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Municipal Corporation Mumbai


Municipal Corporation Mumbai

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), one of the largest local governments in Asia, wanted to hire qualified candidates with skills, essentially ones with exceptional Marathi typing skill for clerical positions.


  • Large number of positions to be filled - 936 positions - with capable candidates equipped with typing skill - Marathi and English
  • Traditionally, applicants were only interviewed before selection. Internal capabilities to manage assessments were minimal
  • Typing skills, which is very important job requirement was not assessed before they were selected
  • Interview-based selection made the process highly subjective, hence led to hiring of clerks without the necessary typing skills
  • Need for fair and transparent recruitment process to select the best candidates while giving everyone equal opportunities
  • To provide opportunities for candidates across the state of Maharashtra by expanding the list of test cities


  • High-quality test enabling MCGM to recruit the most eligible candidates - 936 positions filled
  • Assessing candidates for their Marathi typing skills and ensuring they were ready to be on job from day 1
  • Reduced training costs and time post recruitment as the candidates were well equipped for the job
  • MCGM attracted the best talent by administering test in 14 locations
  • MCGM'S recruitment process was enhanced, this was the first time a municipal corporation has adopted and outsourced computer-based test for recruitments
  • The complete recruitment process was managed in a secure and time-bound manner

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