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Accurately assessing the skills of candidates is one of the biggest challenges while recruiting for technical job roles. Screening the candidates based on resumes or telephonic interviews often leads to the candidates being sent directly to the hiring manager without considering their aptitude and domain-based skills and expertise. It increases the recruitment cost as well as time to hire. This time-consuming process may also result in project delays, which can become very expensive for the business.

MeritTrac’s automated assessment solutions can streamline the recruitment process in IT companies. Our scientifically designed Python aptitude test can be used to precisely assess a candidates’ skills and knowledge and filter the best-fit candidates for the job roles in a short span without any personal bias.

Advantages of using Aptitude Tests in Hiring

Improved Hiring

Aptitude tests can measure the strengths and weaknesses of candidates and select only those who have desired skill sets that match the requirements. These tests can also be customised depending on the job role. Python aptitude test designed by MeritTrac can help recruiters find and retain the right candidates during campus as well as lateral hiring.


Recruitment is a costly process and the expenditure increases dramatically with the number of candidates. So, it is vital to filter out unsuitable candidates during the initial stages of the recruitment process. It can be made possible by using aptitude assessments to evaluate the skills and capabilities of candidates. 

Reduced Interview Time

MeritTrac’s assessments are prepared by an expert team of psychometricians, statisticians and subject matter experts. These assessments can be customised as per the skill sets to be evaluated and help you filter out qualified candidates. So, hiring managers will only need to interview qualified candidates instead of spending the time and effort on each and every candidate who applies for the position.

Applications of Python Aptitude Tests

Our unique suite of assessment solutions can be used for all kinds of recruitments including fresher, and lateral hiring. When it comes to hiring the right candidates for IT jobs, cognitive skills are as important as domain expertise. These skills will determine a candidate’s ability to perform in challenging situations, and solve problems as they arise. MeritTrac’s assessment solutions are designed to evaluate a candidate’s coding skills as well as aptitude skills. Apart from domain-based questions, MeritTrac’s Python aptitude tests include questions to assess numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, situational judgement, inductive reasoning and error identification.

Our aptitude tests can also be used for on-project training and succession planning. Coding tests can be designed based on project requirements. The test results will help trainers identify skill and knowledge gaps, which can be used to create a training plan.

MeritTrac Platforms for Python Aptitude Tests

MeritTrac’s intelligent assessment platforms offer end-to-end assessment solutions for technical recruitments. From authoring and designing the Python aptitude test to administering it and generating accurate reports, the platform helps in complete assessment management. With our comprehensive assessment platform, your technical recruitment procedure will be simple, quick and cost-effective.


MeritTrac’s CodeTrac is a performance-based coding platform that provides real-time feedback to help recruiters assess the coding skills of candidates for performance benchmarking. More than 300,000 candidates have been evaluated using CodeTrac. As it is designed to have a uniform coding structure, it enables standardised coding submission that makes evaluation easy. Also, it has an extensive programming language library that allows recruiters to test candidates not just for Python but also a suite of other programming languages. The auto evaluation feature gives you instantaneous results, allowing you to make quick and accurate data-driven decisions regarding hiring candidates.

Unique features of CodeTrac

  • Project-based structure
  • Full-stack software development assessment
  • Extensive programming language library
  • Uniform coding structure



1. Why should I use MeritTrac’s aptitude test for IT recruitment?

A. Our assessments are built on scientific basis and enable recruiters to hire candidates without any personal bias. It also helps narrow down the pool of candidates to qualified and skilled candidates who meet the job profile’s skill requirements. These tests also allow recruiters to analyse the strengths and capabilities of the new hires, identify leadership potential and plan succession.

2. How does the CodeTrac platform work?

A. The CodeTrac platform works in the following way:.

  • Initialize the CodeTrac platform and go through the test instructions
  • Select the type of assessment- MCQ based or test case based
  • Open the source file to start live coding in IDE ( Integrated Development Environment)
  • Organise and run the programs
  • View the test results and submit the assessment

3. How can Python assessment tests help in planning training programs?

A. When you get a new project that requires Python expertise, the training team can administer these tests to identify employees who have the aptitude and expertise of Python coding. The tests can also help identify gaps in skill sets, which can be used to design training programs. These assessment tests can be used for pre-training as well as post-training evaluation.

4. Can CodeTrac be used for high-volume hiring?

A. Yes, this platform can be used to administer online coding tests to hundreds of candidates simultaneously. The reports and analytics feature of the platform allows recruiters to quickly identify qualified candidates and filter them out of the huge pool.

5. What kind of information will the test reports have?

A. The test reports will have detailed information about the results of the candidate’s assessment tests. The reports will also give an overview of the performance of all the candidates who took the test. It will also provide rank-based lists, allowing recruiters to easily identify the best candidates for the next round of tests or interview.