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An employee needs various skills to perform well in any job profile. The knowledge and expertise in technical skills and soft skills will determine an individual’s performance. That’s why skills assessment is used in the recruitment process to evaluate the productivity and professional potential of a candidate. Various skill assessment tools can be used to analyse how well a new-hire may fit into a particular environment. The HR and the L&D teams can also use these tools to assess skill gaps in the workforce and organise training programs or to plan succession.

Top Skills Required in the Workplace

The top skills required by employers while recruiting employees are:

Technical skills

Technical skills vary according to the job. Depending on the job profile, technical skills can be coding, testing software, creating presentations, working with Excel, designing and lots more.

Analytical skills

Employees need to be able to find appropriate solutions to problems by looking at all sides of the issue and sifting through the data to gain relevant information. The level of analytical skills may vary depending on the job profile and the industry.

Communication skills

Communication skills are one of the must-have skills for any job profile. While some job roles require expertise in both verbal and written communication, most roles require only oral communication.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills also called people skills, enable an individual to interact and engage with others effectively. Candidates applying for job roles that require coordinating with different teams or with clients/vendors need a high capability of connecting with people.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills are an amalgamation of technical expertise, communication skills, problem-solving, decision-making skills, and lots more. When organisations hire for leadership roles, they seek candidates who can successfully interact with team members and motivate them to perform better.

Positive attitude

Employees who remain positive even in stressful and challenging circumstances are a great asset to any team. Companies hire candidates who are flexible, dedicated and willing to make an extra effort to get the job done even in challenging situations.


Regardless of the job profile, employers want to hire candidates who are team players - people who are cooperative and can work well with others. The level of teamwork of an individual indicates his/her ability to collaborate efficiently with a wide variety of people.

Applications of Skill Tests

Corporate organisations use customised skill assessment tests for hiring and workforce development. MeritTrac’s skills assessment testsolutions can help recruiters find and retain the right candidates during campus or lateral hiring. Administering job skill tests online can considerably bring down recruitment costs and ensure accurate hiring of candidates who perfectly match the job role. L&D and training teams can also use these skill-based tests to identify learning gaps in the workforce. Training programs can be designed based on the results of the skill tests. These tests can also be used for internal hiring or succession planning.

MeritTrac Platforms for Skill Assessments

MeritTrac’s job skills assessment test platforms can precisely assess candidate skills across the employee life cycle - from recruiting to training, development and retention. Designed by an expert team of statisticians, psychometricians and subject matter experts, our technology-ledskills assessment tools span various types of recruitment, including fresher, on and off-campus and lateral hiring.

Our skill assessment platforms are as follows:


This hybrid assessment platform is scientifically designed to create and deliver online skills assessment tests. The unique features of this assessment platform are:

  • Can be used on cloud, on-premise or hybrid models and even on Smart devices
  • Plug and play options
  • Supports both Linux and Windows
  • Easily integrates with any existing system
  • Rapid results and report generation


Built with more than 10,000 assessments tests in different domains, SmartTest is the perfect platform for finding right-fit candidates. The tests can also be customised for identifying talents during workforce development training programs. Its plug-and-play feature enables it to be used on any device. The precise reports and analytics let the employers make informed decisions without any kind of personal bias.

The unique features of this assessment platform are:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Tailor-made test catalogues
  • Simplified test delivery
  • Assured security
  • Reduced time


It is a performance-based coding platform that gives real-time feedback to help companies assess an employee’s coding skills. The CodeTrac platform is integrated with domain-based skill assessmenttests to assess candidate’s full-stack software development capability and compare it with the industry standards. By leveraging CodeTrac, companies can create customized coding scenarios based on business requirements and tailor both pre- as well as post-training requirements.

The unique features of this unified assessment platform are:

  • Auto evaluation
  • All-inclusive software
  • Extensive programming language library
  • Uniform coding structure
  • Project-based testing

Speech Trac

This platform can evaluate the spoken English skills of non-native English speakers. It can help organisations on two levels. First, it can enhance fresher-level and lateral hiring outcomes by assessing candidates for different spoken English skill parameters like pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and fluency. Secondly, it can help the Learning & Development (L&D) teams in assessing the communication skills of employees to customise training and fill the skill gaps.

The unique features of this assessment platform are:

  • Improve workforce development
  • Identify training needs
  • Reduce assessment time, cost and effort
  • Administer tests and access in-depth reporting anywhere and anytime



1. What are the essential skills in a workplace?

A. The essential skills are communication, decision-making, time management, teamwork, creativity etc. Skill assessment helps to identify cultural fit and predict job performance.

2. Why use skill tests for candidate screening?

A. There are many reasons why skill tests are important for candidate screening:

  • Focuses on skills
  • Removes human bias
  • Saves time and money

3. What types of questions are used in skill assessment tests?

A. Online skills assessment tests usually comprise of multiple-choice questions, true or false, fill in the blanks, hands-on coding questions and more.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac skill assessment tests?

A. MeritTrac assessment tests have been scientifically designed to support the complete recruitment process right from administration to evaluation and analysis. We have more than 18 years of assessment experience and have assessed around 45 million candidates in 350 test domains.