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Recruitment Assessment

Assess candidate skills for selection, training, development and retention

Assess Candidate's Skills with Recruitment Assessment

Hiring Right-fit Candidates to Build Competitive Advantage

Candidate job fit and cultural fit are critical success factors for both employees as well as the organization. Matching the right people to the right positions lies at the heart of building strong teams rooted in strategic skills and competencies. The biggest challenge faced by corporate recruiters is finding candidates with the right technical as well as soft skills that are essential for the job role. Recruiters prefer to use objective and unbiased recruitment tests that give comprehensive information about a candidate’s cognitive and behavioural skills and domain knowledge.

MeritTrac’s Recruitment Assessment leverages online assessment platforms to accurately assess candidate skills across the employee life cycle - from selection to training, retention, and development. Designed by a team of psychometricians, statisticians, and subject matter experts, our technology-led assessments span various types of recruitment - fresher, on and off-campus, and lateral hiring. 

The talent requirements for the job role will determine the type of online recruitment tests that need to be administered. So, if you happen to be hiring Java developers, you can use MeritTrac’s Java aptitude test at the first level of screening and test programming skills using CodeTrac, MeritTrac’s coding test platform. We also offer a range of aptitude tests, psychometric tests, domain-based assessments, cognitive assessments, behavioural assessments, and skill assessments for your recruitment needs. Our candidate sourcing tools, recruitment assessment tools, and pre-employment screening tests have simplified the hiring process for both employers and job seekers. 

Why Recruitment Assessment Solution

Reduction in attrition
Improvement in employee engagement
Faster turnaround time

In-depth Expertise

A pioneer - highly experienced in testing and assessments for recruitment needs

End-to-End Assessment

Unique suite of recruitment assessment services to assess domain knowledge, specialized skill sets, cognitive ability and personality

Assessment Delivery

Intelligent assessment automation platforms for smooth assessment delivery on a large scale

Research-Based Assessment

Dedicated in-house test content research and development team for developing proven assessment and test methodologies

Certified Processes

ISO 9001:2008 & 27001:2013 certified process for testing and assessment

Why MeritTrac

More than 270 employees
Assisted over 400 clients
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI L3 Certified

How it works

Cognitive Assessment

Indicates candidates' ability to adapt to the company's culture

Domain Assessment

Measures candidates' industry-relevant skills and coding skills

Communication Assessment

Assesses candidates' written English, spoken English, and listening comprehension skills

Behavioral Assessment

Measures candidates' personality and behavioral traits relevant to the job profile

We are one of the
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We are one of the
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