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Talent is becoming harder to find and delayed and/or wrong hiring decisions are becoming costlier for businesses. These reasons are raising the need for a reliable way to select the right talent. A pre-employment aptitude test can come to the rescue of businesses struggling to find the right talent quickly and reliably. A well-developed pre-employment aptitude test helps recruiters make better hiring decisions by thoroughly analysing candidate’s suitability for the open position and presenting the recruiters with a comprehensive report. 

A pre-employment aptitude test may be defined as a systematic means of testing a candidate’s abilities to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations that are critical to the job role. Rather than relying on prior knowledge and experience, the test seeks to determine a candidate’s innate ability at a particular competency.

Popular Pre-Employment Tests

Though there are a range of pre-employment tests, some of the most popular and important ones are as follows:

  • Domain knowledge tests: This type of pre-employment aptitude test seeks to measure a candidate’s technical and theoretical knowledge in their domain. These pre-employment aptitude tests help gauge a candidate’s level of expertise to be able to succeed in their job role. Job roles that require specialised knowledge and expertise are best suited to be filled on the basis of results of a domain knowledge test.
  • Cognitive ability tests: These assessments measure a candidate’s general mental ability or intelligence which has a strong influence on his/her job performance. They are more accurate in predicting job success as compared to face-to-face interviews or experience. Logical, verbal and numerical reasoning are some of the factors measured as a part of cognitive ability tests.
  • Integrity tests: Honesty, reliability and discipline are some of the character traits that are valued as much, if not more, as knowledge, experience and skill sets. Dishonest, unreliable and undisciplined candidates can cause a lot of harm to the company despite possessing amazing skills and the best of knowledge and experience. So, any company would like to avoid them and integrity tests can help recruiters select candidates of character. Carefully constructed and covert integrity tests are good predictors of job performance and difficult to fake. These tests seek to assess personality traits associated with integrity such as conscientiousness.
  • Personality tests: Personality traits correlate to job performance and translate into job success. Therefore, personality tests and assessments that offer insights into a candidate’s cultural fit and personality traits are a great choice to determine the suitability of candidates to the job position. A well-designed aptitude test based on the Big five model or motivation tests can reveal quite a lot about a candidate’s personality traits to help recruiters make the right decision.
  • Aptitude Tests: Aptitude tests help determine a candidate’s innate ability or potential to do a particular task. The results of aptitude tests will give a clear map of the candidate’s skills and abilities, which could be difficult to ascertain with face-to-face interviews or other traditional methods of recruitment. The various types of aptitude tests are numerical aptitude, verbal aptitude, non-verbal aptitude, mechanical aptitude etc.

Applications of Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

Recruitment plays quite an important role in the functioning, growth and success of a business. Talent is not easy to find and a wrong hire can negatively affect the company in many ways. Therefore, recruiters are forever on the lookout for an accurate, reliable and quick method to choose the right candidate from the pool of applicants. Pre-employment aptitude tests come handy to eliminate unsuitable candidates right at the beginning so that recruiters can focus their attention on those who qualify.

Campus hiring is a situation where a large number of candidates are available for hiring and recruiters have to quickly skim through them to select the suitable ones for the next level of hiring. Pre-employment tests can prove useful to manage the huge number of candidates.

MeritTrac Platforms for Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

Our aim at MeritTrac is to make hiring and recruitment a seamless, quick and accurate affair. Therefore, we offer a complete assessment solution from start to finish making life easier for everyone involved in the process. We have scientific assessment platforms including Pariksha, SmartTest, CodeTrac, SpeechTrac and AceTrac that are specifically designed for the corporate sector. They come with certain common salient features such as remote assessment, remote proctoring, customisable test catalogues, cloud and mobile readiness, multi-platform support and plug and play. Recruiters may choose one or more of them as per the need of the situation and the skill sets, they wish to test.



1. What is a pre-employment aptitude test?

A. The test measures the ability of a candidate to perform specific tasks that are critical to the job role and gauges his/her reactions to a variety of situations that he/she may encounter as a part of their job performance.

2. How is a pre-employment aptitude test useful?

A. A pre-employment aptitude assessment can accurately, reliably and quickly predict the job success and culture fit of a candidate in the company and the job position.

3. How does the test result help in the overall process of recruitment?

A. A pre-employment aptitude test helps segregate the suitable candidates from the unsuitable ones, so that recruiters can focus their time and attention on candidates who matter.

4. What are the other benefits of a pre-employment aptitude test?

A. The test can be administered online anywhere, anytime and remotely proctored, which makes it convenient for the recruiters and the candidates. Only the candidates who qualify the test are selected for the next level of recruitment. So, a well-designed aptitude test acts as an effective first-level filter saving time, effort and cost for everyone.

5. Why go for MeritTrac’s aptitude tests?

A. MeritTrac offers end-to-end solutions for a company’s recruitment strategy right from the beginning to the end. From filtering the candidates with the help of the right pre-employment aptitude tests to administering the appropriate online assessments, proctoring, analysing, and reporting our assessment platforms can handle them all.