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Entrance Examination Globalized


Entrance Examination Globalized


One of the largest Universities based out of South India is frequently ranked among the top technology research Universities in India. The University envisions to make an impact in the futuristic technical education and to set global standards in academics, thereby positively impacting life.

The University prides itself in all aspects of education – quality of faculty, students, research, infrastructure etc. Last year, the University decided to set a benchmark in the quality of entrance examination by transforming it from paper-based model to
computer-based examination with a global reach. The key considerations that the University had in mind included setting international benchmark for quality, security, accuracy and candidate convenience.


The University wanted to meet the following objectives while transforming from pen and paper examinations:

Transition from Pen and Paper to Computer-based Examinations:

The University wanted to ensure that the transformation was smooth and error-free; to maintain the image they had acquired in the international community

Avoid Security and Examination Fraud Related Challenges:

The University seats were high in demand and they wanted to ensure that these examinations are fair and secure

International Presence for the Examination:

The University had a strong reputation among the international community - NRIs and others. A large cluster of international students was from the Middle East. The University wanted to facilitate candidates from these regions to take up entrance examination without having to travel to India

Use of Scientific Testing Practices:

To address a large number of candidates, the University desired to use best practices from Computer-based examination like multibatch examinations, equating etc

Quality: /

The University took a lot of pride in its quality and wanted the examination to uphold that quality, infrastructure, service etc.


The University had administered two pilot computer-based examinations during the previous years for a small number of candidates. These pilot examinations had given them the understanding and benefits of computer-based examinations. The evolution in examination saw the University evaluate three large computer-based examinations service providers in the country and eventually selected MeritTrac - The pioneer in test and examination management in India for reasons listed below:

  • Experience in administering large computer-based examinations across the country
  • Largest presence in terms of certified and used test centers
  • Vast experience of helping large and prestigious examinations transform from pen and paper to computer-based mode
  • Tried and tested scientific testing processes for large computer-based examination
  • Understanding of administering examinations in international locations


Based on the clear inputs from the University, MeritTrac learned its requirement, demographics of candidates, regional spread and the time of examination to design a solution that would help the examination be secure, just and convenient for candidates. The
following functions were addressed by MeritTrac:

Application Processing:

In order to make it convenient for the candidates, applications were received in a form that the candidates chose. They were allowed to submit the applications in the online or the paper-based form.

Online Exam Booking:

Candidates were allowed to log into the Online Examination Booking System designed by MeritTrac to book their desired centre, data and time of examination from available options

Candidates were then allowed to generate their admit cards online.

Venue Identification and Booking:

MeritTrac identified high-quality test centers in locations suggested by the University. 112 cities were identified for computer-based examination which included Tier 1 –Tier 3 cities. Cities in international locations like Dubai and Kuwait were also identified

Online Test Administration:

The University used MeritTrac’s online testing platform on which the examinations were hosted. The University experts were allowed to author questions in a secure environment and these questions reached the test centers and then to the test taking
computers just before the start of the examination in a secure manner. These tests were administered by MeritTrac appointed test administers who made it convenient for the candidates. These tests were administered in multi-day, multi-batch mode

Security, Biometric Candidates Authentication:

The University wanted to ensure that the examination was secure and was not impacted with fraud which would have maligned their reputation as well as that of its examination. Secure examination processes were employed for the conduct of examination. Moreover, in order to avoid impersonation, AuthenTrac – a biometric candidate authentication solution was used.

Equating & Result Generation:

The result generation for multi-batch examination was done after equating the ranks. Equi-percentile equating was used for this examination. Equi-percentile equating is one of the most popular equating approaches used by some of the largest entrance


  • 1.67 Lakh Online Exams
  • ZERO Displacement
  • 10 Days, 30 Batches
  • 350 Certified Test Administrators
  • 112 Cities, 171 Test Centers
  • 3 Countries

    International Benchmark for Test Administration:

    The quality test administration was at par with international standards. There were no displacements observed during the 10 days when the examination was administered. This sets an international benchmark for all large computer-based examinations.

    High Availability:

    The tests were conducted across 10 days in over 112 cities through 171 high quality test centers. This allowed the University to maintain the reputation of being student-focused

    Faster Time to Results:

    The results of the entrance examination were announced after 4 days of the examination. Results were processed after equating.The results were accurate and there were no objections raised by candidates.

    Convenience to Candidates through Online Exam Booking:

    The Online exam booking system was designed to offer convenience to candidates. The system was simple and intuitive, and it increased the adoption of the facility. This provision ensured that the entrance examination was attempted by more candidates as they have the choice of taking up the examination on days that were convenient to them. Moreover, the seats could be booked at the venue closer to their most preferred choice. This is evident from the 30% increase in candidates from the previous years

    Seamless Transition:

    The excellent project management ensured that the transition from paper-based to computer-based exam was seamless. Over 1.67 lakh candidates were scheduled for the examination. This is a large number for computer-based examinations in a single window.
    MeritTrac’s large project management capability and robust, tried and tested examination processes ensured that there were no displacements throughout the examination.

    Mitigation of Exam Fraud through Secure Practices:

    Scientific examination practices and technology were used in the right measure to ensure that the cases of examination fraud were avoided.

    ABOUT MeritTrac

    MeritTrac is a pure play testing & assessment services company providing innovative assessment services to leading educational institutions, government organizations and corporate entities across the globe. MeritTrac is a 100% subsidiary of Manipal Global Education (MaGE), which is one of the largest and highly rated education services providers.

    MeritTrac has introduced best-in-class assessment processes and patented technologies empowering educational institutions, government organizations, corporates and vocational training providers across the globe in administering high-quality tests. Adopting a three-dimensional approach of Design, Develop, and Deliver, MeritTrac has been creating standardized and customized scientific tests. We have a long-standing reputation for offering services that have exhibited superior quality, reliability, agility and transparency time after time.

    Over the last 17 years, MeritTrac has garnered significant expertise in Test Research, Design, Development and its Delivery & Administration for Computer Based / Online Tests as well as Paper- Based Tests. MeritTrac has been developing and administering
    tests for over 400 customers in more than 350 cities through 2000+ certified test centers. MeritTrac has over 250 assessment specialists and a network of over 1,500 certified test administrators across India. Leading Educational Institutions, Examination
    Boards, Universities, Government bodies and Corporates have trusted MeritTrac to streamline its examinations – leveraging its’ rich experience and robust technology framework. With a wide range of best of breed offerings, MeritTrac has successfully
    helped organizations automate its examination processes from application form processing to result processing including test administration, candidate authentication and digital evaluation of answer scripts.

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