evaluation option for quick and easy results
  • Extensive Programming Language Library for assessments and more
  • 319,012 Information Technology Assessments delivered

Pariksha helps recruiters assess the skills of hundreds of job applicants. This unified assessment platform gives recruiters the option to create, design, schedule, and deliver tests.

Key features of Pariksha are:

  • Administer exams on web-enabled devices
  • Quick report generation and result-tabulation
  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms

SmartTest gives you the option to administer competency-based automated assessments through Catalogue section, candidate mapping, and test delivery.

Key features of SmartTest are:

  • Secure assessment delivery and smooth test delivery
  • Plug and play feature on various platforms and devices
  • Performance benchmarking with candidate assessment analytics and more

The MeritTrac Advantage:

MeritTrac has been offering its services for 18 years and caters to the needs of a wide audience with its 350 plus test domains. Their smart hiring platforms help to test a candidate’s, or a current employee’s IT aptitude skills.

  • Questions curated by experts
  • Regularly updated questions
  • Quick turnaround of results
  • Over 10,000 assessments
  • Advanced response processing
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 Certified



1. What are IT aptitude tests?

A. IT aptitude tests are designed to evaluate a candidate’s programming skills, reasoning, and clarity of thought. MeritTrac’s IT aptitude tests are based on the latest industry trends that allow you to screen and select candidates with updated coding and other relevant skills.

2. Why are IT Aptitude test Used for Recruiting and Training?

A. Written tests and face to face interviews alone are not enough to find the right fit candidates as they may often deliver unpredictable results. There is also a high chance that recruiters may fail to look into specific criteria which are essential for finding out job suitability and readiness. So, employing IT aptitude test as part of the hiring process is a good starting point. With the test results, employees can start looking at ways to reduce unpredictability while hiring. Evaluating current employee skills and bridging any skill gaps also becomes easy with these aptitude tests.

3. What is the use of IT aptitude test?

A. IT recruitment is challenging due to the difficulty in evaluating the programming skills of candidates.The purpose of IT aptitude tests is to gather information on candidates’ coding skills. The information technology aptitude tests are a boon to recruiters as it offers auto-evaluation to assess high performing candidates with exceptional programming skills.

4. What are the IT aptitude tests used in recruitment?

A. An IT aptitude test features programming skill testing questions and various work-related scenario which not only helps to analyse coding skills but also the clarity of thought and problem-solving skills. IT aptitude tests use different types of questions and scenarios to evaluate the candidates.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac online IT aptitude test?

A. MeritTrac provides its users with the following features and flexibilities:

  • Author and deliver one-of-a-kind test catalogues
  • Simply, easy and quick result tabulation
  • Supports multiple web-enabled devices