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GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a skill and performance-based test that is taken by those aspiring to study in the top B schools. GMAT scores are not just accepted in the leading business schools in India, but also for MS and MBA courses offered overseas. Every year, approximately 3 lakh students take up the GMAT exam for admission to 7,000 programs in around 2300 business schools around the world. The staggering numbers are just an indicator of the level of competition that students have to face in order to clear this competitive exam and get admission in a business school of their choice.

The question paper pattern of the GMAT exam includes four sections – analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. This three and a half hour exam evaluates a candidate’s capabilities in critical thinking, communication, data analytics, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning.

MeritTrac assessment solutions with GMAT prep software can be effectively used to help students prepare for the GMAT examination. Training and educational institutes can use our assessment solutions to deliver mock and preparatory tests as a part of their training program. The next section will elaborate on how our GMAT prep tests can help enhance the students’ performance.

GMAT Prep Tests to Enhance Student Performance

Preparing for a GMAT examination is no easy deal. But one thing that successful students know is that the key to performing well in this competitive exam doesn’t depend on just learning the core concepts, but also in knowing how to take up the test. Educational and training institutes can help students prepare for the GMAT exam by giving them mock tests. MeritTrac GMAT prep software can help design and deploy GMAT mock tests.

GMAT Prep or mock tests are designed just like the competitive exam so that students will have a better idea of what to expect when they take up the exam. Also, these preparatory tests will help students build the right strategy to take up the exam. By analysing their performance in the mock tests, students can find their strengths and weakness and prepare for the GMAT exam accordingly.

One of the biggest challenges of taking up the competitive exam is making the optimum use of the examination time. In most cases, students tend to linger over certain questions and sections, trying to get it right so that they lose a lot of time over it. Then, they will rush through the remaining sections of the exam. This haphazard manner of attending the exam will not give the expected results. When aspirants take up multiple mock tests, they will have an idea of how much time to allocate for each section of the question paper. It will allow them to expertly manage their time when they take up the competitive exam.

Students can be encouraged to take up prep tests once they have completed a first-level of learning of all the topics and concepts that will be covered in the GMAT exam. With each prep test, the students take up; they can identify their learning gaps and fine-tune their exam preparation.

MeritTrac Solution for Online Evaluation

MeritTrac GMAT prep software offers customised solutions that can be used to train students who are preparing for the GMAT exam.

Test Prep

MeritTrac’s Test Prep helps organisations create online assessment tests based on various concepts that will be evaluated in the GMAT examination. The platform recreates the live test-taking environment, which will help students prepare for the actual exam. Also, the mock tests can be digitally evaluated and results shared in just minutes. Students can identify their strength areas and focus on the weak areas based on the feedback from the assessment platform. The online platform makes it easy and convenient for students to take up the test from anywhere.


Pariksha is an online assessment platform developed by MeritTrac. This platform offers a simple and secure method of assessing the skills, aptitude and knowledge of GMAT aspirants. Pariksha has delivered more than 1.2 lakh behavioural assessment tests, 3 lakh IT assessment tests, 5.4 lakh cognitive assessment tests and 1.2 assessment tests based on management studies. The core features of this online assessment platform are:

  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • Features Plug and Play option
  • Mobile ready feature allows students to take up tests on their mobile phones
  • Can be deployed on Cloud, on-premise or hybrid models
  • Enables remote proctoring
  • Offers unified assessment capabilities


1. How will mock tests help students perform better in the actual exam?

A. Studies have shown that students who take up mock tests as a part of their preparation for competitive exams tend to perform better during the exam. The mock tests recreate the exact environment that the student tends to face during the competitive exam. Attempting multiple mock tests give students confidence while taking up the exam. Also, working on prep tests helps them manage their time. The instant result and feedback feature of MeritTrac’s GMAT prep software is another advantage. GMAT aspirants can use the feedback to identify their areas of strengths and weakness. Based on the analytics, students can plan their preparation for the examination.

2. Do MeritTrac platforms have remote proctoring options?

A. Yes, our platform offers remote proctoring option. You can confidently ask your students to take up the GMAT mock tests online from anywhere using the platform, and you can be assured that there are no malpractices when the test is being taken.

3. Who creates the assessment questions for your online GMAT mock tests?

A. MeritTrac has a team of subject matter experts, statisticians, psychometricians and management professionals who share their knowledge and expertise in creating the assessment tests.

4. Is there a time limit to how long students can access the results of their mock tests?

A. Once the students have taken the test, the results will be available in their registered login on the platform. Students can go back anytime to check the results and evaluate the feedback and analytics obtained from the test results.