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How to Identify Top Managerial Competencies while hiring

How to Identify Top Managerial Competencies while hiring

Consequence of Wrong Hires

Hiring wrong candidates can have a negative impact on:

  • Organizational Performance and Productivity
  • Employee Morale and Engagement Levels
  • Public Reputation and Customer Relationships
  • Cost of Recruitment, Onboarding, Training and Turnover
  • Plus, there is a risk of:

    • Potential financial liability
    • Potential legal risk and litigation

    …Costs Indian companies over Rs. 20 Lakh

    …when it comes to companies making wrong hiring decisions

    At senior levels, this number can go up to 213% of an employees annual salary

    Who is a Bad Hire?

    Companies identified a Bad Hire as someone who…

    • Did not turn out to be a good it for the job
    • Did not turn out to be a good fit for the organizational culture
    • Did not perform well

    Recruiting and Promoting into Managers Role is a Critical Decision

    Leading and Adapting in Change

    Defined as an individual’s ability to effectively handle and lead others in complex or changing work environments.

    Demonstration of Interpersonal Effectiveness

    Reflects an individual’s tendencies and approach to interacting with others at work through words and actions

    Performance Orientation and Drive

    Reflects an individual’s levels of conscientiousness, integrity, need for achievement, and drive related to obtaining personal and organization goals.

    Ability to Influence Others

    Reflects an individual’s ability to demonstrate the confidence, assertiveness, and ability to change and direct others thoughts and actions by using persuasive arguments and actions.

    Ability to Manage Business Complexity

    Reflects an individual’s ability to understand complex interrelationships and apply this understanding to quickly and effectively resolve issues.

    Managing People and Resources

    Reflects an individual’s ability to effectively manage people and other resources in a way that ensures individual, team, and organizational success.


    • Individuals who adapt well and lead during change demonstrate interpersonal effectiveness and are able to influence others.
    • Such individuals are also able to manage people, resources, business complexity and demonstrate performance orientation and drive
    • Individuals who may not be able to manage business complexity, resources or people, may not demonstrate interpersonal effectiveness or influence others.
    • Individual who are not very adaptive, may not be able to lead during change and may not display performance orientation.

    Application of Result…

    The results indicated that 33% of the test takers (managers) had the behavioural traits required to be potential leaders.