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Hiring decisions made based on candidates’ resumes do not work anymore. Creative methods like portfolio-based hiring are not suitable for every job role, and phone screening or in-person interviews do not provide accurate insights into candidates’ abilities. MeritTrac’s aptitude test for placements can make the recruitment process sustainable, faster and more objective. Our in-house test content research and development team design assessment and test methodologies that help evaluate factors such as rational thinking abilities, generic personality, willingness to learn, leadership capabilities, sales situational personality and more.

Sample Aptitude Test Questions for Placement

  1. A car travels at a speed of 60 miles per hour. How many feet does it travel in one second?
  2. If a man sells a shirt at a profit of 20%, but if he had bought it at 20% less and sold it for Rs 30 less, he would have earned a profit of 30%. What is the cost price of the shirt?
  3. A train traveling at a speed of 60 mph takes 3 seconds to pass a person standing on the platform. What is the length of the train?
  4. A factory can produce 50 widgets in an hour. If the factory works for 8 hours a day, how many widgets will it produce in a week?
  5. If A can do a job in 8 days, B can do it in 6 days and C can do it in 12 days, how long will it take for all three of them to do the job together?
  6. If x + y = 12 and x - y = 4, what is the value of x?
  7. A jar contains 20 blue marbles, 10 red marbles and 30 green marbles. What is the probability of picking a blue marble at random from the jar?
  8. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and the width is decreased by 10%, what is the net effect on the area of the rectangle?
  9. A circle has a diameter of 20 cm. What is its circumference?
  10. If a number is divided by 4 and then 3 is subtracted from it, the result is 5. What is the number?

Aptitude Tests for Placements

Verbal Ability Test

Verbal Aptitude test analyses the ability of the candidate to use written language and understand the concepts presented through words. This test can assess many different abilities of a candidate, such as to spell words correctly, use proper grammar and vocabulary, understand word meanings, and/or interpret written information precisely.

Quantitative Aptitude Test

Quantitative aptitude test or numerical aptitude test measures the ability of candidates to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions based on numerical data. There are various types of numerical aptitude test questions from various categories like basic arithmetic, advanced mathematical knowledge, numerical logic, numerical reasoning and word problems.

Non-verbal Reasoning Test

This test involves measuring the ability of the candidates to understand and analyse information presented visually and solve the problems logically. There are several types of non-verbal reasoning aptitude test questions from different categories, including abstract reasoning, inductive reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, spatial ability, non-verbal analogy and more.

MeritTrac Platforms for Aptitude Tests

Developed by a team of experienced psychometricians, statisticians and subject matter experts, our scientifically designed assessments span various types of recruitment needs including fresher, on and off-campus and lateral hiring. We offer complete support to our clients in their mission to select the right candidates for the job roles. Whether you are looking for recruitment or planning workforce development, MeritTrac has the right assessment solutions for you. We are here to help you at every step of the assessment process and to make your recruitment experience simple, efficient and quick. 


AceTrac is a next-gen employability assessment platform which addresses specific pain points in the campus recruitment process. It can be used to simplify the hiring process for institutions and corporates who are keen on hiring highly employable young talent. The platform features proven and effective solutions which specifically cater to evaluating the employability quotient of a candidate in a more holistic manner.

At the institutional level, AceTrac helps students understand and focus on their areas of strength and weaknesses with regards to employability industry standards. Detailed performance reports are available on the AceTrac platform through the course duration. This way, students are able to make themselves job-ready at the end of their course.

When it comes to campus recruitment, AceTrac provides recruiters with comprehensive and reliable employability reports, which help to:

  • Simplify fresher recruitment through pre-assessed talent pools
  • Builds strong networking that connects potential candidates to recruiters
  • Increases productivity by identifying talented candidates who can prove to be valuable assets for the company.
  • Reduces hiring time by screening and matching the right candidates for the job roles
  • Measures students’ performance with in-depth analytics and creates job-ready communities
  • Offers scientifically designed formative assignments to develop and enhance employable skills.

How Does AceTrac work?

AceTrac has helped deliver cognitive, behavioural, management and IT assessments. It functions in the following four simple steps:

1. Subscribe to AceTrac platform

2. Access a candidate’s diagnostic report, review report, and employability report

3. Check results on AceTrac platform for making a hiring decision

4. Generate detailed reports

MeritTrac Advantage

MeritTrac’s assessment platforms generate quick, accurate and equated test results along with detailed analytics. It offers over 360 validated tests for assessment and has been used to assess more than 40 million candidates worldwide.

  • Hire efficiently on a large scale
  • Employ the right talent without any bias
  • Address career progression and attrition
  • Enable succession planning

How do I prepare for aptitude tests for placements?

All of the MNCs conducts aptitude test in the process of hiring freshers. Having cleared aptitude tests of all major IT companies (like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, Mindtree, HP) I find myself in a good position to answer this question of How to prepare for tough aptitude tests of MNCs.

Generally, an aptitude test is divided in 3 sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability

One needs to prepare well for all the sections in order to pass the test as some companies will keep sectional cut-offs, so you need to prepare and clear all 3 sections in order to pass the assessment. The answer to this question is simple you need to invest your time. Every day you need to pick a topic go through the theory part first and then pick up questions related to that topic and start solving. Next day starts with a new topic. Weekends are meant for revisions. All the topics which you are preparing needs revision or else your whole preparation will become worthless. In this way you can cover all topics of all the sections within a time span of 45 days.



1. How is an aptitude test important in campus recruitment?

A. To make wise decisions during recruitment and to avoid high job turnover rates, companies can make use of aptitude assessment tests. They can also use these tests for future training of the newly hired candidates. The goal is to get the right candidate with the right skills.

2. What are the benefits of choosing MeritTrac’s recruitment assessment solutions?

A. The benefits of choosing MeritTrac’s recruitment assessment solutions are as follows:

  • ISO certified processes for testing and assessment
  • In-depth expertise in analysing for recruitment needs
  • Intelligent automation platforms for seamless assessment delivery
  • End-to-end assessment solution to assess domain knowledge, specific skill sets, cognitive ability and personality
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced in-house team for developing proven assessment and test methodologies

3. Do the aptitude tests consist only of multiple-choice questions?

A. The type of aptitude tests decides the question types, but in general aptitude test for placements mainly consists of multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, true or false, and fill in the blanks, and a few other domain-specific types of questions.

4. What are the different types of Aptitude tests for placement?

A. The most common types of aptitude tests for placement are:

  • Numerical reasoning tests. The candidate needs to answer questions based on statistics, figures and charts.
  • Verbal reasoning tests. This test assesses the verbal logic of the candidate.
  • Diagrammatic tests. This test can measure the logical reasoning of the candidate usually under specific time conditions.
  • Inductive reasoning tests. These reasoning tests can assess how well a candidate can see the underlying logic in patterns.
  • Cognitive ability tests. It analyses the general intelligence of the candidate, covering various categories like analytical, numerical, quantitative, etc.