The biggest challenge faced by corporate recruiters is finding candidates who have the required technical skills and soft skills that will help them work with existing teams. Recruiters need to use an objective and unbiased assessment method to evaluate the personality, behavioural and cognitive skills of the candidates. Psychometric tests and assessments can help recruiters get an overall picture of the candidate’s skills, abilities, and other motivating factors.

Psychometric tests for employees measure 3 essential aspects:

Personality Traits

Knowing a candidate’s personality is as important as gauging their technical expertise. Psychometric tests will help identify positive personality traits such as diligence, openness to learning, problem-solving, coping with stress, team spirit, leadership qualities and more. The tests also help you identify dark personality traits such as self-obsession, temperamental, opportunism, impulsiveness, and insensitivity that may be essential to be looked into basis the roles that the candidate is being evaluated for.

Motivation and Values

The results of the test will give you an idea of the core values that motivate the candidates. Motivation factors could be sustainability needs, growth needs or other related needs. Identifying the motivation factors can help encourage the employees to perform in line with the overall organisational growth trajectory.

Cognitive Ability

Psychometric tests help measure core brain functions such as memory, speed, attention, language and comprehension, logical and critical reasoning, problem-solving, visualization, judgment and decision making.

Types of Psychometric Tests

Personality Tests

Personality-focused psychometric tests can be used to evaluate areas such as teamwork, decision making, problem-solving, managing stakeholders, coping with stress and other soft skills. The results of this test can help recruiters gauge the candidate’s fitment to a particular role.

Leadership Tests

Leadership based psychometric assessment tests can be useful for succession planning and promotions. Recruiters can use the test to evaluate leadership skills, competencies, and other soft skills before promoting an employee to a higher position.

Sales Psychometric Tests

Online psychometric tests can be used during campus hiring or walk-ins for hiring sales professionals. These tests help evaluate sales aptitude and communication skills essential for sales job profiles.

HR Psychometric Tests

These tests can be used to measure various psychological variables such as personality, aptitude, intelligence, attitude and more of candidates for an HR job.

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Applications of Psychometric Tests

MeritTrac’s psychometric tests can be used to assess behaviour, communication, cognitive skills, personality, and cultural fit. Whether you are recruiting or upskilling your workforce, these tests are helpful. We also offer remote proctoring solutions, so there are no geographical constraints in employing the test. Our assessments tests can be used for the campus as well as lateral hiring.

Psychometric test for employees allows trainers and recruiters to build talent pools based on the results and train the candidate as per their strengths and skills. These tests can be very useful for trainers and L&D teams when they are planning their workforce development programs.

Psychometric evaluation greatly helps in cost-cutting and saves time during recruitment, both during campus and lateral hiring. Hiring a wrong candidate, spending time on training and then finding out that they are not suitable for the job can be a waste of time, effort and resources for the organization. The test helps effectively narrow down eligible candidates, which gives you a better return on investment.

MeritTrac Platforms for Psychometric Tests

MeritTrac offers assessment solutions for workforce development and recruitment assessment. Apart from designing the right test based on your requirements, we also take care of the complete exam/assessment delivery and administration. MeritTrac also has highly adaptive platforms on which the assessment tests are delivered. Designed for easy setup and use, our assessment platforms will help simplify your training or recruitment process.


Pariksha is one of our innovative assessment platforms that is designed for recruiters and L&D teams. The platform allows you to create, design, schedule, test, and deliver results. The features of this platform are:

  • Adaptive and cloud ready
  • Mobile ready
  • Multi-platform
  • Plug and Play option


SmartTest is designed for recruiters to screen and filter candidates who meet their skill requirements. While the user interface makes it easy for the candidates to take up the test, the in-built analytics allows recruiters to make informed decisions. The plug-and-play feature of this platform enables you to access the platform across devices and platforms. It features test catalogues that can be tailored according to your hiring and workforce development requirements.


1. What are Psychometric Tests?

A. Psychometrics is defined as “The art of imposing measurement and number upon operations of the mind” - Galton, 1879, p149. In other words, it refers to the use of assessment tests to quantify behaviour, intelligence, cognitive abilities, and personality. It builds a bridge between psychology and statistics, allowing trainers and recruiters to get a clear idea of the skills, abilities, and capabilities of a candidate.

2. Why are Psychometric Tests Used for Recruiting and Training?

A. These tests are impersonal and objective. The results obtained from the test are not affected by personal bias or prejudice. Moreover, the results are delivered in numerical values, which makes analysis easy and unbiased.

3. What is the use of psychometric tests?

A. Corporates conduct psychometric tests online to do the first-level screening and shortlist candidates who will be suitable for specific job roles.

4. What are the psychometric evaluation tests used in recruitment?

A. Personality, reasoning, visualization, and error checking tests are generally conducted during recruitment. Other tests like decision making, judgment, and problem-solving can be administered based on the job profile.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac Psychometric Assessments?

A. Our assessment tests are designed by experienced psychometricians, statisticians and subject-matter experts. And, the tests are based on advanced technology to deliver reliable results and analytics.

6. Why should organizations use Assessment tests?

A. Research has shown that the use of psychometric assessment tests helps reduce attrition and improve employee engagement. Also, standardized tests enable faster recruitment.