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Relationship managers help businesses to maintain positive relationships with their clients/customers. Retail and Banking are the two sectors that mainly hire professionals for these roles. The scope of work is vast, and it includes helping clients make informed decisions. There are client relationship managers and business relationship managers. They provide a client with basic information regarding their accounts and even offer guidance on financial investments. Some RMs generate income, some bring in new clients, and some cross-sell to existing clients.

Skilled relationship managers who can improve business outcomes are sought out by top companies. Recruiters make use of a wide range of online assessments to ascertain the capabilities of candidates applying for such jobs. These assessments provide descriptive feedback on various skills a relationship manager must-have.

Technical and Soft Skills Required for Relationship Managers

Relationship management is the connecting point between understanding a client's needs and the business’s capability to meet their needs. A skilled and experienced relationship manager can set you apart from the competition and help you retain customers. In order to consider a candidate to be a good relationship manager, make sure they have all the necessary skills to manage customers before, during, and after a purchase. Some of the key technical and soft skills every relationship manager should have are listed below.

  • Sound knowledge of the company’s products and offerings
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Share valuable and understandable information on products and services
  • Supervise other employees who communicate with clients
  • Convey large and complex information in a simple and easy way
  • Display excellent people skills and negotiation skills
  • Manage people and technology for efficient realization of working duties 
  • Profile customers
  • Foster trustworthiness
  • Manage and maintain a relationship with high net worth customers
  • Provide financial planning and investment advice 
  • Ensure Client Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Upsell products and services
  • Improve customer service satisfaction
  • Liaison with technical and sales teams to meet customer needs
  • Develop a long-standing relationship with all customers
  • Act as one point contact for all customer requirements

Current or aspiring relationship managers must acquire these crucial skills to thrive in their careers. With an all-encompassing skill set, they do not have to restrict themselves just to the banking or retail industry but can serve different sectors. 

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions - Hiring and Workforce Development

Experienced recruiters know they can't rely on results that they can’t measure. Companies vary in what they're searching for and what they require, so recruiters make use of assessments to understand all the general skills that a RM should have. Employing online skill test can help decision-makers to evaluate job applicants against key hiring parameters. This step makes it easy for you to quickly filter knowledgeable candidates from a large group of job seekers. The most crucial feature of MeritTrac’s online test is that candidates don’t have to be physically present in a particular place to take up the test. They can appear for the online test at an agreed time from any location. The remote proctoring options give you the freedom and flexibility to monitor test and prevent any malpractices.

MeritTrac’s online aptitude platforms offer skill assessment tests with auto evaluation options. This feature helps you to analyse a candidate’s responses instantly. The automated tool cuts downtime, money, effort, and resource invested in mass hiring processes. 

MeritTrac assessment platforms are also widely used for workforce development. You can use these tests to evaluate the knowledge and expertise of relationship managers in your current team. The descriptive feedback provided with the tests enables training and development teams to create learning materials and bridge any skill gaps.

MeritTrac Solutions for Hiring Relationship Manager

Dimension 8 can be used to measure eight vital behavioural traits of relationship managers. The test features 65 questions that help to assess qualities such as adaptability, creativity, sociability, persuasive skills, etc.

SSPQ or Sales Situational Personality Questionnaire is used to assess a candidate’s flexibility, organisational skills at work, sociability, integrity, motivation, and stress tolerance. The top features of this questionnaire are: 

  • Evaluate six crucial personality traits
  • Features situational judgment type questions 
  • Applicable for different job roles 
  • Delivers descriptive feedback for in-depth analysis 
  • Option to benchmark scores against the ideal candidate profile 

SpeechTrac is an automated spoken English assessment platform that helps to evaluate a candidates’ verbal abilities. The top features of SpeechTrac are:

  • Assess speech fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Test verbal skills against 40 phonemes 
  • Conduct tests remotely 
  • Patented technology highlights issues with reading and impromptu speech 

LearningBranch is an automated web-based assessment and training platform. It can help you evaluate speaking, listening, and writing proficiencies of candidates. The top features of LearningBranch are:

  • Assess vocabulary, comprehension, writing skills, and pronunciation
  • Willow™ Intelligent Voice Analysis auto evaluates critical metrics during a live performance.
  • Train recruited candidates to improve voice, grammar, and more
  • Get descriptive reports for quick and bias-free decision making


1. How can online tests improve my recruitment?

MeritTrac’s assessments are created by subject matter experts to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and expertise in their field of work. Our tests will help you focus on candidates whose skills match your job requirements. These online test platforms feature sophisticated tools to reduce your hiring efforts and get high-quality results in less time.

2. What kinds of questions are featured in an online test?

The online tests have multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, true or false statements, fill in the blanks, and situation-specific questions.

3. Do you need technical experience to administer tests?

MeritTrac’s assessment platforms are simple and easy to use so, anyone can administer and deliver tests through these platforms. The answers are auto evaluated, and the performance benchmarking tools make it easy to analyse the results.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s assessment platforms?

  • Online and computer-based tests
  • Option to create unique test catalogues
  • Assess  analytical, logical, verbal, and other skills
  • On-screen marking solutions
  • Improved security with remote monitoring of tests
  • Auto evaluation and quick result tabulation 
  • Supports multiple web-enabled devices