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Organisations in the IT and other technical sectors prefer to hire candidates who can contribute to the job from day one. The only way to achieve this is to recruit people with the right skills and competencies required for the job profile. There are many technical aptitude tests used to evaluate and measure these skills during the hiring process. The types of technical skills assessed may vary according to job roles, but there are a few skills that are must-haves.

Knowledge of Computing Languages

The demand for programmers is always high, so job aspirants with knowledge of programming languages like Java, C ++, Python, .Net, are most sought after. Apart from the ability to work with multiple programming languages, candidates are also assessed for the following technical skills:

  • Computing and Configuration
  • Design and Development
  • Hardware and Software
  • Implementation and Operating Systems
  • Infrastructure and Maintenance
  • Network Architecture, Network Security, Networking
  • Servers, Storage, and Security
  • Systems Analysis, Technical Support, and Troubleshooting
  • Testing and Debugging

Project management

In software development firms, project management might be seen as a soft skill. To successfully run and complete a technical project, candidates need to have good leadership and management skills. Their interpersonal skills will be vital for successful collaborative work within teams. Some of the must-have project management skills and qualities are:

  • Budget planning and benchmarking
  • Project planning, task delegation and scheduling
  • Operations and task management
  • Performance review
  • Quality control and assurance

Quality assurance

Knowledge and expertise in coding, algorithms, systems and structures, testing and debugging, etc. are crucial for maintaining the quality of a technical product/service. The specific skills a QA personal need to possess is the ability to:

Use of tools and technologies

Knowledge of the latest job-specific tools and technologies is vital for working with different systems and applications. The skills that recruiters look for may vary from job to job - some skills are interchangeable and some are job-specific. For example, recruiters prefer to hire candidates with knowledge of:

  • Big Data frameworks like Hadoop, Apache Storm, Kafka for data analyst roles
  • Business intelligence tools like SAP Bi, Microsoft BI for business analyst roles
  • Cloud computing tools like Cloud Manager, Amazon Web Service (AWS) for Cloud Computing engineers/architects

Applications of Technical Aptitude Tests

Technical aptitude tests help measure a wide variety of industry-specific skills to recruit candidates suitable for technical job roles. It also helps in workforce planning, training, and development. At MeritTrac, we offer online assessment solutions that help you assess the domain knowledge and other technical skills of job seekers. Our platforms also help in succession planning by narrowing down high performers for promotion and identifying employees who need training. This way, our assessment solutions can help to improve the quality of your workforce, save you time, effort and recruitment cost.

MeritTrac Platforms for Technical Aptitude Tests

MeritTrac offers end-to-end assessment solutions for a less expensive and more effective recruitment. Our various technical aptitude test platforms that can auto evaluate tests and generate precise reports are Pariksha, SmartTest and CodeTrac.

Pariksha is a scientifically designed hybrid assessment platform suitable for delivering technical aptitude tests. The test procedure is made fast and secure with the use of smart features such as:

Adaptive testing on smartphones or with cloud, on-premise or hybrid models

Easy integration with your existing system

Plug and play option for use on multiple devices

SmartTest offers more than 10,000 assessments that can be customised according to your hiring needs. The rapid results and accurate report generation enables you to make informed decisions in less time. The unique features of SmartTest are:

  • Tailor-made test catalogues
  • Quick and easy test delivery
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Secure assessment delivery
  • Reduced assessment time

CodeTrac is a coding platform that helps measure basic to advanced coding skills for performance benchmarking. The platform can be used to assess end-to-end full-stack software development ability of technical job applicants. Some of the top features of CodeTrac are:

  • Unified assessment platform
  • Auto-evaluation features
  • Extensive programming language library
  • Project-based test structure
  • Uniform coding structure



1. What is the benefit of using MeritTrac’s technical aptitude test for recruitment?

A. MeritTrac’s technical aptitude test can be used to measure a candidates’ knowledge of computer networking, OS administration, data structure and algorithms, database management systems, programming languages like Java and more. The tests are designed by industry experts and can be customised as per your recruitment needs. The results of the technical aptitude test help you analyse a candidate’s capabilities and facilitates quick and accurate hiring decisions.

2. What types of questions are used in technical aptitude tests?

A. Online technical aptitude tests typically comprise of fill in the blanks, multiple answer questions, multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, hands-on project-based coding questions and more.

3. How do technical aptitude tests help in workforce development?

A. Apart from recruiting right-fit candidates, technical aptitude tests can also be used to evaluate and compare the skills of existing employees with current industry trends. Any skill gaps can be overcome through training programs that are tailor-made based on test results. During internal hiring, the tests help to identify high potential candidates for career progression within the organisation.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s domain assessment and technical aptitude test?

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 certified

350 plus domain tests for industry-specific assessment needs.

Enables on-demand mass hiring

Supports test administration, evaluation and analysis.

Speeds up the hiring process and makes it more efficient