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A business development executive is a great asset to any organisation. A talented BDE can bring in new business and improve the fortunes of any company. The primary role of a BDE is lead generation for business in e-commerce, retail, pharma, FMCG, electronics, apparel and fashion, cosmetics, furniture, aerospace, manufacturing, chemicals, and other industries. When you hire a dedicated BDE who is professional in their approach to work, you will be able to achieve your business goals on time. The key to finding the right BDE for your company lies in following the best hiring practices. A good recruitment strategy will ensure that only professionals with the right skills, behavioural traits, and domain expertise enter your workforce.

Technical and Soft Skills Required for Business Development Executives

Listed below are the top skills a BDE must have to help your organisation reach new heights. 

  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to build rapport with clients
  • Good listening and problem-solving skills
  • Time management skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Ability to identify potential leads
  • Ability to communicate with managers, directors, VPs, CxOs
  • Create company intro and pitch for service or product demo
  • Write a pitch for email and social media 
  • Do cold calling, email campaigns, and social media campaigns
  • Send campaigns and schedule appointments with interested parties 
  • Sales negotiation skills
  • Arrange a meeting for prospective clients with the top management of your company
  • Continuous follow-ups with multiple collaborators
  • Strong knowledge of social media platforms
  • Ability to prepare PPT for clients 
  • Ability to use MS Excel for contact generation and deal cycle tracking 
  • Purchase contacts from aggregators or search individually via job networking platforms
  • Knowledge of research and strategy
  • Working knowledge of CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.
  • Knowledge of sales management, marketing, strategic management, and business planning

Roles & Responsibilities of Business Developement Executive

As a Business Development Executive, your primary responsibility is to help a company grow by identifying new business opportunities, establishing relationships with potential clients, and closing deals. Below are some common roles and responsibilities of a Business Development Executive:

  1. Research and identify new business opportunities: Conduct market research and analyze industry trends to identify potential areas of growth for the company.
  2. Develop and maintain client relationships: Establish and maintain relationships with clients, partners, and other stakeholders to understand their needs and identify potential opportunities for collaboration.
  3. Attend networking events: Attend industry events, conferences, and other networking opportunities to establish new business relationships and promote the company.
  4. Create business proposals: Create and present business proposals to potential clients, highlighting the company's products or services and how they can benefit the client's business.
  5. Negotiate contracts: Work with clients to negotiate contracts, ensuring that the terms are favorable for the company while still meeting the needs of the client.
  6. Develop and implement sales strategies: Develop and implement sales strategies to achieve company goals, such as increasing revenue or market share.
  7. Collaborate with internal teams: Work closely with internal teams, such as marketing and product development, to ensure that sales efforts align with overall company objectives.
  8. Monitor market trends: Keep up-to-date with industry trends and competitor activities to stay ahead of the competition and identify potential opportunities for growth.
  9. Provide regular reports: Provide regular reports to senior management on business development activities, including progress towards goals and potential areas of improvement.

Overall, a Business Development Executive plays a crucial role in driving the growth of a company by identifying new business opportunities, building relationships, and closing deals.

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions - Hiring and Workforce Development

MeritTrac’s end-to-end assessment solutions help recruiters to measure the above-listed skills in BDE job applicants. There are various cognitive, communication, behavioural, and domain-specific tests you can use to filter candidates before calling them for face-to-face interviews. Our online tests can be customised to assess certain unique skill sets you may be looking for. You can make use of these assessment solutions to quickly hire candidates for the job role and build a competent team. If you are looking to hone the skills of your existing business development team, then MeritTrac’s assessment solutions can help assess the capabilities of your current employees. The auto analysis and report generation features in many of MeritTrac’s test platforms let you create unique training programs for the professional development of each employee. Investing in a suitable skill assessment platform can subsequently improve the productivity and quality of the workforce.

MeritTrac Solutions for Hiring Businesses Development Executives

MeritTrac offers a suite of solutions for the assessment of business development executives. These assessments cut down your hiring time, effort, and cost by half. The scientifically-derived test results help you to do a detailed analysis of a candidate’s skills and also identify their fit with regard to the job and workplace culture. 

SpeechTrac is a widely used, automated spoken English skill assessment platform. You can make use of this platform to assess your business development executive’s pronunciation, grammar, speech fluency, and vocabulary. SpeechTrac gives you the flexibility to:

  • Evaluate communication skills against 40 phonemes
  • Identify faults in reading and impromptu speech with the use of Patented Carnegie Speech engine and pinpointing technology 
  • Administer and monitor tests remotely

Sales Situational Personality Questionnaire, or SSPQ, is used to assess personality traits such as sociability, stress tolerance, integrity, motivation, flexibility, and organisational skills at work. The test provides descriptive feedback with detailed analysis to measure these qualities. You can make use of this questionnaire to:

  • Evaluate six crucial personality traits
  • Assign situational judgment type questions 
  • Benchmark scores against the ideal candidate profile 

LearningBranch is a web-based assessment and training platform. It is used to measure the listening, speaking, and writing proficiencies of candidates. This automated platform helps you to:

  • Auto evaluate critical metrics during a live performance with Willow™ Intelligent Voice Analysis 
  • Train current employees to improve their voice, grammar, and other language skills
  • Use detailed test reports for quick and informed hiring decisions
  • Test vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciation and writing skills

Behavioural Assessments

Our behavioural assessments follow an evidence-based methodology. This provides all the insights you need on a candidate’s generic personality, motivation, and emotional intelligence. The platform offers four different types of questionnaires to analyse job-specific personality traits. These include customer service orientation questionnaire, generic personality questionnaire, sales situational personality questionnaire for pharma and retail, and leadership style questionnaire. The other top features of our behavioural assessment platform include:

  • Chat Proficiency Analyzer
  • Measure workplace behavioural traits with Individual Dimension Scale
  • Options to analyse workplace thinking style and willingness to learn


1. How can MeritTrac’s assessment platforms be used for hiring business development executives?

A business development executive who is fit for the job must have specific technical and soft skills. It is a challenging task to identify these skills within a limited time using traditional interview methods. Online skills assessment platforms like LearningBranch, SSPQ, and SpeechTrac let you assess all the critical skills and make hiring decisions quicker.

2. What are the types of questions featured in MeritTrac’s business development skills assessments?

MeritTrac’s business development assessments feature situational judgment type questions, fill in the blanks, MCQs, multiple answer questions, true or false questions, etc.

3. Do you need technical experience to administer a test on MeritTrac platforms?

No, you do not need extensive technical experience. Administering tests through MeritTrac platforms is simple as most of the process is automated. The test results are auto evaluated, and the reports come with detailed feedback for easy analysis.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac assessment platforms?

  • Create and deliver tailor-made test catalogues
  • Evaluate a range of cognitive, behavioural and domain-specific skills
  • Offers both online and computer-based tests 
  • Auto evaluation for quick result generation
  • Remote monitoring for enhanced security
  • On-screen test marking solutions
  • Supports multiple web-enabled devices