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Recruitment is an important task for any organisation. It helps in building the human capital which forms the backbone of the company and the basis for growth and success. Sourcing is a process that involves proactively searching for qualified candidates for current or planned open job positions in the company. The main goal of sourcing is to collect relevant data about the qualified candidates such as name, title, job responsibilities, experience and more. Recruiters generally use platforms such as assessment tests database, social media sites, alumni associations and other networks to identify candidates. 

One of the major challenges of sourcing is identifying the right talent that matches the skill sets required for the job profile. Cold calls and resume perusals will only give an idea of the possible skills that a candidate may have, which may not be accurate every time. So, it is important to use candidate sourcing tools that not only help recruiters identify the right talent but also match the skills sets required. The tools can greatly help in streamlining the sourcing efforts by helping recruiters easily find, engage and onboard candidates within the organisation.

Benefits of Using Candidate Sourcing Tools

Candidate sourcing tools have numerous benefits both for recruiters as well as for the candidates and we list a few of them below:

  • Candidate sourcing helps build a strong candidate database for the company which can be used anytime when the need to recruit arises. In other words, they assist in talent management.
  • Candidate sourcing increases the chances of finding the perfect match for the open job position by filtering and matching the right talent to the open job positions from the readily available candidate database.
  • Candidate sourcing tools make the recruitment process more efficient and faster.
  • Once suitable candidates have been identified, online test administration is easier and more convenient for both parties as it allows for time and location flexibility.
  • Online assessments can be easily customised based on the job profile.
  • To ensure the credibility and reliability of the online assessments, the facility of remote proctoring is included within the assessment platforms.
  • With clear and thoroughly analysed test reports, recruiters can easily make their decision whether to call the candidate for the next round of recruitment or not.
  • Candidate sourcing tools help bring down the recruitment costs and thereby increase the ROI.
  • Last but not the least, candidate sourcing tools can help market the company to the desired target group and increase the employer brand value. The employer brand value positively impacts the recruitment strategy. The brand value of the company in the market attracts talented applicants to apply to the open positions at the company. It helps improve the hiring quality during recruitment drives.

Applications of Candidate Sourcing Tool

Given the importance of recruitment and hiring processes in the growth and success of an organisation, a well planned recruitment strategy is a must for any company. Talent management can dramatically boost the quality of recruitment. Candidate sourcing can prove quite useful in talent management by creating a vast talent pool from which the recruiters can pick and choose the right talent suitable for the open position.

Candidate sourcing helps recruiters source candidates from anywhere in the online world, store and collect relevant information about them in talent pools and then use them to work together with the entire recruitment team. As already discussed earlier, candidate sourcing tools make the recruitment process efficient, quick and economical while helping to build upon the employer brand value.

MeritTrac Candidate Sourcing Tools

MeritTrac assessment solutions are designed to help companies and recruiters revamp their entire recruitment strategies. They help build a vast talent pool to be accessed to fill in current and future open job positions. 

MeritTrac offers end-to-end solutions that take care of assessing, and recruiting candidates to suitable positions in the organisation. Our popular assessment platforms are Pariksha, SmartTest, CodeTrac, SpeechTrac and Authess. These platforms can be used to administer domain and skill-based assessment tests. The database collected in these platforms is a huge source that recruiters can use for job openings that could come up in future. The reports generated by the assessment platforms can be analysed to identify different skills sets that may be essential for other job profiles required in the organisation.



1. What are candidate sourcing tools?

A. These tools help streamline the sourcing efforts by allowing recruiters to easily find, engage and onboard candidates. The platform also creates a database of candidates, which can be used for future job openings.

2. How do candidate sourcing tools help in the sourcing efforts?

A. They help source candidates to build a vast talent pool that can be accessed to fill current and future open job positions.

3. How do candidate sourcing tools affect the overall process of recruitment?

A. By helping build a vast talent pool, the assessment platforms make the entire recruitment process efficient, quick and reliable. They improve the hiring quality and bring down the recruitment costs.

4. What are the other benefits of using MeritTrac solutions?

A. In addition to all the benefits listed before, these platforms help build the brand value of the company to the desired target group that has lasting positive effects for the company’s recruitment strategy.

5. What are the benefits of using MeritTrac platforms for recruitment?

A. MeritTrac offers end-to-end recruitment solutions for a company’s hiring strategy. Right from sourcing candidates, filtering them, administering the right online assessments, proctoring, analysing, reporting, selecting and onboarding, our candidate sourcing tools help recruiters at every step. Our in-depth expertise, dedicated content research and development team, suite of assessment services, scientific assessment platforms and certified processes ensure seamless and reliable recruitment process.